Sunday, June 17, 2007

How Far Jerusalem

Yet again the old traitor and murderer, Arafat-hugger and loser, Shimon Peres, ימח שמו וזכרו ונמח שמו מלהזכירו is "elected" president of a state that claims to be Jewish. The leader of the communist un-national socialist party is another degenerate who failed his people miserably. And the “hawkish” Likud’s leader is still the untried criminal who has betrayed and forsaken his troops, and then spit in their faces. Mussolini was lynched for much less than that – but in Israel, everything goes. As previous attempts to achieve peace through concession of land failed (with the exception of the Sinai Peninsula – that one was a great success! The Israelis have now a full 8”X11” sheet with Sadat’s name on it! Oh, yeah, and the incredibly friendly, serene, sincere and irrevocable peace with the peace-loving, non-fundamentalist, Jew-loving Egyptians.) , the 88 years old communist vulture now wants to ‘return’ the Golan Heights and the west bank, to save the poor downtrodden, tortured Palestinians the trouble of acquiring long-range missiles. And while you look on, inactive, with that typically Jewish apathetic cow-stare as your country is being shelled, you are busier organizing a Sodomite Parade than caring for your citizens’ lives. Your young men and women haven’t got the slightest clue about their heritage, they don’t know why that war is fought against them and they don’t know why they’re in that land at all - so they leave en masse. But what really bothers you? What is the real problem? Aaahhhh, the trashcan burners! That’s right, the trashcan burners, and the kollel parasites who drain the poor country’s lifeblood. Let me tell you something, you degenerate einzatsgroupcommandos: every penny in an avreich’s pocket is a penny less in Suha Arafat or Shimon Peres’s bank accounts.

How far, Jerusalem?


Ben Bayit said...

I have to say that I disagree with you.

It has taken 20 years, but the left has been successful finally in isolating the nationalist Jews by setting up an un-holy alliance with the haredim. The Haredim will do whatever they want as long as they are paid off.
The only saving grace is that I believe much of the haredi rank & file is against this, and that eventually they will turn on their "leaders" - especially if their leaders try to pull them even further back into the stone age will all sorts of new bans and rules

Yehu said...

Unfortunately that is true. The Agudah should never have joined the gov't. Thus said, I'm not so sure the mizrachi is unbribable. Notice how traitor & Tendler clone Aviner betrayed the ysihuvim. AFAIK the Charedim weren't with him on that. And also AFAIK no one was running around the displaced people shouting with glee "you see - Rav Shach told you 30 years ago - "They took it without permission, and they will return it without permission"!!! You desrve it." They grieved together with the expatriates.

Wheteher the Charedim will turn on their non-leader bureacrats? Who knows? I certainly hope so.