Thursday, June 28, 2007

To Kill Bill

I know some people who are now tearing their garments, pouring ashes on their heads and sitting on the ground. Poor Bill is dead. Now it will be hard for terrorists to enter the USA, to carry out terror attacks, and for Mexicans to take jobs that Americans only want to do for a decent price. (Of course, Americans don’t deserve a decent wage.)

But now even the traitors in the Senate understood that although they have no term limits, and Big Money promised them luxurious retirement plans galore, but those who actually have the power to kick them out of office still have the power to do just that.

So the bill was struck down for some time. We must be vigilant, not scream victory too early, and keep in mind that Big Brother won’t give up easily on tens of millions of voters who will vote for anything – anything they’ll be asked to vote for in return for their amnesty. That day you’ll be able to kiss your freedoms and well-being goodbye.

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[PS -
Why do you think the Nazis who eulogized Saddam and found it the right time to criticise the death penalty are silent about the execution of children in Iran? (And why the left never opposes the death penalty after the execution of people like Timothy McVeigh?) Two beers for the right answer.]

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