Monday, June 25, 2007

This Ain't The Summer Of Love

This ain’t the garden of Eden
There ain’t no angels above
And things ain’t what they used to be
And this ain’t the summer of love

- “This Ain’t The Summer Of Love”, Blue Oyster Cult. (Agents Of Fortune, 1976)

Seemingly love is not all you need. A madman in Persia vouches to annihilate Israel, the Jews and the West. Communist dictatorships are building momentum in South & Central America, as well as in Asia. Tension with Muslims is building all through Europe, especially Great Britain, and in Asia. Things are going bad with Iraq, immigration, national debt and trade deficit, and outsourcing. Our government –and especially the president- are out of control.

The slim silver lining is that Republicans are finally starting to stand up to our dictatorial president, who has grabbed for himself more powers than FDR during WWII and Clinton – combined together.

Interestingly, Trent Lott –or, as Savage puts it “Lot’s wife’s husband”- is somehow becoming way too cozy with the Honorable Mrs. Dianne Feinstein, D-CA. They are both very interested in seeing the fairness doctrine reinstated. I wonder where are the good leftists who wanted to lynch him when he dared wish a Happy Birthday to Strom Thurmond. And why don’t they credit the President with going along with them on the Border? I guess it’s just not the summer of love.

And our leaders are still sleeping. Not a word, not a peep. Still ignoring or putting each other down. Still making believe like the situation has nothing to do with 1933. I guess it’s just not the summer of love.

While the Holy Knights of Human Rights scream “habeas corpus for terrorists”, innocent Marines rot in jail.I guess it’s just not the summer of love.

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