Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Immigrant Song

Don't worry about illegals: they're here ONLY to work hard...
Oh, yes, and immigration will have no effect at all on Orthodox Community...

Only Charedim abuse children: Where is Dog Smear, who always gets the scoop before everyone else?

Traitor Bush Finally Gets The [Way Too Small] Punch He Long Deserves: Republicrats Introduce Borders-First Bill

Jimmy Carter Doesn't Hate Jews: Just ask Dog Bear

US Armed Forces Play Into The Hands Of Terrorists

Today’s yesterday’s headlines scream[ed] “Seven children murdered by US bombings in Afghanistan!” and the army’s spokesman vermin declares that had they known there were children on the terrorist training campus, they wouldn’t have bombed the base. Bingo! You gave the terrorists a surefire recipe to operate freely! Very good!
No! Hell no! The army mouthpiece must make it clear that they’ll bomb the living daylight of the fanatic terrorists eve if they pack their entire schools system near terrorists, even if they hide the terrorists in a hospital or nursery! This is not cruelty, it is compassion to the human race! But of course the wussified American is still watching a ballgame while his son is being beheaded in Iraq and his daughter is gang-raped by a Mexican gang.
(Hat tip: ADov “there’s no radical left wing agenda in the media” HitBear)

Gett Lostt Trentt Lott

The pervert degenerate sellout prostitute, republican “whip” Trent talks a Lott, was on record saying that talk radio is interfering too much in government issues. The only people on earth who would agree with such a statement are Stalin, Clinton, Mao Tse Tung and Dov Smear. Somehow, Lott doesn’t like that talk radio brings the people news that CBS PBS the New York Times and the idiotic tabloids at the checkouts in big stores won’t tell you. Seemingly he forgot how Sean Hannity virtually pulled him out of the septic sewer he was in after his idiotic comments on Strom Thurmond’s birthday.

To add insult to injury, our dear elected president, who releases border patrol agents and grants judicial immunity to Mexican drug dealers, gave a speech in Spanish at the Hispanic Church Breakfast. In so many words he encouraged Hispanics to support his reckless amnesty bill. There is no doubt in my mind that given enough peanut butter and construction permits, all Orthodox communities will support this suicidal bill. How on earth can you keep silent on this one? Don’t you understand that with millions of immigrants a)You’ll lose your electorial significance – in many instances even on the local level and b) once pandemonium breaks out, you know who will be the first scapegoats. Oh yeah, keep endorsing those hybrids, that’s how you’ll save the world. Oh, by the way, as gov’t subsidies and tyrannical regulations keep pushing corn prices higher (ethanol=corn), and more corn is consumed in internal-combustion engines than in digestive tracts, not only everything containing corn keeps rising, but also all products whose production diminished as a result of farmers favoring the more profitable corn are on the rise – wheat, barley, soybeans, plus corn-consumers; cows – hence meat & milk, chickens, eggs etc., - what effect will that have on the average Orthodox family?

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