Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dead Grateful

Gratefulness is a basic human value, and takes prominent place within Judaic principles. And one that more often than not, we conveniently forget.

Two years ago I started entertaining the idea of starting a website. But when it dawned on me that it wasn’t as simple as buying a domain and a site for the thirty-odd bucks, I gave up. A year later, I was reading something (can’t remember what it was) that linked to the Sahigetz – and the rest is history. So thank you Shaigetz, for pulling my head out of the sand and informing me of free blogs, and also inspiring me in a way or two – despite your British accent.

Most people on planet Earth, I believe, would not describe the noise emanating from twelve trailer-trucks’ engines, the whining of a tortured hound, four chainsaws and a two tenors being skinned alive as “music”. Yet that is exactly the impression one gets when getting within earshot of what is known as the “Death Metal” musical style. Yet precisely such a “musical” group, Kreator, from Germany has dedicated two of their songs to the Jewish people: “The Second Awakening” and “Suicide Terrorist” – the first being dedicated to the Jews’ return to their land after 2000 years, while the second denounces terrorism and calls for resistance. To the best of my knowledge Jews did not thank them so far. So thank you is all I can say. I’ll listen to those songs anyway.

And finally, I think it is utterly ungrateful to forget the Marines rotting in jail for doing their job. And our president is called a conservative! So far I have seen no Jewish media outlet take on communist murderous traitors John Murtha and journalist Tim McGuirk who caused this ignominious injustice.

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