Thursday, June 14, 2007

Defenders Of The Faith

Not begging you
I'm telling you
You won't break me
You won't take me
I'll fight you under
blood red skies

The Eidah Chareidis’ position on Jerusalem’s planned Sodomite Parade is already stirring controversy. It has been suggested that the Eidah has called for violence under code words and expressions. If this is the case, it is a breath of fresh air. It is grand time the legitimate residents of the Holy Land finally take some gutsy action. Unfortunately, this is not materializing in a concise, organized, and well thought-out fashion. Instead of burning trash cans in their own neighborhoods, which doesn’t achieve much more than some traffic and police disturbance, they should silently organize something that would stop the parade in its tracks. And I’m not talking about peaceful negotiations. The Israeli “law” enforcement that has no scruples removing people from their homes, brutalizing protesters and extorting confessions (from Jewish prisoners more than from Arabs) by violent means, is now bound to abet and protect the promoters of abomination on our holy soil. This is however not the really relevant point. In recent years, even G-d fearing Jews came to view secular law as something holier than anything else. Why would arbitrary law set by humans – even the best ones – (and unfortunately usually quite the opposite is true – especially in Israel) trump the Divine Word?

Sodomy is one of the ‘three severe’ offenses, which not only carry capital punishment but one must also give his life rather than transgress them. And the parade is not just a means of the poor oppressed homosexuals to express themselves and demand the basic rights denied them on a daily basis. It is a calculated and organized means of legitimizing the unlegitimizable, of forcing humanity not only to accept homosexuality, but to cherish depravity and degeneracy as supreme values, to disintegrate the family-based social structure and eventually establish a self-murdering society that lives solely for the momentary pleasure. Why do you think they march on Jerusalem, of all places? Their real intent is to force the three monotheistic religions to bow down to them and recognize, legitimize what they believe is a repugnant crime. Isn’t this the very anathema of democracy? Would mayor Blumberg authorize a KKK March through Harlem? Furthermore, would Schwarzenegger authorize an RNC rally in Hollywood? If he would, there is no doubt in my mind that the ultra-tolerant paragons of ultra tolerance would burn the intolerant racist republicans alive. But more importantly, this is the willful and blatant rejection of G-d’s rule, and they want to shove it in our faces, just to show us that they can. For if humanity does not submit to a supreme Law, there is no life after matter – therefore life has no purpose, no meaning, and no reason. And this is the paraders' real goal.
This is Dor HaMabul, dor HaPalgah, this is the war of Amalek. And we must fight it. Fight it relentlessly.

For the Jerusalem municipality to authorize this utter abomination is again a confirmation that the state of Israel was established, and still is, totally opposed to the bare foudations of Judaism. In effect, a state created for racial reasons – for if they shed their mere Judaism, if they trample even the last vestiges of respect that they must relinquish to our nation’s raison d’être, the Torah, - nothing remains. Nothing, but an empty, racist and meaningless monstrosity. That is why they give up everything, that is the reason they refuse to fight for their own country and court the enemy. And now they have aligned themselves with this Amalek – and must be fought equally.

The claim that the Jerusalemites’ behavior is the opposite of Kiddush Hashem is not only myopic, but malicious too. Since when is the whole world considered to be the vociferous gay lobby? Since when is it a Chilul Hashem to stand up to their beliefs and values? Since when is it a Chilul Hashem to fight an oppressive government? Since when is it a Chilul Hashem to withstand depravity and degeneracy? Since when are Kiddush Hashem and Chilul Hashem measured in the eyes of malevolent, deviant populace?

There are, however, all too many problems with the protestors’ behavior. The first is that rather than an organized uprising and fight, they are more bent on thoughtless acts of hooliganism. The have no designated leader, they gather and disperse on a whim, and act with no planning and thought whatsoever. What we need now is a well-designed course of action, thought out by serious leaders, who would harness the people to execute it, even at their own peril. In this manner, I would not rule out even acts of extreme violence. It would be fairly easy to paralyze the city by sabotaging the buses, and instead of burning trash cans in their own neighborhoods, drag them to the planned site of the parade and set them on fire there – the possibilities are virtually endless. But for that of course a strong leader is needed, and a leader rises from a strong and cohesive unity – something to which we seem incapable and unwilling to bring ourselves even under the ultimate threat.

The US Orthodox media and rabbinical leadership also behave in an utterly despicable manner. Again, each follows its own lilliputian agenda – one is silent for fear of alienating two and a half congregants, most condemn those ‘irresponsible Haredim’, and of course many are all too eager to jump at the Edah’t throat – “finally we can get even with those anti-Zionist vermin!” Right on!
The least we must do is to forcefully and unanimously condemn the abomination, and organize prayers to cancel it. Don’t hold your breath though – you may choke.

It seems that unity is achieved only for evil purposes – such as the Sodom parade.

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Harry Maryles said...

I understand your passion but I disagree with your support of anyting like this protest which could easily deteriorate into vilonece and harm to innocentt people and damge to persoanl property. This isn't about standing up for Torah values. It is about making a statement. We know what the Torah values if the protesters are. What this protest does is demonstate the obvious.

But the proccess may turn good intentions into a Chilul HaShem greater than that of ignoring the entire thing. That is the appraoch of the Gerrer Rebbe, which is what I support.

The Anti-Semite said...

Legit objection.
Again, if they'd outright waged a full-fledeget armed resistance, that would be best. Of course there's a danger for property and personal damages. Does that mean that every revolution was illegitimate because porential risk of damage? Of course not.

What bugs me is the stupidity of unorganized random acts bordering vandalism instead of an organized uprising.

Ben Bayit said...

I think it was a bigger chilul hashem that the charedim voted for Peres b/c he promised to get the gay parade cancelled.

Like without the parade the precious kinderlach would not know what mishkav zacahr is?

The Anti-Semite said...

That definitely IS a chilul hashem - though I don't think it's bigger. I'm against any and all religious participation in gov't.

"Like without the parade the precious kinderlach would not know what mishkav zacahr is?" That's not the point at all. I feel you didn't read the whole article. I assume you know what MZ is, yet you don't practice it - or do parades about it. We need an outright armed resistance, period.

Yehu said...

BB -

You're missing the point. 1st off, the Eidah and Agudah have been long split on participation in the knesset.

My main pint was - Harry, this has nothing to do with passion - that instead of stupid sporadic acts of vandalism, all religious people should have united and fought the desacration of Jerusalem. Where are the Mizrachnikes who always scream "Jewish State! Jewish State!"???