Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ghost Of A Rose

I bet your history teacher forgot to tell you about the White Rose Society. So before the hate-and-blame the USA fest begins on the 6th of August, let me tell you a little story – a story you will never ever read on Dog Smear, Smearya, David Dukelsey or Ron Jeremy Rosen.

In 1942, a small group of students –six in all- realized that their darling Chancellor, ‘Der Führer’ was in fact a bloodthirsty murderer, a despotic tyrant and a brute who’d eventually bring ruin and devastation on his own nation. They started to scribble anti-Hitler graffiti on campuses and busy streets, as well as distributing anti-Hitler pamphlets. Among other things, they appealed to the German conscience, warning that they are accomplices and enablers in the greatest atrocity in the world. They were intercepted by the campus genitor, denounced, tried, and executed by decapitation. (Seems like Herr Hitler was quite inspired by Messieurs Marat and Robespierre – and in turn influenced our non-violent Muslim allies.)

Unfortunately, the heroism and the actions of the White Rose were too little and too late. Their minuscule number is also quite telling. (Although to our Obama-loving Teutonic brothers’ credit it must be said Thomas Mann and a handful of intellectuals fled Germany in ’34 in protest of Nazism. If any of your professors or pseudo-intellectual bloggers ever mentions Mann’s Dr. Faustus, please give me a call – I’ll buy you a beer.)

What is the relevance today? Today we’re just like the good Germans who marched to the Nazi drum, or like the White Rose, at best. There are many people, blogs and others in the media who try to warn us of impending dangers.
Yet nothing is being done – it’s still business as usual. Our empty frocks and empty schtreimels still lecture us about minute tznius details, beautiful aggados and razor-shrap lomdus. Anything but. Anything but waking their congregations up to reality, anything but having to give up on something, to give in to something, anything but to have to discomfort themselves a drop and, most horrifying of all, anything but relinquishing an iota of their imaginary rule.

What can be done? A lot. First, taking lessons from the history: what caused and aggravated the great calamities of the past? Apathy and discord. First, everyone ignores and downplays the dangers, no one wants to act. Then, after it’s too late, everyone marches to their own drum and devises and carries out their own plan. This happened during churbon habayis, gerush sfarad, the holocaust, the rescue effort etc. Each group saw only its own objective, and looked at others with contempt and animosity.

If our so-called sages would only sit down and really care about Clal Yisroel – not just their own little pathetic constituency, come up with a solid –even if imperfect- plan that would address disasters prevention & protection, response in event of catastrophe, reconstruction in the aftermath, and most importantly, a concise code of conduct for peace time. (Meaning teaching of true Torah, instead of pandering to the rich, relying on welfare programs and schnorr, worshiping the Western idols - moderation-Moloch, Asheracademia, and of course the biggest of them all, the Helige Mommon, the common idol of Hassidim, Reform, MO, secular, Litvaks, Conservatives et al.)

Would our geniuses form Chellm unite at least in the face of danger, I’d follow any decision they’d take – even voting for O’Bama.
But of course, why try to save Am Yisroel from danger as long as we have waht to eat, and can bicker about geirus, Evolution, kashrus and tznius? Last time we were turned into soap at least the we got a few teardrops (and a few dollars too – just ask Peres and the Holocaust Claims Commission – they grew quite fat on reparations, but shhhh don’t tell anyone!) and some nice memorials. This time, if we’re nuked to hell, gassed or overrun by third-world barbarians, no one will be left to mourn for us.

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Highway 6

Every hour somebody's drivin' down the Hhighway 6
I'm talkin' 'bout the road that'll lead you to the River Styx

A man down there says he's gonna take away your pain
I tell ya he's a liar and you'll never see your friends again

Highway 6 - Doesn't take you home
Highway 6 - Deadly fix

We all remember the terrible tragedy of Nachshon Wachsman, the kinapped Israeli soldier who was murdered by Arab animals in Bir NabAllah, during a botched rescue operation. I knew the kid well, as his older brother was aclassmate and good friend of mine.

We all remeber Mrs. Waxman’s unforgettable request for all women to light candles in her son’s merit, the tension, the prayers, the first rumors of the operation, the media coverage, the levayah, the shiva… it was all over.

But there is a dark and nasty side to the story most people are unaware of. Long before any media leaks, rumors were going on strong. They did it again. A nasty dispute between the YMM (or Yamam) and Sayeret Matcal’s armchair generals has delayed the rescue operation. The YMM is an elite unit, something of a cross breed between a SWAT team and a commando. Their big grievance is that administratively they belong to the border patrol, which belongs to the police. So there’s no fame, halo and limelight in belonging there. The Sayeret Matcal, on the other hand, is legendary and gets all the accolades. And while this little cherub was in the worst subhumans’ hands, as soon as intelligence pins his whereabouts, the armchairs are having a little family feud about whom would get the job - and accompanying fame & fortune. No big deal, Nachshon sure doesn’t mind staying an extra 72 hours just so his generals sort it all out.

A.C. was a good friend, but love of country came first. We noticed the change almost immediately after he joined the coveted commando. Slowly but surely he became withdrawn, secretive, cold and estranged from friends and even family. Good means of brainwash and lobotomy they sure have, that I must concede. But a few good friends, especially when quite angry about this “betrayal”, we knew we couldn’t give in this time. Obviously, he himself didn’t take part in the operation – such things are not for rookies. But he knew who did. And they’re humans too.
After a few drinks were forced on the otherwise teetotal bloke, he broke down. Amid tears he said that those who carried out the operation were taken to shrinks for lengthy treatment. These were no suburban girly kids – they all seen combat before. But the situation they found Nachshon in was too much for them too. Most of his skin was badly charred, his teeth knocked out with a hammer, and I’m not willing to go into any more details. But this is how Jewish prisoners are treated by the world media’s darlings, the Arab “insurgents” and “freedom fighters”. And while this was going on, the armchair generals fought about who would get the glamour. They knew full and well what was going on.

Today, the Ziono-Bolshevik government of maggots released an Arab who, for the sake of his people’s freedom, splashed the skull of a four years old girl at a rock with his rifle’s buttplate. In return they got the decaying corpses of two human tools used by that government to protect themselves. To add insult to injury, the government will further desecrate their memories by providing them an official IDF burial.

What piety! Real frummers! Releasing a murderer –who’s already vowed to continue killing Jews- to do a proper burial! The government of Sodomite parades, human trafficking, assassinations and trampling every aspect of Judaism is now very petty about proper halachic burial!

Today, the Jews watch with inaction, staring that typical Jewish stare, the empty stare of a cow lost in a great field. Today many Jews will read and write angry articles, while our Arab friends laugh themselves silly, shining their sabers, rifles and buttplates. And you won’t read one hand-wringing article by pacifist Arabs condemning the murderer. But our lefties will be quick to point out the senseless rage of fanatic wingnuts.

For unlike the Arabs, we do not deal with traitors the way we should.
That is why such “exchanges” are possible.

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

Weak Brain And A Narrow Mind

Should I commit suicide? Boy, would Dov Bear and Shmarya throw a party!

I can’t help but feel despair, depression, rage and tears welling up when I see my fellow Jews fall below the level of animals.

I do not decry the outright evildoers, the Lenininst-Hitlerites like the two aforementioned monsters. I’m far more worried about the hollow men, the poor useful idiots who make up 97% of humanity and are willing to follow prevalent trends and attitudes to the deepest darkest bottoms of hell.

Some knucklehead authoring “Parshablog” writes that the Sodomite shame parade should be democratically defended – even by religious people! The poor brainwashed shallow man goes further on to decry the haredim’s barbaric and tyrannical coercion of modest dresses on some dancers at the inauguration of a bridge to nowhere in Jerusalem.

Let’s forget for a moment the blatant oxymoron here: the very democracy that, in his mangled opinion, allows sodomites to desecrate the Holy city, allows minorities to hold politicians by the throat. Apparently, what’s good for the gay geese is not good for the haredi ganders.

What the poor bloke seems unable to grasp is that Jerusalem is not bound by the momentary fads and whims of the publishers of Western celeb gossip magazines. Jerusalem was, is and forever will be G-d’s holy city, regardless whether it’s ruled by Turks, Ziono-Communists, British or Mameluks.

The Jew’s only right to Jerusalem comes from the very same Torah that declares homosexuality an abomination carrying the death penalty. Don’t like it? Move to LA and have a gay parade every day.

Democracy does not supersede the Torah, nor Jews’ (true Jews, Torah Jews) right to Israel and Jerusalem. This is just another indication that those who would you believe that Zionism and the Love of the Land are one and the same are but delusional fools.

Mr. Parshablog is probably incapable to understand that “tznius” goes a bit beyond bare skin. In an official ceremony of the “Jewish State”’s Capital, you don’t organize a euro-disco style dance, even if the dancers are all covered up. So the haredi politicians settled on way too big a compromise. Besides, if the “ugly”, “repulsive” hats and “backcloths” were not part of the show, how did they get there so fast? Did Chaim Miller keep them in his Tfilin bag just in case an immodest play pops up somewhere?
Oh, and where were the sensitive lefties protesting the papers comparing haredim to terrorists (a common theme on Neo-Nazi websites like DB and Alfred Rosenberg)? When a haredi does that they all go bananas and can’t stop spewing new articles about the incident for months on end.
I guess we’ll just have to ask the retired retard from the Windy City. He loves churning out a meaningless heap of nonsense every day. Some are so bad they even get into the Jewish Fress.

If you want free gay parades and porno magazines in Lashon Hakodesh go establish a “Jewish” state in Uganda, but leave Yerushalayim alone. You are the blind and the lame whom Dovid Hamelech hates.

Unfortunately, the idiot haredim are too stupid to organize true resistance, with roadside bombs and ambushes, relying instead on backdoor political tactics and burning trashcans in their own neighborhoods.

Mr. Parshablog, you’ve been watching too much TV. You have a weak brain and a narrow mind.

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Johnny The Fox vs. Fool's Gold

Johnny the fox
he called to Jimmy the weed
said "hey man, I know your name...

- “Johnny The Fox”, Thin Lizzy (Johnny The Fox, 1976)

I was very pleasantly surprised to read Jonathan Rosenblum’s critique of Chaim Eliav’s (Better known as “Moshe Grylak”, Mishpacha editor in chief) article about the Chassidishe drug dealers who got arrested in Japan.

In short – a few weeks ago some Chassidishe bochurim were lured in a drug scheme, and ended in a Japanese jail.
A little later, Eliav/Grylak writes an article saying that for the very least, these bochurim should have been far more cautious, and were probably thrilled by the adventure. But –now get ready for this- we should not worry about a thing: our system is absolutely perfect; we educate our children simply perfectly, and in our book, there isn’t even a scintilla of danger that anyone of “us” would ever get caught in such dire a situation. So how did it still happen? Drum roll, thunder, lightning; Merlin waves his magic wand, out of the hat jumps a bunny to tremendous applause: they weren’t real haredim! Wow! The Brisker Rav himself couldn’t have come up with a better chiluk!
Jonathan Rosenbloom wrote a surprisingly sobering article saying that we can’t go anymore pretending that it’s all blue skies forever darling, and that every problem will forever be swept under the rug with one idiotic teiretz after the other.

In sharp contrast, Avi Shakran produces yet another masterpiece of con, this time defending Argiprocessors. Although a member of the club that holds Lubavitch to be bigger cofrim than Christians, Alchemists, Wiccans and Voodoo combined together, when it turns into a haredim vs. the Delusional Solidarity of Lunatic Leninist Jews (led by Uri Ltzedek, PETA, YCT and other institutions of mentally crippled and emotionally unstable clowns – the same ones who claim that New-Caledonian Macaques can be converted to Judaism by teaching them “abracadabra”, “open sesame” and “shalom alechem”) issue, Agri are instantaneously bleached from all their crimes.

For Shafran, the fact that some 400 illegal immigrants were apprehended at Agri is probably no proof of any wrongdoing. In fact, dina demalchusa dina is not really applicable here, since Agri is located more than ten tfochim above US soil, which absolves them from US law, of course. And we know for a fact that those 400 jobs did not come at legitimate US citizens’ expense, since US citizens refuse to do dirty jobs. Besides, they’re anti-Semites. And it would be absolutely impossible to get 400 frum workers, besides it wouldn’t make any difference at all. Besides, everyone else does it. (This is in fact my favorite teiretz – I guess Rabbi Shafran, justifies everything else that “everyone does”…) And on and on he goes, harping endlessly on the assumption of innocence.

Shafran could have simply stated that Agri may very well be guilty of many things, however we should be careful not to rush to judgment on the word of a few demented hypocrite communist buffoons who openly advocate illegal immigration. Maybe he could have pointed out that the employment of illegal aliens is a widespread phenomenon plaguing all of the USA, and now that his bosses became aware of the problem, they will fight it tooth and nail. He could have, perhaps, pointed out that illegal immigration is detrimental to the orthodox community even more than to the entire nation. He might have suggested that Orthodox employers hire frum kids rather than rapists from El Salvador.

But he didn’t.

Maybe Shafran and his bosses have missed the news that nearly ten Orthodox Jews in Ramapo were indicted on charges of welfare fraud. When the power freaks turn on their own voters, it indicates one of two things; either that voter base is no longer important for the political prostitutes, or the situation got so bad that even the pigs from Animal Farm can’t close their eyes to it. Or a combination of both. And since the illegal worker hiring spot is happily operating under the watchful eyes of the non-corrupt Ramapo and Spring Valley police, who are busy pulling over 83 years-old grandmas for “speeding” (32 in the 30 zone) while the South-American gangsters sell dope and forged lottery under their noses. But every dog has its own day. If the Federal government and the State is no longer able to sustain the Hassidic community (read: families of 14 kids, all in private schools and outfitted in European designer clothes, big houses, everything fancy and the most expensive, with no work and no income) it won’t be able to feed the illegals for too long, either.

Bottom line is: the party is over. It won’t dawn on you in one day, but sooner or later it will. And pray it won’t be too late then, for Balack O’Bilama won’t save your sorry tusik. Instead, warn your people of the impending disaster, and instruct them that instead of $3000 shtreimlach, $600 bugaboos and $300 Gucci tichels, they'd better switch to a far more sober life - and stock up on arms and ammo.

But what do you expect from “rabbis” and “leaders” who don’t utter a peep against homosexual marriage, for fear of offending the darling politicians who hand out the benefits and peanut butter for their yeshivas?

In the year of the famine
When starvation and black death raged across the land
There were many driven by their hunger
To set sail for the Americas

In search of a new life and a new hope
Oh but there were some who couldn't cope
And they spent their life
In search of fool's gold


The vulture sits on top
Of the big top circus arena
He's seen this show before
Knows someone is going to fall

Just near the part
Where the beautiful dancing tightrope ballerine
Forgets that the safety net
Isn't there at all

Down he swoops with claws drawn to take her
Razor sharp so savagely is she mauled
Oh my god, is there no one who can save her?
In steps the fox to thunderous applause

Fool's gold
(“Fool's Gold” from same album)

© Joseph Izrael 2008