Monday, November 03, 2008

Blind Eye

Blider than the blind eye
This is man's desire

Blind Eye, Uriah Heep (The Magician's Birthday, 1972)

Some three thousand years ago, Ehud Ben Geira took his foot-long dagger, shaved the handguards, strapped it to his right thigh (as he was a lefty) and went to see Eglon, king of Moav. Then, Ehud had a special secret for Eglon in private, and plunged the dagger in his belly. Thus the Jews were freed of Moabite rule.

During the years leading up to the European destruction, Jews made every mistake possible. From burying their heads in the sand, to warring with one another and not even trying to defend themselves while it was still possible, it was all there. The aftermath was no better – blaming the holocaust on one another and quickly warming up to the Krauts as if nothing ever happened.
A very similar scenario is repeating itself nowadays in the heiliga State Of Israel, the surefire substitute for Torah and Yiddishkeit.

In 1973, a single American politician opposed all others, and while American Jews were preparing to refer to the State of Israel in the past tense, this politician – against all others’ will – shipped 75,000 M16s and parts for planes to Israel. The Syrians didn’t win the Yom Kippur war, but Nixon went down as the eternal villain who dared calling the chosen people “f***ing Jews”.

Like Haman, from nowhere rose a smooth-spoken despot, a little Hitler believing in redistribution of wealth via the courts – the very courts that fight for Arab Terrorists’ "human rights" while letting the perpetrators of the Waco Massacre off the hook.
If Janet Reno got away with blocking the FBI from probing Mohammed Atta and other 9/11 terrorists (make a search on ‘Able Danger’), what else do you think will happen under Barack Hitler Obama?

The man who since his birth has surrounded himself with extremist communists, his entire roster consists of shady characters, and routinely cavorts with Arab Muslim fanatics wants to be the president. He doesn’t even have to produce a birth certificate for it. I don’t know if the allegations against him are true, but since his entire past is sealed behind a thick blockade of silence and secrecy - nothing can be examined or verified. One thing is sure: one who has something to hide will hide it. And one who cannot be upfront with his past cannot be trusted with the future.

With an Obama judiciary, you can forget about blacks and Muslims being ever convicted –or even prosecuted- for crimes against whites. And when school buses start blowing up, don’t call the Skverer Rebbe. His pockets will be lined by then. Your best shot will be to skip country ASAP. And if Israel still exists, after Obama gives Ahmadinejad nukes as a gesture of good will, you may even survive. (Remember – he only wants to disarm the US and its citizenry – not the Persians)

But wait – this pathologic gun banner plans to have his own Brownshirt corps. Just as Hitler started by banning Jews from the firearm industry, then the trade, then the ownership of firearms – and then set up the SA corps, so too Obama first bans guns and then demands equal funding for his Nation Of Islam gangs.

This mess could have been easily avoided, had the “conservative” pundits rallied behind Romney, and instead of pretending that there’s no religious prejudice in America, they could have explained that as much as Protestants hate Mormons, a stealth Muslim is even worse.

After Charlie Chris stabbed the USA in the back by endorsing McCain, he could have been booed and cursed by the real right. Had the pundits threatened to endorse the Democrat nominee, the RNC might have backed down from Old John Silver. But they didn’t. For them it was politics as usual, and now that the First Amendment is poised to be but a distant memory, they soil their pants.
Too late, folks.
And to be fair, it’s not just the pundits’ fault.

While the people at Waco were being burnt alive, America watched a ballgame.

While Randy Weaver’s children were being murdered, America was barbecuing hot dogs.

While Serbia was being ruined, America played tennis.

While the Wichita Massacre’s perpetrators are getting high-roller treatment on death row until they’re pardoned by O’Bama – to serve in his SS corps -, just gulp down another Bud Lite.
Newsome and Christian’s murderers will probably follow.

But don’t worry – O’Bama will pull the plug on the USA just as they did on Terry Schiavo.

You get what you pay for, as the saying goes, or “reap what you sow” if you will.
Wal Mart has a special on comfy bedding – help the economy now by preparing yourself a cozy grave.

Unless there is an outright civil revolution or military coup, this country is finished forever.

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The OPM Of The Masses

Here comes the metal meltdown, run for your lives
Can’t stop the metal meltdown, no one survives

-“Metal Meltdown”, Judas Priest (Painkiller, 1990)

“Mine truly” are probably tired of me bashing hassidim and kollel yungerleit for living at taxpayers’ expense. Indeed, on a national scale, they are but the tiniest drop in a bottomless ocean. This is not an excuse, but for today we’ll focus on the ocean and leave the tiny drop alone.

Many are very angry –and rightly so- about the government’s $700 billion bailout of Wall Street gangsters, forgetting that the Government and Wall Street are practically one entity.

Time and again I am amazed at the efficiency of the age-old “boiling frog” method. For decades the government has been doing the same exact thing – only on a smaller scale – and no one utters as much as a krechtz. Millions of senseless institutions, governmental agencies, “non-profit” organizations, NGO’s and scores of other ponzi schemes are siphoning trillions out of our pockets with every tick of the clock. Yet, because there are no fearsome headlines about the involved sums' grand total, we go on as if nothing happened.

My friends, we have paid hundreds of times more than 700 billion over the past few decades. I’ll just give you one tiny little real-life example, with which I am familiar. A certain non-profit healthcare organization has about 6000 patients, serviced by over 3000 employees. A for-profit company of similar dimensions has only 2000 employees. The non-profit org’s CEO “makes” $700K a year, the for-profit’s 300. In the non-profit org there are countless bogus departments with bogus directors, all making nice six digit salaries, and do practically nothing. Of course, affirmative action quotas must be filled, and many departments need another sleazeball to reap your tax dollar. Of course, these important people have important meetings with lavish banquets, and if they go off budget, heck, Uncle Sam is but a phone call away. The for-profit org is not clean as a whistle either, but costs you much less, and patients aren’t treated any worse.
What goes on in universities and the education system is even worse. And let’s not forget the military and its sister industries – if anyone were to poke that with a ten foot pole, they’d be up their elbows in maggots.

Now multiply the above sketch by millions – school districts, child therapies, all the goodies supplied by local authorities, courts, different regulatory agencies, the luxuries you pay for prisoners, illegal immigrants and politicians. Yeah, Other People's Money... Sweet...

However, when there isn’t such a big fat frightening figure in the headlines, we’re more willing to pay. And let’s be honest, we usually successfully fool ourselves into believing that for better or worse, we do get some benefit out of the “services”. But not this time. This time it strikes us all: why should we bail out Paulson and Bernanke’s billionnnaire butts because of their own frauds? Either goyim are just unfamiliar with the phenomenon of pamphlets begging you to save this or that yungerman’s life, signed by sixty-six rabbis, all more prominent than thou, each promising you a different and more effective yeshuah for your buck – or… or they just don’t like the idea of being forced to pay for Wall Street’s magic carpet ride.

But in reality, we only get what we paid for. In truth, we’re all Wall Street, and we’re angry at Paulson, Bernanke and Congress only because they “outcrooked” us. Most of America live on Credit Card debt (i.e. those who don’t live off Mediacid, section 8 and foodstamps, or bogus tax-funded jobs etc.) in houses they can’t afford, eating food they don’t own and sleeping on beds they didn’t work for. Few are those who are really “neheneh miyegia capam” – and for the most, they don’t live large. Heck, most people even invest money they never had... in Wall Street!
And now, as the big snakes fear for their skins, they scornfully hiss at the little worms: “you must bail us out – or else we won’t bail you out”!

A long time ago, tavarish Lenin declared that religion is the opium of the masses.

And we almost agree with him;

OPM is the religion of the masses!

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Saturday, September 06, 2008


The heavy truck slowly trudged its way up the narrow, tortuous alleys of this once serene village now turned slum. The flow of curses and obscenities, in sharp contrast, spurt forth rapidly, smoothly, easily from the driver’s mouth, and seemed never to end. What upset the orator was not the fact that this beautiful place was turned into a dump, however.
“It’s all because of those conservative morons”, I observed. This had such a shocking effect that driver and truck alike came to a brisk halt – mid word. “Why?” was the only thing the poor trucker was able to say, still quite dizzy from getting such an illogical reaction. “Why? ‘Coz ‘em evangelists keep screamin’ against abortion, so this is what you get”. Nasty Jewboy was playin tricks with this hard workin’ kid’s head.

The source of his anger was the sight of human females in their early teens walking down the street with four to eight cubs hanging all around then – probably all from different fathers, yet not one in sight. To these little humanoids who will never have a loving family, a father, an education, it doesn’t matter whether life starts at conception, insemination, birth, or any other point in their evolution. They came to life for the sole reason that Broddah wanna knock up Sistah, and Sistah need cash. Now if life is so easily given, why fuss so much over taking it? In the name of sanctity of life mass-murderers, monsters who kill babies on their mothers’ arms, are given VIP treatment, the second amendment is constantly under fire, and there are angry protests whenever serial rapists-murderers are executed. But I see nothing sacred in the result of three minutes’ worth of smut in PS 101’s lavatory.

The book freakonomics demonstrates data showing that abortion reduces crime, as many of the aborted would live under conditions that produce criminals. The conclusion, however, is that abortion as a crime-fighting tool is extremely ineffective. The authors conveniently forget that the survey was conducted in a purely mathematical fashion, combining dry data from totally different countries (many Eastern European countries were included), and blind to societal differences. The fact on the ground is that abortions are performed by girls who want to “advance” in society, and who view an unwanted child as an inconvenience. But in communities where having children before puberty is the norm, and raising them is not expected, no one bothers to have an abortion. Incidentally, these are the communities with the highest crime rates. What a shockingly incredible coincidence! Probably has to do with global warming or atmospheric pressure…

Yasser Arafat proclaimed that Israel will be (or was?) defeated not by the Arab men and their weapons, nor by the bombs – but by the Arab women’s wombs. And many other leaders understand this all too well. Western man has grown too selfish to reproduce – he wants all the crackerjacks and adult movies for himself. But the NAACP knows that single mom benefits and pushing promiscuity results in a large, impoverished, ignorant and excitable base that is sure to keep them in power. Needless to say, the bill is footed by you, dear reader.

Hassidic leaders aren’t too far behind Messrs. Sharpton and Jackson. Any and all forms of contraception is forbidden in most cases, and of course any and all abortions are out of the question.*

But we’re living in tough times, and all the governmental freebie programs aren’t enough to cover the expenses of a poor hassidic family with twelve children, all in private schools, clad in fancy designer clothes – renewed quarterly, not to mention the Suburbans, Lexuses and beautiful (=grotesque, in hassidspeak) 5000sf homes. So totty and mommy are busy thinking up new schemes and themes for a quicker buck, and don’t have that much time to give Yoilish and Chaim Yitzchock and Shpritze Fraidel the education prescribed by Chaza”l. So what we end up with is the next generation of empty-headed hassid robots who can talk a real cool Yiddish, have their pajes curled really cleverly, don the latest in bekitsche fashion, and understand all the pictures in the dirty magazines.
But I’m not so sure they know –or care- the first thing about Pirkei Avos.

The Chofetz Chaim refused to give brochos for children, claiming they are a pikadon from Hashem, and that people do not keep this pikadon properly. “Sanctity of Life” is not a concept for the radical left to toy around with. It includes many things, including the elimination of evil from our midst by means of the death penalty, despite our inherent limits and faults as men.
And it also includes refraining from flinging life left and right irresponsibly. Men must not be used for “parentches fodder” and the fattening of some corrupt rebbe.

I’m not advocating mass abortions or even uncontrolled contraception. But do we really need all those hassidlings roam our streets with an empty gaze, a haggard daze?

*In New Square, this applies to all cases – no exceptions. Even parents who are known as genetic mismatches are forced by the Rebbe to refrain from contraception. The babies, of course, are to be abandoned in the hospital, as mentally retarded children “disrupt the functioning of a hassidic family”. However, adopting such a child (which incidentally comes with a nice compensation package from the government (i.e. taxpayer) is encouraged. That does not disrupt the serenity of the hassidic family)

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sweet Home Jerusalem

Addendum 9/1/'08:
Here's a live version:

(Click here if no automatic download.)

This is the new song from Menachem Hermann Orchestra, in which my brother is the keyboard player.
The PDF file of the press release was unfortunately corrupted, so all I can give you is the email... will update when things change, IY"H.

What's New - News Flash

Hello everyone! It's been some time since we've updated you folks on what's happening with Menachem.
Time is precious for you, so we will keep it brief, & news worthy.

We've been busy, playing, traveling, playing & traveling some more. But in between we have been working tirelessly on our new album. You have been asking for it & we are thrilled to share it with you, the launch of our new single,

"Sweet Home Jerusalem"

From the soon to be released album, "Emuna Reigns" - September 2008.

"It's politically incorrect, & about time!"

Find the press launch release in your attachments, with the single.
Turn up your speakers... & deserve a break!

Sharing with us your comments is always appreciated.

What to Expect Next?

* MTV clip on "Sweet Home Jerusalem"!

* The new album "Emuna Reigns"!

* A completely New, Menachem Herman website - with loads of pictures, music & videos.

* Big Bash Concert - London in December - 08, launching the "Emuna Reigns" album - watch out for the date!

* Menachem Herman concert dates & tour dates are open for 2009!

* Interested to have Menachem perform in your city / community, contact us for details, we are here to help you every step of the way.

* What can Menachem do for your city / community?'ll be amazed.

Blessings As Always,

Sarrah Herman
Director of Marketing
Menachem Herman Orchestras
reply emails to:
Tel/fax: +972 2 991 8314
mobile: +972 52 470 4063

Note that the website is not overhauled yet - still good. And don't forget - the Best Orchestra in Jewish music is available for bookings the Wide World over!

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Thursday, August 07, 2008


The radical left wing, i.e. the agitators flaunting themselves as “out of the box” and “anti-establishment” champions of social justice under false monikers such as “liberal” and “progressive” are at it again.
This time they deplore the haredim’s lack of education on the holocaust - a favorite "topic" (read: invention) of the Israeli secular media. Oy vey. Little haredi kids won’t know that Hitler wanted to annihilate Zaide – because, as we all know well, no haredi was murdered in the holocaust, and it would be loshon hora to say these things over to the kids.

The holocaust is the sweetest and most comfortable excuse for a Jew to be a total goy and yet parade himself as a “proud Jew” and sleep well at night.

The Israeli Ministry Of Truth organizes regular visits from all schools to the Israeli version of Disneyland, better known as Yad Vashem. (We will not go now into the details as how absolutely incompetent directors who have zero experience in the field are appointed there, and how they rob the taxpayer blind – that’s another story for another day.) Trips of horny teenagers clad in minmal “clothing” to Auschwitz are organized every summer – often in “mutual appreciation groups” i.e goups comprising Israeli “Jews”, Palestinians™ and Polish Gentiles. There they can witness first hand how pure madness and fanaticism caused the brutal murder of six million humans, based solely on their DNA.

Thus, the young Israelis’ bissli and porn laden shriveled minds are programmed to know that
a) The biggest crime against Jews was committed on a racial basis, which means that “Jew” is defined by race.
b) Fanaticism is very dangerous, and leads to genocide. Fanaticism – as in: haredi, right-wing, settler, etc.
c) All previous pogroms in history are dwarfed by the holocaust and practically non-existent (by receiving practically zero attention in the curriculum). The Catholic Church’s 1000-year anti-Jewish propaganda and pope “Pious” XII tacit (and in two occasions implicit) approval of the Nazis are quasi non-existent.

Then of course there is the conspiracy of silence about communism. Over a hundred million people brutally murdered, torutured and starved to death recive virtually zero mention in academia and PS curricula. This is not surprising, as Israel’s founding falters and its ruling elite emerged from the NKVD and the Yevsektzia’s torture chambers. I don’t think anyone mentions that secular Jews gleefully joined the Soviet torture squads and committed the most horrible acts of torture and mutilations in order to convince their frum “brothers” that they’re mistaken in their old-fashioned beliefs.
In fact, all of the notoriously cruel and sadistic capos, those who volunteered to become capos, and most Nazi collaborators were all enlightened freia Juden. I wonder how many times that is mentioned in the “official” history books – those who have the exclusive copyrights on Truth and Accuracy™.

Truth is, what these crypto-commies really crave is to dig their tentacles in guise of the government’s educational branch, into the haredi consciousness. Unfortunately for them, the “haredim” will never deep-throat their raspberry-cherry flavored version of the holocaust.

Despite the un-academic and often shoddy way of historical education, the European Destruction will live on in the haredi consciousness in the same way the Kishinev pogroms, גזרות ת"ח ות"ט and other calamities live on in our minds.

PS – notice how the latest piece of vomit comes from a website that staunchly refuses to report on Israel’s growing problem of Nazi gangs from the FSU. I guess they have a ready solution: Convert ‘Em All. (No, it’s not an album by Metallica – it’s a socio-political program by Haim Druckman).

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thank G-d for The Bomb

If that’s the only thing that’s stopping war
Then thank God for the bomb

“Thank God for the bomb”, Ozzy Osbourne (The Ultimate Sin, 1986)

A mushroom shaped cloud arose above Hiroshima on the 6th of August 1945, and that picture became engraved in my mind forever.
A picture of hope, valor, vigor, victory and survival.

A picture of determination, a picture of defiance and a will to demonstrate that there is a judge and judgment in the world.

A picture showing that pretentious, false righteousness and false compassion haven’t surpassed the true sense of wrong and right, truth and lie, life and death.

A picture symbolizing that when pushed to the wall, humanity still has in it the sense of defending itself from utter cruelty and barbarism.

What about the innocent civilians, men women and children who had nothing to do with the war? The babies who committed no crime, the mothers who didn’t know what their country was fighting for?
They were identical to the innocent of Berlin and Dresden: they did not rise up against their dictator. The babies of Dersden, Berlin, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not murdered by the allies’ wickedness, as the communist propaganda machine would like you to believe: they were murdered by their parents who tacitly or actively supported their government, and were raising their babies to become good Nazis and Shintoists.

Still, the incessant chest-beating, phony penance and endless apologetics and museums, documentaries and memorials show, that at a certain point, there is an iota of truth and sincerity in this abhorrence of homicide. This is the iota that’s completely missing in our enemies, the scintilla of regard for the other human being, this last remnant of humanity - of the image of G-d. They despise those who respect ‘life’ or ‘humanity’ in the way we do, especially those who worship “life” in its physical form only, and for whom the saint and the child-rapist and decapitator are the same, and have an equal “right” to life. They look down in utter spite and contempt on those who would spare their lives rather stan stand up and fight. And they now have the bomb.

So I still see the picture of mushroom-shaped cloud, but it’s no more the cloud of a glorious yet reluctant flash of deadly light.

For it hangs over Tel-Aviv.

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ghost Of A Rose

I bet your history teacher forgot to tell you about the White Rose Society. So before the hate-and-blame the USA fest begins on the 6th of August, let me tell you a little story – a story you will never ever read on Dog Smear, Smearya, David Dukelsey or Ron Jeremy Rosen.

In 1942, a small group of students –six in all- realized that their darling Chancellor, ‘Der Führer’ was in fact a bloodthirsty murderer, a despotic tyrant and a brute who’d eventually bring ruin and devastation on his own nation. They started to scribble anti-Hitler graffiti on campuses and busy streets, as well as distributing anti-Hitler pamphlets. Among other things, they appealed to the German conscience, warning that they are accomplices and enablers in the greatest atrocity in the world. They were intercepted by the campus genitor, denounced, tried, and executed by decapitation. (Seems like Herr Hitler was quite inspired by Messieurs Marat and Robespierre – and in turn influenced our non-violent Muslim allies.)

Unfortunately, the heroism and the actions of the White Rose were too little and too late. Their minuscule number is also quite telling. (Although to our Obama-loving Teutonic brothers’ credit it must be said Thomas Mann and a handful of intellectuals fled Germany in ’34 in protest of Nazism. If any of your professors or pseudo-intellectual bloggers ever mentions Mann’s Dr. Faustus, please give me a call – I’ll buy you a beer.)

What is the relevance today? Today we’re just like the good Germans who marched to the Nazi drum, or like the White Rose, at best. There are many people, blogs and others in the media who try to warn us of impending dangers.
Yet nothing is being done – it’s still business as usual. Our empty frocks and empty schtreimels still lecture us about minute tznius details, beautiful aggados and razor-shrap lomdus. Anything but. Anything but waking their congregations up to reality, anything but having to give up on something, to give in to something, anything but to have to discomfort themselves a drop and, most horrifying of all, anything but relinquishing an iota of their imaginary rule.

What can be done? A lot. First, taking lessons from the history: what caused and aggravated the great calamities of the past? Apathy and discord. First, everyone ignores and downplays the dangers, no one wants to act. Then, after it’s too late, everyone marches to their own drum and devises and carries out their own plan. This happened during churbon habayis, gerush sfarad, the holocaust, the rescue effort etc. Each group saw only its own objective, and looked at others with contempt and animosity.

If our so-called sages would only sit down and really care about Clal Yisroel – not just their own little pathetic constituency, come up with a solid –even if imperfect- plan that would address disasters prevention & protection, response in event of catastrophe, reconstruction in the aftermath, and most importantly, a concise code of conduct for peace time. (Meaning teaching of true Torah, instead of pandering to the rich, relying on welfare programs and schnorr, worshiping the Western idols - moderation-Moloch, Asheracademia, and of course the biggest of them all, the Helige Mommon, the common idol of Hassidim, Reform, MO, secular, Litvaks, Conservatives et al.)

Would our geniuses form Chellm unite at least in the face of danger, I’d follow any decision they’d take – even voting for O’Bama.
But of course, why try to save Am Yisroel from danger as long as we have waht to eat, and can bicker about geirus, Evolution, kashrus and tznius? Last time we were turned into soap at least the we got a few teardrops (and a few dollars too – just ask Peres and the Holocaust Claims Commission – they grew quite fat on reparations, but shhhh don’t tell anyone!) and some nice memorials. This time, if we’re nuked to hell, gassed or overrun by third-world barbarians, no one will be left to mourn for us.

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Highway 6

Every hour somebody's drivin' down the Hhighway 6
I'm talkin' 'bout the road that'll lead you to the River Styx

A man down there says he's gonna take away your pain
I tell ya he's a liar and you'll never see your friends again

Highway 6 - Doesn't take you home
Highway 6 - Deadly fix

We all remember the terrible tragedy of Nachshon Wachsman, the kinapped Israeli soldier who was murdered by Arab animals in Bir NabAllah, during a botched rescue operation. I knew the kid well, as his older brother was aclassmate and good friend of mine.

We all remeber Mrs. Waxman’s unforgettable request for all women to light candles in her son’s merit, the tension, the prayers, the first rumors of the operation, the media coverage, the levayah, the shiva… it was all over.

But there is a dark and nasty side to the story most people are unaware of. Long before any media leaks, rumors were going on strong. They did it again. A nasty dispute between the YMM (or Yamam) and Sayeret Matcal’s armchair generals has delayed the rescue operation. The YMM is an elite unit, something of a cross breed between a SWAT team and a commando. Their big grievance is that administratively they belong to the border patrol, which belongs to the police. So there’s no fame, halo and limelight in belonging there. The Sayeret Matcal, on the other hand, is legendary and gets all the accolades. And while this little cherub was in the worst subhumans’ hands, as soon as intelligence pins his whereabouts, the armchairs are having a little family feud about whom would get the job - and accompanying fame & fortune. No big deal, Nachshon sure doesn’t mind staying an extra 72 hours just so his generals sort it all out.

A.C. was a good friend, but love of country came first. We noticed the change almost immediately after he joined the coveted commando. Slowly but surely he became withdrawn, secretive, cold and estranged from friends and even family. Good means of brainwash and lobotomy they sure have, that I must concede. But a few good friends, especially when quite angry about this “betrayal”, we knew we couldn’t give in this time. Obviously, he himself didn’t take part in the operation – such things are not for rookies. But he knew who did. And they’re humans too.
After a few drinks were forced on the otherwise teetotal bloke, he broke down. Amid tears he said that those who carried out the operation were taken to shrinks for lengthy treatment. These were no suburban girly kids – they all seen combat before. But the situation they found Nachshon in was too much for them too. Most of his skin was badly charred, his teeth knocked out with a hammer, and I’m not willing to go into any more details. But this is how Jewish prisoners are treated by the world media’s darlings, the Arab “insurgents” and “freedom fighters”. And while this was going on, the armchair generals fought about who would get the glamour. They knew full and well what was going on.

Today, the Ziono-Bolshevik government of maggots released an Arab who, for the sake of his people’s freedom, splashed the skull of a four years old girl at a rock with his rifle’s buttplate. In return they got the decaying corpses of two human tools used by that government to protect themselves. To add insult to injury, the government will further desecrate their memories by providing them an official IDF burial.

What piety! Real frummers! Releasing a murderer –who’s already vowed to continue killing Jews- to do a proper burial! The government of Sodomite parades, human trafficking, assassinations and trampling every aspect of Judaism is now very petty about proper halachic burial!

Today, the Jews watch with inaction, staring that typical Jewish stare, the empty stare of a cow lost in a great field. Today many Jews will read and write angry articles, while our Arab friends laugh themselves silly, shining their sabers, rifles and buttplates. And you won’t read one hand-wringing article by pacifist Arabs condemning the murderer. But our lefties will be quick to point out the senseless rage of fanatic wingnuts.

For unlike the Arabs, we do not deal with traitors the way we should.
That is why such “exchanges” are possible.

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

Weak Brain And A Narrow Mind

Should I commit suicide? Boy, would Dov Bear and Shmarya throw a party!

I can’t help but feel despair, depression, rage and tears welling up when I see my fellow Jews fall below the level of animals.

I do not decry the outright evildoers, the Lenininst-Hitlerites like the two aforementioned monsters. I’m far more worried about the hollow men, the poor useful idiots who make up 97% of humanity and are willing to follow prevalent trends and attitudes to the deepest darkest bottoms of hell.

Some knucklehead authoring “Parshablog” writes that the Sodomite shame parade should be democratically defended – even by religious people! The poor brainwashed shallow man goes further on to decry the haredim’s barbaric and tyrannical coercion of modest dresses on some dancers at the inauguration of a bridge to nowhere in Jerusalem.

Let’s forget for a moment the blatant oxymoron here: the very democracy that, in his mangled opinion, allows sodomites to desecrate the Holy city, allows minorities to hold politicians by the throat. Apparently, what’s good for the gay geese is not good for the haredi ganders.

What the poor bloke seems unable to grasp is that Jerusalem is not bound by the momentary fads and whims of the publishers of Western celeb gossip magazines. Jerusalem was, is and forever will be G-d’s holy city, regardless whether it’s ruled by Turks, Ziono-Communists, British or Mameluks.

The Jew’s only right to Jerusalem comes from the very same Torah that declares homosexuality an abomination carrying the death penalty. Don’t like it? Move to LA and have a gay parade every day.

Democracy does not supersede the Torah, nor Jews’ (true Jews, Torah Jews) right to Israel and Jerusalem. This is just another indication that those who would you believe that Zionism and the Love of the Land are one and the same are but delusional fools.

Mr. Parshablog is probably incapable to understand that “tznius” goes a bit beyond bare skin. In an official ceremony of the “Jewish State”’s Capital, you don’t organize a euro-disco style dance, even if the dancers are all covered up. So the haredi politicians settled on way too big a compromise. Besides, if the “ugly”, “repulsive” hats and “backcloths” were not part of the show, how did they get there so fast? Did Chaim Miller keep them in his Tfilin bag just in case an immodest play pops up somewhere?
Oh, and where were the sensitive lefties protesting the papers comparing haredim to terrorists (a common theme on Neo-Nazi websites like DB and Alfred Rosenberg)? When a haredi does that they all go bananas and can’t stop spewing new articles about the incident for months on end.
I guess we’ll just have to ask the retired retard from the Windy City. He loves churning out a meaningless heap of nonsense every day. Some are so bad they even get into the Jewish Fress.

If you want free gay parades and porno magazines in Lashon Hakodesh go establish a “Jewish” state in Uganda, but leave Yerushalayim alone. You are the blind and the lame whom Dovid Hamelech hates.

Unfortunately, the idiot haredim are too stupid to organize true resistance, with roadside bombs and ambushes, relying instead on backdoor political tactics and burning trashcans in their own neighborhoods.

Mr. Parshablog, you’ve been watching too much TV. You have a weak brain and a narrow mind.

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Johnny The Fox vs. Fool's Gold

Johnny the fox
he called to Jimmy the weed
said "hey man, I know your name...

- “Johnny The Fox”, Thin Lizzy (Johnny The Fox, 1976)

I was very pleasantly surprised to read Jonathan Rosenblum’s critique of Chaim Eliav’s (Better known as “Moshe Grylak”, Mishpacha editor in chief) article about the Chassidishe drug dealers who got arrested in Japan.

In short – a few weeks ago some Chassidishe bochurim were lured in a drug scheme, and ended in a Japanese jail.
A little later, Eliav/Grylak writes an article saying that for the very least, these bochurim should have been far more cautious, and were probably thrilled by the adventure. But –now get ready for this- we should not worry about a thing: our system is absolutely perfect; we educate our children simply perfectly, and in our book, there isn’t even a scintilla of danger that anyone of “us” would ever get caught in such dire a situation. So how did it still happen? Drum roll, thunder, lightning; Merlin waves his magic wand, out of the hat jumps a bunny to tremendous applause: they weren’t real haredim! Wow! The Brisker Rav himself couldn’t have come up with a better chiluk!
Jonathan Rosenbloom wrote a surprisingly sobering article saying that we can’t go anymore pretending that it’s all blue skies forever darling, and that every problem will forever be swept under the rug with one idiotic teiretz after the other.

In sharp contrast, Avi Shakran produces yet another masterpiece of con, this time defending Argiprocessors. Although a member of the club that holds Lubavitch to be bigger cofrim than Christians, Alchemists, Wiccans and Voodoo combined together, when it turns into a haredim vs. the Delusional Solidarity of Lunatic Leninist Jews (led by Uri Ltzedek, PETA, YCT and other institutions of mentally crippled and emotionally unstable clowns – the same ones who claim that New-Caledonian Macaques can be converted to Judaism by teaching them “abracadabra”, “open sesame” and “shalom alechem”) issue, Agri are instantaneously bleached from all their crimes.

For Shafran, the fact that some 400 illegal immigrants were apprehended at Agri is probably no proof of any wrongdoing. In fact, dina demalchusa dina is not really applicable here, since Agri is located more than ten tfochim above US soil, which absolves them from US law, of course. And we know for a fact that those 400 jobs did not come at legitimate US citizens’ expense, since US citizens refuse to do dirty jobs. Besides, they’re anti-Semites. And it would be absolutely impossible to get 400 frum workers, besides it wouldn’t make any difference at all. Besides, everyone else does it. (This is in fact my favorite teiretz – I guess Rabbi Shafran, justifies everything else that “everyone does”…) And on and on he goes, harping endlessly on the assumption of innocence.

Shafran could have simply stated that Agri may very well be guilty of many things, however we should be careful not to rush to judgment on the word of a few demented hypocrite communist buffoons who openly advocate illegal immigration. Maybe he could have pointed out that the employment of illegal aliens is a widespread phenomenon plaguing all of the USA, and now that his bosses became aware of the problem, they will fight it tooth and nail. He could have, perhaps, pointed out that illegal immigration is detrimental to the orthodox community even more than to the entire nation. He might have suggested that Orthodox employers hire frum kids rather than rapists from El Salvador.

But he didn’t.

Maybe Shafran and his bosses have missed the news that nearly ten Orthodox Jews in Ramapo were indicted on charges of welfare fraud. When the power freaks turn on their own voters, it indicates one of two things; either that voter base is no longer important for the political prostitutes, or the situation got so bad that even the pigs from Animal Farm can’t close their eyes to it. Or a combination of both. And since the illegal worker hiring spot is happily operating under the watchful eyes of the non-corrupt Ramapo and Spring Valley police, who are busy pulling over 83 years-old grandmas for “speeding” (32 in the 30 zone) while the South-American gangsters sell dope and forged lottery under their noses. But every dog has its own day. If the Federal government and the State is no longer able to sustain the Hassidic community (read: families of 14 kids, all in private schools and outfitted in European designer clothes, big houses, everything fancy and the most expensive, with no work and no income) it won’t be able to feed the illegals for too long, either.

Bottom line is: the party is over. It won’t dawn on you in one day, but sooner or later it will. And pray it won’t be too late then, for Balack O’Bilama won’t save your sorry tusik. Instead, warn your people of the impending disaster, and instruct them that instead of $3000 shtreimlach, $600 bugaboos and $300 Gucci tichels, they'd better switch to a far more sober life - and stock up on arms and ammo.

But what do you expect from “rabbis” and “leaders” who don’t utter a peep against homosexual marriage, for fear of offending the darling politicians who hand out the benefits and peanut butter for their yeshivas?

In the year of the famine
When starvation and black death raged across the land
There were many driven by their hunger
To set sail for the Americas

In search of a new life and a new hope
Oh but there were some who couldn't cope
And they spent their life
In search of fool's gold


The vulture sits on top
Of the big top circus arena
He's seen this show before
Knows someone is going to fall

Just near the part
Where the beautiful dancing tightrope ballerine
Forgets that the safety net
Isn't there at all

Down he swoops with claws drawn to take her
Razor sharp so savagely is she mauled
Oh my god, is there no one who can save her?
In steps the fox to thunderous applause

Fool's gold
(“Fool's Gold” from same album)

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear Mr. Drekk

I am responding to you, who took the trouble to write a letter to Yated Ne'eman's editor, which you signed C.R. & M.F. from Fakewood.

You are two little pieces of drekk.
Not robbers, major criminals or bloodthirsty murderers. Just ungrateful little parasites.

How dare you even think the questions you ask, never mind asking them on the pages of a newspaper?
You are avrechei kollel who lack nothing. You readily acknowledge that your schvers and schvigers take care of all your needs, yet you are not ashamed to be annoyed by the fact that they dare expect you to say over some divrei Torah at the Shabbos table! How dare you! Let me please tell you something, Messrs C.R. & M.F.: when I hear you speak this way, I have a desire to convert to Christianity (or to kick the living daylights out of you). What you say is a chilul hashem of the first degree. First, you are obligated to respect your in-laws' wishes, as part of …כבד את אביך, whether they support you or not. קל וחומר בן בנו של קל וחומר since your entire Torah learning 'belongs' to them. But I guess “honesty”, “decency” and “integrity” are such schmutziga freia words heliga avreichim like you never even heard.

But your abysmal ingratitude stems from a far deeper problem. The entire generation of current full-time Torah learners, with few exceptions, is corrupt to the core. You learn on condition that you have all comfort and luxuries imaginable made available to you. You walk with your heads held high, you take your Torah for granted, and you imagine that the entire world ‘owes’ you. The majority of avreichim even engage in repugnant dependency on a plethora of governmental assistance programs, often acquired by outright fraud, deceit and lies - but in any case at taxpayers' expense. You parade yourselves and your families in new and expensive clothing, you live in big houses, drive new cars, and demand that the whole world respect and admire you – because you do G-d the great favor of churning the same twenty blatt of noshim & nezikin over and over.

Now listen to me, you generals of Sdom and people of Amorah, you who feed from the filthiest pig troughs on earth, the hands of politicians who push everything that G-d abhors - pornography, homosexuality, abortion on demand, special rights for criminals, terrorists and whoremongers -; you have breached your fiduciary duties with the Ribono shel Olam and Klal Yisroel. (Yes, learning the Torah and observing it is a fiduciary duty, in case you weren't aware of it). You claim to hold yourself to the highest standards of Torah and halocha, yet you sink lower than drug dealers. Those at least don't walk around pretending that they're the cream of the crop – and I'm sure they don't spit in their fathers-in-law’s faces. In case you weren't aware of it, the Torah has a בין אדם לחבירו part to it too. But for some reason, not one of all the new chumras instituted in the last forty years is בין אדם לחבירו (except when it comes to tell loshon hora about haimishe child molesters and embezzlers).

Let’s forget for a moment that you completely ignore, and often go head on against nearly all forty-eight requirements of kinyan Torah (פת במלח תאכל ועל הארץ תישן, בענוה, בקבלת היסורין, אוהב את התוכחות, ולא מגיס לבו בתלמודו, - just to name a few) – by spitting in your fathers-in-law’s faces, you not only violate one of the עשרת הדברות, but you’re also being ungrateful to the ribono shel olam.

You have, however, good mentors and accomplices in your abysmal arrogance, complacence and hypocrisy; your fathers-in-laws probably went in deeper debt they already were, and committed a few more dishonesties and indecencies to get enough dough for buying two ungrateful, disrespectful and worthless little ‘takhshitim’ like you. And they in turn mistoma learned from the heiliga roshei Yeshivos who do shidduchim exclusively with rich, white-collar elites who swim in 100% honestly earned dead presidents. (Maybe the "choshuva askonim" of BMG are already pushing for a $500 Bill with Clinton's face on it...)

In fact, your horrifyingly self-serving haughtiness is reflective of the secular society you claim to be so secluded of. Your letter is reminiscent of rebellious teenage rock anthems, whose basic “philosophy” is “leave us alone ‘cos we do whatever we wanna do, yeah yeah yeah!”

According to what I read in parshas bechukosai, it is behavior like yours that triggers all the klolos in the Torah. However, as far as I am concerned, if you do not mend your ways, it would be enough that you get two worms like yourselves for sons-in-laws, as a reward for your tzidkus.

PS –
Before you accuse me of ‘kollel bashing’ and ‘avrech hating’ take a moment to ponder that a) I’ve been in kollel too, but never took any government assistance or other forms of schnorring and b) as Torah scholars, you are to be held to the highest standards possible, (הקב"ה מדקדק עם צדיקים כחות השערה and כל הגדול מחבירו יצרו גדול הימנו) not just sneer and look down at everyone else.

I'm informed by a certain occasional Yated reader that the week following this letter, the schvers apologized(!!!) to their sons of b-oops, I mean laws. The week after, the SOL's admitted the letter was a hoax. Go figure. One thing is sure: I was right on the money about the stupid schvers, and even if the letter is actually a hoax, the attitudes are definitely prevalent in the impeccable, uncriticisable, perfect and flawless Yeshivisha Velt.

Oy Vey - Rabbi Anonimous informs that indeed there are some terrible problems in the Yeshiva velt: some avreichim show up as late as 4 minutes into brochos for shacharis, some families didn't get approved for sec8/HUD, and some misinterpreted a certain Rashbo on Yevomos. Oy Vey.

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Killing Me Softly

killing me softly with his song, killing me softly… with his song.

The homosexual junta rolled into town at full throttle, and they ain’t takin’ no prisoners. “The Torah commands us to be compassionate and love one another!”, they scream. 99 point 99 point 99 of all homosexuals are born that way, are exclusively homosexuals, and are unstraightable. These are scientific facts, measured with yardsticks and confirmed by world-renowned scientists. Where is the evidence? “You are a homophobe!” they bellow out in rage. If you refuse to please a homosexual, you are an immediate accomplice in Matthew Shepard’s murder, and also a close associate of the Nazis, whom, as we all know, treated homosexuals just as they treated Jews. Exactly.

What the homosexual einsatzgruppen forget to tell you is that the SA, better known as brown shirts, were homosexuals. And so was Der Führer (allegedly had a Jewish loverboy – that would be like the Obamaniacs of today). But all of this matters not. In the name of rachmunis and love of our persecuted homosexual brothers, they want to force feed your six years old daughter with hardcore gay porn, so she chas vesholem doesn’t become a homophobe (second greatest crime of the century, after racism and just before xenophobia.) Scientists and award wining sexologists assure us that 99 point 99 point 99 of homosexuals are in fact so well-meaning that they’d just love being straight, but they can’t – G-d made them like that. That’s right, blame G-d for everything – G-d made the holocaust, G-d burnt Pompeii, G-d bombed Hiroshima, and now G-d gave us homosexuals. Kinda reminds me of Ozzy Osbourne who claimed that he never really urinated on the Alamo – the drugs made him do it! I guess Orthodoxy hasn’t got enough problems just yet. That’s all we needed.

Contemporary “Common Wisdom” dictates that any physical harm done to another is wrong, discrimination against groups is wrong, but beyond that anything is legal, if not outright acceptable. So, whomever doesn’t like hardcore pornography and all its derivatives, vulgar and brutal displays of sadomasochism in the town square, should just keep to his ----ing self, and shut his ----ing eyes and mouth. We don’t hurt anyone, so you don’t hurt us (by existing), right?
Wrong. Ideas have consequences, and consequences can be quite devastating. The left knows this all too well, and are very shrewd at wrapping themselves in warm, cozy words dripping honey and kindness, which the well-meaning multitudes drink by the bucket. It feels good to be kind and generous and pick up some issue that will save the world.But well-meaning ideas often yield bitter fruit. The noble words of the protector of the poor, Karl Marx, were lapped up by the intellectual rabble like absinthe. Over a hundred million corpses later, the left is still unrepentant.

The war today is no different. The deluge, Sdom and Amora, they all repeat themselves. It’s a war against G-d, like at the Tower Of Babel – building ‘towers’ high ideologies meant only to counter everything G-d has commanded. Sexual crimes are by far not only between man and G-d; it is clear as daylight that the current onslaught of depravity is meant to prove, to train mankind that there is no purpose in life and in the Creation. Why do you think Evolution is so important for them (and even at that – only their own narrow version thereof)? The biggest atrocity imaginable, worst than the worst crimes, is to legitimize to justify those crimes, and to commit them openly. This is mind rape, it is analogous to child molestation – only it affects multitudes, is legal, and can be sold as harmless. But it isn’t. It turns people into purposeless sub-animals, monsters.

G-d has an affinity for causing the fire to choke itself, to make the scorpion sting its own back. The ferocious enemy whom the left now courts will not return homosexual love. And the homosexuals will not return fire.
The Stalinists never protests Iran hanging homosexuals, for example. These Leninists now find AIPAC to be too right wing (weren’t they just graced by a visit from His Majesty Grand Vizier O’Bama Hussein Burka?)! They, the ones who can cajole the Arab mind into stopping murdering little children! They want Orthodoxy to accept homosexuality! Hell no!

I have news for all of you who sold your soul to the gay mafia for a stew of lentils, yet you did not stand up for Rav Cahana’s murderers, didn’t have any compassion for the Gush Katif exiles. I have news for all of you well meaning Bolsheviks (“Bolshevik” is Russian for ‘the majority’, although they began as a small but ruthless band of murderers). We will not allow this. We will not put up with this. This is a war to the death, and we will fight you to death.

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Friday, May 30, 2008

Helter Smelter

King Oil is rising in western Sibieria, according to a recent National Geographic article. Formerly pockets of isolation and desolation, dilapidated slum-villages are now turning into thriving suburban areas. Nightclubs, museums, fancy schools, sports centers sprout in the towns. With better housing and job opportunities, they attract newcomers, and in sharp contrast with the rest of the country –the rest of Europe, in fact- there is positive population growth. The article barely pays lip service to the ecological and environmental impact of more than 70 billion barrels of crudie being exploited, often forcing out local nomadic tribes. One town even boasts a statue of an oil drop – I don’t think anyone in the Western World would get a free pass on that one. And even the fact that they are harsh on immigrants (mostly Muslims from FSU, lured by the low wages –but wages nonetheless- at the oil fields) doesn’t seem to bother the Geographic.

Of course, we here in the mighty US of A aren’t doormats either – two weeks ago ICE agents raided Agriprocessors, a kosher meatpacker in Iowa, and apprehended some 400 illegal immigrant workers. The action was carried out almost as brutally as the apprehension of 400 dangerous children from the “LSD” church, because they were severely abused by their Mormonic polygamist parents. (Side note: an American veteran sent an angry letter to the NG editor saying he worked menial jobs all his life, contrary to their claim in their article “Mexico’s Other Border”, that illegal immigrants are an absolute necessity for the survival of the USA, and that Mexico treats its illegal immigrants from the south so nicely that they’re dying of overfeeding and excessive leisure. In fact, most find this decadence so repugnant that they prefer continuing to the US, where economic hardship forces people to face a harsher –but sane- reality). So why aren’t the other 20 million illegal immigrants raided as well? Ah, you don’t understand – we just don’t want to raise their suspicion. It has absolutely nothing to do with denunciations from far-left hatemongers. A few words criticizing Agri’s slave-oppression and eco-unfriendly methods couldn’t have aroused the ire of ICE.

ICE, of course, has nothing to do with Iceland’s new aluminum smelter, amply lambasted in the Geographic’s March edition. True, the smelter and the power supply necessary to operate it have far larger ecological impact than oil drills, and Western man has already triggered an ecological disaster or two. (Mentioning that nearly all such disasters have been foisted by the USSR and its satellites is beside the point.) However, the smelter was built with all the ecomaniacs’ rules, regulations and restrictions, far, far away from any civilization. But the Geographic and its green goblins still want the smelter stopped and prevent future plants. Instead, they suggest Iceland fire up its economy by selling postcards, opening museums displaying ancient Nordic art, and promote tourism. These are all wonderful ideas, but I don’t think it could stabilize a country’s economy like aluminum production & export.

Let me please jam you with one more gem: Scientists, (genius genius emeritus, a supra-species of humans who have the undisputable right to determine what’s good for the rest of humanity – with that humanity’s money.) are hard at work in the LHC – Large Hadron Collider, a 17 mile long tunnel, some 60ft in diameter, located on the French-Swiss border. The tunnel is equipped with mega-magnets and other mammoth gizmos and computers. It is a particle collider, which scientists hope will help discover the Higgs Particle – a component of protons and neutrons whose existence is still a mystery. And what will they do once they find it? Jack. Scream eureka. Know it exists. But more seriously, the prospective discovery has no immediate goal. It would be one of the many important scientific discoveries that weren’t all that important, yet led to technological improvements- iPods, blue-ray disc etc. The article gloats about the USA finally losing its 1st place in physics, due to the LHC, yet forgets to mention any safety concerns.
The scientific community has an affinity to see the world as a mass of matter only, definable by a set of equations, completely excluding the spiritual. But G-d has an affinity to remind man that he has crossed the line in a rather tragic way. The Challenger and the Discovery space shuttles are but few examples of disastrous negligence prompted by conceit, often occurring when man forgets he’s still not big enough to “touch G-d’s face”.
And unless the mega-magnet cause an implosion of such mega-magnitude that would swallow the LHC with the twenty villages about it, you’ll never hear of its dangerous effects.
Forget all the doomsday scenarios; the mere fact of mega-magnets, unprecedented speeds and temperatures coupled with radiation and all those electro-magnetic fields are reason enough for concern. Yet the roughly 23 mi2 populated area of the LHC seems to be of no concern to anyone. But the ecomaniacs, in cahoots with the scientific establishment fight nuclear energy, and additional exploitation of natural reserves tooth and nail. Shut Indian Point, don’t drill in ANWR, don’t build new refineries.

When senator Harry Can’t Reid (but O’Bama Can Wright!) was asked to consider stopping the use of corn for biofuels (as we sleazy right-wing gun nuts been telling you, [look at end of last para], using corn for fuel drives up the price of corn – in turn, farmers grow corn instead of other basic foods, creating a shortage, obviously resulting in higher prices – and the avalanche goes on) he said he couldn’t believe there was any truth to those claims – but that he’d consider it nonetheless.

And guess who are the only ones not affected by the inflated prices? You’ve got it right – the leeches who live off welfare, foodstamps, section 8 and other government grants. They’re concerned with neither food nor oil prices. And they will invariably vote in the hand that feeds them.

The obvious conclusion is that both politicians and scientists see human beings as lab roaches. Your life means nothing to them. They’ll be kept in power by an illiterate populace that enjoys living for free, while the rest of us can drop dead as far as they are concerned. More and more rules and regulations will keep the undesirables who stand in their way weakened and vulnerable. Of course, we could rediscover local farming and start living a little more responsively. But the immediate reaction can only be tshuva and a lot of prayers. And stock up on ammo.

A lot.

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

Wake Up (Set Your Sights)

The well-known Meshech Chochmah (Rav Meir Simcha of Dvinsk) on the posuk “ואף גם זאת בהיותם בארץ איביהם לא מאסתים ולא געלתים לכלותם להפר בריתי אתם” in our Parsha, Bechukosai, explains the inevitable advent of destruction when Jews abandon the Torah and become assimilated and depraved. Many see this as a prediction of the Holocaust, which occurred less than two decades after his passing.

I, however, disagree with this approach. A prediction should be much more precise and focused. Rav Meir Simcha in fact points out the difference between the cyclical history of Gentiles versus that of the Jews; whereas Gentile empires, after “ripening” in might, size and glory, become degenerate, narcissistic, interested only in their enjoyment and material well-being lose their determination for survival, they are struck down by an inferior, yet determined and ferocious nation. This chain of events is observable in all major civilization-empires known to us: Assyria, Media, Persia, Greece, Rome, et al.

In contrast, whenever the Jewish nation follows a similar path, they incur immense retribution and suffering (I assume this is what is taken as prediction of the holocaust, in light of his extremely descriptive language), but aren’t annihilated; they survive as a nation despite the terrible calamity.

The really puzzling item, to me, is how the author throws together all Jews – Orthodox, secular, reform, etc. - in his criticism. Of course all denominations are deserving of ample criticism, but there are huge differences between these groups. How can one criticize great talmidei chachomim, reformers, common folks, secularists in one sentence – and for the same thing? Is it possible to say “יחשוב כי ירושלים היא ברלין – he shall imagine that Berlin is Jerusalem”, as a combined repudiation for both the lamden and the atheist? How could this be?

I think the answer is simpler than expected – perhaps when our link to the creator becomes so external, so routine, so “מצות אנשים מלומדה”, there is no more difference between frum and not frum. When we, as a whole, exercise our Yiddishkeit so outwardly and routinely that it becomes just a matter of culture or communal adherence – we’re no different than secularists, atheists and reformers. When real yearning for bais hamikdosh is no longer burning in us, when we feel so at ease in golus, when we feel too comfortable in front of the gmora, that’s when Yiddishkeit is truly in danger. When even the sincere ones aren’t so sincere – it’s not for G-d but for the clan or the self, then there is no other way but to fulfill the contract through extermination and calamity, which ultimately results in a phoenix-like revival.

It may seem contradictory to the Torah/Yiddishkeit's uniqueness – consisting in being every Jew’s lot, as imperfect as he may be- but there is a great difference between the average people being imperfect and the entire nation being soaked in gashmius and “self-ism”. We don't live the Torah anymore. The frum seem to ignore bain odom lachvero’s existence, while the self-righteous falsifiers sanctimoniously use this as an excuse for their trampling of the Torah. This is our great problem today.
The writing is on the wall. Neo-Communism (officially named ‘progressivism’) from the West, massacre (officially named “the religion of peace”) from the East, and economical havoc from everywhere, disaster looms while we await the impending doom.

There is no other way but to wake up, repent and unite.
So wake up, wake up and set your sights.

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter

Every evening, after coming back from work, he would sit down at the piano and play the beautiful, uplifting sonatas of Beethoven. He was a hard working, ethical man, who did his best for the advancement of science and health research. He did his utmost best to be loyal to his country and advance its might and its goals. You’d have never guessed in what his work consisted, if you looked in the cruel yet handsome eyes of Dr. Josef Mengele.

And I bet you’d never guess what constitutes Dr. Norman Spack’s work, even if you look very deep in those cruel yet handsome eyes. This is no grim reaper but a soft-spoken professional who takes pride in a job well done. He specializes in sex change “therapy” for childrenlittle children as young as seven years old! (

We just spoke about what ideology can do. And there you are. Avrohom Mondrowitz and his enablers are really idiots. Instead of hiding, they should have just declared that Mondrowitz only offered “therapy” for children. But maybe that would have been too progressive at the time. Outrage anyone? You gotta be kidding – if there are parents willing to do this to their children, is there anything anymore to say? Of course the “Jewish” blogs are already all over Herr Speck, citing his Reform rabbi saying that tranvestites were created in the image of G-d. Yes darling, and Adolf Hitler was also created in G-d’s image. He wasn’t born a monster, mind you. He could have been an ordinary guy, whose name wouldn’t send shivers down peoples’ spines decades after his death. He could have maybe even done some good for mankind, inventing something useful. But he didn’t, dear “Jewish” and “liberal” bloggers. Like Lenin and Stalin, he chose the path of massacre and annihilation. And thus does Herr Dr. Norman Speck Kevorkian as well. You justify and praise him. But you have nothing but rage and hatred for all those who dare disagree with you – Romney, Bush, Savage, Limbaugh etc etc.

Turns out I was right to say the children of the LSD church were illegally abducted. (Actual verdict here.) Back then, everyone was shocked, horrified and appalled by the horrible child abuse that was going inside the church. Have you heard as much as one word in the media about this new Mengele truncating 10 years old children? Nothing, zero, zilch, nada. But it's no surprise, as the compassionate gay-lovers never told you about a 10-years old raped and murdered by homosexuals, who were saved by NAMBLA and the ACLU.

Teddy Kennedy who murdered Mary Jo Kopechne, ripped our borders open, favors homosexual marriage, opposes firearms ownership (so when the cops come to take your kids, or take you to a concentration camp you should be unable to defend yourself. Well, he has a good mentor to take example from) and advocates partial-birth abortion, is about to cross the river - all of a sudden he becomes a saint! Hey, dude, you loved death and murderers all your life, why aren't we allowed to criticize you?

What do you expect from people who advocated pulling the plug on Terry Schiavo but oppose the execution of Mumia Abu Jamal and Tookie Williams. People who love Arafat and hate Cahane? This is tolerance today. Tolerate or die.

Of course, don't expect any rabis to condemn this, chas vesolem. We're safe here in New Sewer, Borrow Park and Fakewood. We're closed and sheltered, aren't we? It's enough to ban Shmeltzer, why anger our dear liberal benefactors who give us foodstamps, sexion 8, welfare, kollel gelt, peanut butter, building permits against the townspeople's will and what not? We can't have it all, can we? So we compromise on a thing or two, vat do vee kare if some meshigana goyim vant to cut dere sons pikel? To ve it vill never happen, jost as six abuse and drogs never happin here. I guess it's a good thing the Muslims are about to take the country over. Only problem they cut everything, kinda closer to the throat. And they don't ask for parental consent.

So next time your kid starts crying, bring him up to a well-reputed Boston hospital for a little truncation therapy. Will sure make him happy.

So bring, bring your daughter to the slaughter. Let her go, let her go, let her go…

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Script For A Jester's Tears

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

If the joke wouldn’t be on us, I’d be laughing.

Barack “I have no middle name” O’Bama has again reinstated his staunch support for Israel. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, even after the affirmative action candidate has abundantly thanked Hamas for their endorsement.
Politicians excreting from both sides of their mouths is nothing new. Every candidate sees it a sacred duty to pander to every single minority, ignoring core issues pertaining to the whole nation.

* *


The king of Judea goes to visit his mechutan, the king of Israel. “Will you come with me to war against Aram?” asks the Israelite monarch. “Absolutely! We be of one blood, ye and I. Thine war is mine war, mine troops are thine troops and mine horses are thine horses.”, agrees the Judean. What a sight! The two Jewish kings sitting side by side in perfect harmony, donning their royal garments, and all the prophets prophesizing before them! What a sight! Ahead steps the prophet Tsidkiyohu ben Cnaanah, with two iron horns in his hands: “with these shall you belt Aram until their demise!” he thunders. Who wouldn’t be inspired by this sight! What wouldn’t you give to see it as it happened! But along comes Michiyohu ben Yimlo, telling Achav he would die in the war.
Achav goes to war despite the true prophet’s warning, and is killed in battle. The dogs lick his blood and the prostitutes bathe in it, as G-d’s predicted by Eilyohu.
Michiyohu wasn’t loyal; he disobeyed the king and bade him evil. Tsidkiyohu was loyal to the king, the kingdom and the mission at hand. The righteous king Yehoshafat, for the sake of unity and the nation’s integrity, went along with Achav. Maybe he saw beyond the present moment, and wished to end the schism and reunite the Jewish nation under one kingdom. Seemingly, this was the wrong decision – there are, perhaps, certain principles that cannot be forfeited even for very lofty ideals.
Achav’s kingdom eventually vanished, its people exiled never to return. The Davidian dynasty lasted a few more centuries; but after returning from an exile earned by bloodshed, giluy arayos and idolatry, they were finally exiled for vain hatred.

* *


Ideologies were the plague of the twentieth century. Ideologies rose and fell, and in their names millions were starved, tortured and exterminated. Brother was pitted against brother, family against family, entire clans and nations were lost amid terrible suffering and bloodshed. “In my own time, governments have taken the place of people. They have also taken the place of God. Governments speak for people, dream for them, and determine, absurdly, their lives and deaths”, says Ben Hecht. Ideologies have replaced G-d and truth, and the loyalty to them has replaced one’s loyalty to truth, honesty and decency.
A short while before a pack of Russian brutes overthrew a tyrannical regime, every single enlightened Jewish intellectual would have sworn on his head that he’d never harm those black-cloaked bigots who believe in some medieval mumbo-jumbo. A few years later, these learned intellectuals were torturing their Jewish “brothers” in horrible dungeons, sending their families to gulags and reeducation camps.

Every German would have given his honest word that he’d never harm a Jew, under any circumstance. Along comes a vulgar subhuman ignoramus, and sweeps an entire nation after him - needless to mention the aftermath.

The benevolent ideology of two German “Jews” living in London caused over a hundred million horrible, brutal deaths. That ideology’s party is legal in Israel – Kach isn’t. In the name of an ideology, everything is permissible and acceptable – as long as it’s for the good of that ideology, - meaning, for the corrupt ideologues who live off of it.

And this is how rabbis, dayonim, judges – leaders of the people, people who are supposed, nay obligated, to be the most righteous, honest and veracious men, living examples of truth and justice – are corrupt beyond belief, put down one another, rule according to their ideology, putting truth and the good of the nation aside, and their affairs become public domain. That is how they abandon their flock and see only their agenda and themselves. Blind faithfulness to idealisms and a mad rush to put it above all else was the downfall of many a righteous leader – and their nations.

The prevalent ideology of loving depravity and “social justice” is but a mask for power grab and tyranny, as well as a magnet for Islam – the ideology of achieving the same end in the name of piety, purity and slaughter. The danger is real, and the danger is here. And while unprincipled, empty presidential candidates chase unprincipled empty voters, your holy leaders giggle in the shadows to see which liar will win and give them a bigger jar of peanut butter, or release one of their buddies from jail.

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008


Dr. Marc Shapiro’s article about the controversion of the Supereme Rabbinical Court’s annulling all the giyurs done by Rav Druckman’s bais din best reflects how Modern Orthodoxy sees the issue. There are two separate yet intricately intertwined subjects at hand; the purely halachic aspects of the ruling, and the ideological conflict, with many social-judicial issues deriving from them. The latter is obviously the main issue, as far as the spectators are concerned.

Shapiro makes many a salient point, and raises the painful and complicated question of the haredim’s legitimacy in dealing with a State they reject. He concludes that Religious Zionists and Modern Orthodoxy should totally divest from haredim. Not a bad idea in itself, but not too practical either. Though I sympathize with a systematic purge of all haredi rabbis from the rabbinate, this runs contrary to the democratic ideology of ראשית צמיחת גאולתינו.
But more realistically, the Agudists would probably join ranks with the Aida Charedis and all collaboration with the rabbinate would cease. This would cause a major rift within Religious Zionism itself. When all is said and done, most would condone that the State – even if its existence and functioning are a tremendous mitzvah – does not supersede the Torah. This would leave the left-wing RZ/MO drifting to Conservatism and Reform, finally creating two completely segregated nations – probably ending in civil war. (Which is not very civil, come to think about it.)

He also makes a few largely true, but somewhat wily statements. “The haredi community survives due to Israeli government subsidies,” he states, forgetting that the heiliga Medinah survives due to American subsidies. In fact, Patrick Buchanan claims Israel intervenes too much in American affairs - I’m not sure Shapiro agrees with him. Haredim don’t serve in the army, he charges – an army that recently dragged Religious Zionist Jews out of their homes and systematically refuses to protect its citizens. On the other hand, he is not in the least bothered by the fact that Rav Goren served in the Hagana – the military arm of the Leninist Mapai (Labour) that carried out the establishment of the state with an assassination or two. (De-Haan, 17 people of the Altalena, not to mention the passengers of the Patria…)

The claim that the dayonim were disqualified only because they are Religious Zionists is not entirely false. Shapiro in fact openly acknowledges that the source of the conflict is a collision of ideologies, and that the RZ courts admittedly base their rulings on ideology. And this is the very core of the problem: people blindly following ideologies and placing them above everything else. That is how distinguished rabbis call other dayanim “apikorsim”. Haredim are a tad bit disingenuous in claiming that their way is no ideology, but it is safe to claim that at least in theory, "haredism" consists in living the Torah in the most undiluted way possible. Once other avowed ideals are woven into the Torah fabric – be it evolution, the State of Israel or baseball – there is nothing stopping these external ideals from overriding and finally replacing it. When בכל לבבך ובכל נפשך and כי הם חיינו are starting to be taken allegorically, all the rest goes through the window.
The very same Torah that states ואהבת לרעך כמוך also says לא תחוס עינך עליו. The Torah cannot be made into some wishy-washy, touchy-feely ding dong school just to conform to someone’s ideology – be it lofty as it is.

An oft-recurring argument is that haredim use and abuse “orthodox unity” to force their view on everyone else, and he is right about that. There is no such thing as “orthodox unity”, there is only Jewish unity. The haredi rabbinate doesn’t give a hoot about any kind of unity. But venal and sold-out as they are, there still is a flicker of a yiddishe neshome in them, a vestige of the most primal loyalty to the Torah, to G-d (as opposed to some ideology) their peers lack. So far, even completely unobservant Jews can somehow belong to the Jewish nation, despite being sinners. This is possible by anchoring the laws that pertain to the coherence and continuity of the nation –marriage and conversion- in the hands of halachic authorities. Once that is gone, secular Jews are gone with the wind, like the ten tribes, and with it the excuse for the state's existence. Yet specifically those whose ideology is that non-Torah Judaism is valid and legitimate, and halocha should be bent to accommodate such “Judaism”, now demand control of these key elements.

Had the same exact annulling occurred between two courts of the same ideology, we’d all witness haredim and Religious Zionists unite against the Stalinist left. But since someone’s ideology did get hurt, they now prefer to run with the tramplers of the Torah, murderers, adulterers and idolaters, whose ideal is to become עם ככל העמים.

The power of ideology.

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Red Barchetta

The hate-and-smear race is on again (not that it ever went away…). Often times it seems as if giyur is but another excuse to flare up feuds.

Some claim that full acceptance of all mitzvos at the time giyur has never been a fundamental condition for conversion. They may be right, but as I have mentioned many times before, there is a huge difference between the situation today and that of sixty years ago or more. Back then, joining Judaism could hardly be attributed to ulterior motives. One wishing to join a nation despised, persecuted, massacred and locked in ghettos was indication enough of sincerity. In that context, perhaps there was less of a need for immediate and complete acceptance of Mitzvos. But after the great destruction of European Jewry, when “Jew” became a term describing everyone wishing to cash in on the Holocaust, Zionism, or the State of Israel, a few thing changed – now didn’t they. The situation got even more problematic with the influx of immigrants from the FSU and intermarried couples from around the world.

But aside from the complex halachic and practical implications, came the “Green Manalishi” factor – in other words, corruption. The higher the demand for conversion, the higher the possibility and temptation for fraud. Fraudulent giyur scandals began to gain public awareness in the early to late 90’es, coinciding with the great immigration wave from the FSU. Rabbis of all denominations were implicated in many frauds and in many ways.

There is also a great ideological war here;
The “charedim”, have a traditionally hard-liner approach to halocha. Although an over-generalization, compared to the MO and Mizrachi, this generally holds true.
As far as giyur is concerned, until fairly recently all Orthodox currents were more or less in agreement on the conversion process. In fact, no other than rabbi Steve Riskin, who is known for a controversial statement or two, has voiced support for acceptance of all mitzvos at the time of conversion. But then ideology started to interfere with halachic process. The Religious Zionists see the settlement of the State of Israel as a mitzvah in and on itself, while some Left-Wing MO rabbis heading borderline-Orthodox congregations have spearheaded the idea of purposely lax rules of conversion. Whether this stems from a desire to enlarge their ranks or for their unconditional love of diversity and the Cult of Multiralism, I know not, and is beside the point. In the USA, this is not a big problem. 95% of such converts do not stay in the system, and those who do, if and when they wish to get closer to more mainstream Orthodoxy, may undergo a more acceptable conversion.
But in Israel the situation is different; if invalid conversion practices become ubiquitous, any secular Jews would de-facto become intermarried, eventually causing a complete rift between religious and secular, radicalizing the already painful schisms in the nation (if there is such a thing at all).

The dishonesty of the proponents of strict conversions, who recently started waving the flag of ‘universally accepted conversion guidelines’, is that they ignore the abysmal corruption in the giyur business.
Equally dishonest is the unending hand wringing of the Modern Orthodox and Mizrachi “victims” oppressed by the bloodthirsty charedim. The paragons of nuance, balance, and inclusiveness can’t have enough shedding crocodile tears for Rav Druckman and those converted by the batei-din he oversees. So far I have not read a single article taking Sherman’s ruling on its own merits, shocking and drastic as it is. Furthermore, they all turn this into an absolutely black-and-white (they love this term – especially when they apply it to others) situation, conveniently forgetting that the Rabanut does not recognize conversions by the Aida Charedis or Rav Nissim Karelitz’s batei-din, for example - not to mention the many different Moatzot Datiot (regional “Religous Councils”) fraught with power-plays and feuds over jurisdiction and funds etc.

Most appalling and repulsive are the secular journalists who feign to respect Rav Druckman. It wasn’t ten years since they all smeared him in chorus, accusing him of covering up for Ze’ev Kopolevitch. (Later convicted of sodomy and molestation. After serving his sentence he was reinstated in his former position of Rosh Yeshiva.) I guess their idealism made them (as well as the honest bloggers who bring up the molestation cases in the charedi sector even in the giyur issue) forget this.

To the best of my knowledge, so far, no one has even considered the halocha of “כשיד ישראל תקיפהת אין מקבלון גרים” (“when Israel is powerful, converts are not to be accepted” – the reason being that under such conditions the intentions of prospective converts cannot be trusted to be genuine). This should be considered especially by those who see the State as part of the ultimate redemption. In fact, none other than Shlomo HaMelech was harshly criticized for marrying converts against the Sanhedrin’s will, and it ultimately led to splitting the kingdom.
Since the corruption factor isn’t mentioned by anyone, neither the sharp rise in conversions, I have reasons to doubt all sides’ real motives. If it’s really Clal Yisroel’s and geirim’s benefit on everyone’s mind, I have a great solution for everyone: for five years, no geirim, period. During those five years, when there’s no money, fame, congregants or other benefits to be made, let all denominations sort out all the halachic differences. After such a long period, I am convinced that so many wise men will sure find a way. If there’s still no solution, anyone wishing to join such a nation is completely mad, and since he has no da’as to decide on such a drastic step, he can’t become a ger. (Though personally, I’d apply this logic today.)

this is convertible

this isn't!

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Monday, May 05, 2008

Hotel California

An article strongly criticizing the trend of going to a hotel for Pessach upset Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz. His main objections were calling the trend ‘the greatest threat to Yiddishkeit’ and rebuking too harshly. He pointed out that there are scores of other grave problems afflicting our communities, and it would be far more beneficial to concentrate on those problems.

It seems to me that Rabbi Horowitz forgets a fundamental principle. I'm sure there are millionss of legitimate reasons to go to a hotel for Passover. Maybe it is true that declaring going to hotels as the ‘greatest threat to Yiddishkeit’ is exaggerated. But maybe we should not take this statement so literally after all. Maybe that fire and brimstone thundering rabbi meant to say, in a broader perspective, that letting modern western culture – a euphemism for unbridled materialism and hedonism – to become part of Yiddishkeit, is indeed an existential threat.

When a kid goes on drugs or off the derech, when a child is abused, it is a tragedy. Not only a personal tragedy of that individual and his family, but a tragedy of all Clal Yisroel. Nevertheless, it doesn’t endanger Judaism.

The Torah warns us, numerous times and in no uncertain terms, that when we start sinking in gashmius, we forget G-g, we rebel, and all hell breaks loose. When every kind of lust and desire is available in a glossy, fancy, Glatt Kosher Veyosher package, rubber-stamped by several corrupt narcissist “rabbis” who buy new Cadillacs yearly, do shidduchim exclusively with rich businessmen, and no one says a word, than Yiddishkeit itself is sick, from head to toe and down to the marrow.

Rabbi Horowitz accuses the author of being too harsh, instead of using soft, fatherly rebuke. Rabbi Horowitz is absolutely right – fatherly, gentle rebuke is indeed necessary. But since it has been missing in the past thirty years, it’s high time someone finally slams his fist on the table and calls a spade a spade, a fat slob a fat slob and a fresser a fresser. How can we go on whining about at-risk kids while we are the ones putting them at risk? We learn about mesirus nefesh, self sacrifice, yet all our kids see is lip-service Daf Yomi and Micha/Maariv –if at all-, in sharp contrast to the true burning love for fancy-shmancy houses, cars, designer clothing and gourmet restaurants.

Too many children are practically raised by Mexican cleaning ladies, barely see their parents, their fathers and mothers never sit down with them to learn some gmora, to do homework, to talk a bit, to read a book, even to play a board game. Then they go to a lavish Hotel for Pessach, – not Tu Bishvat, Chanucah or summer break, but on our Chag HaCheirus!- that’s a tragedy and a serious threat to Yiddishkeit. When our glossy kosher frum magazines boast nauseating adverts for these fressathon hotels side by side with divrei mussar, our kids sense the circus and mockery full and well. The tatte drowns in the schmorg, the in-house lecturer is all smiles amid the miniskirted chassidishe mames, and a week later the kid starts learning Pirkei Oves פת במלח תאכל, מים במשורה תשתה ועל הארץ תישן. Yeah right! Do we really expect little Moishi to take this charade seriously? We oughtta be real surprised when he tries pot, or when he switches mommy’s Cosmopolitan for Playboy, I guess.

Had those in-house lecturers more self esteem than a $2 prostitute, they’d turn down all invitations to such hotels. They could explain, on a gentle, fatherly tone, that if someone is absolutely constrained to spend Pessach in a hotel, it is his responsibility to prepare for the seder and holiday to the best of his ability, but such vacations are anathematic to Yiddishkeit, especially on Pessach.
Housing, clothing and food can all be explained away and justified with klotz teirutzim – but vacation in a spa is pleasure and sloth for the sole purpose of pleasure and sloth. That’s מבזה את המועדות deluxe. Something tells me that when Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Tarfon were reminded that the time for קריאת שמע has come, they weren’t at the Moulin Rouge in Las Vegas. And something tells me also that no one in a hotel would ever be caught telling Yetzias Mitzrayim at daybreak…

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Raining Blood

On this day, the 27th of Nissan, the state of Israel celebrates the deaths of six million Jews with different ceremonies, the most important of them a minute of silence to remember the murdered.

The greatest celebration, however, is reserved for a group of misfits, - long-time splinters in the enlightened throat of the enlightened secular Israelis – who refuse, even in public, to stand still for one minute, trampling the martyrs’ memory.

The “alternative media”, i.e. extreme-leftist bloggers, can’t have enough harping about how the Belzer rebbe gave a speech promising that all will be well, while he fled Hungary in Januray ’44. With this story, which the mainstream media has dropped a while ago, they cunningly imply that the Belzer is in fact responsible for Hungarian Jewry’s massacre. (Because they know for a fact that all Hungarian Jews – including the anti-religious and anti-Zionists- would and could have escaped otherwise.[1])

Judging the Belzer rebbe is not my objective right now; for the moment, I’ll focus on what happened between the time the Belzer fled and the end of the war.

In March ’44, Hungary was invaded by their German allies. Eichmann immediately sets his death machine (which, in his trial, he dubbed “a medical experiment”) in motion.[2] The Hungarian population voluntarily packed the Jews from all over Hungary and Transylvania on cattle-cars and shipped them off to Auschwitz-Birkenau, to be gassed and burned.

But Eichmann is not the kind of guy to take chances – he needs the oven-fodder itself to take part in his medical experiment. So he summons Rudolf Kasztner, a Jewish Agency Rescue Committee factotum, befriends him, and trusts him with placating the Jews and keeping them docile. For the sake of fairness, and as hard as it may be, it shall be stated that this was an unnecessary precaution; the Jews loved pleasing their Hungarian masters. In mass graves discovered after the war, searchers found photos of Horthy in dead Jews’ pockets – the heiliga Horthy who oversaw two Jew-killings between the wars, and who authorized the transports (under Allied threat he had the power to stop them). This is the Horthy who is now hustled by Yad Vashem as a חסיד אומות העולם. But Israeli academia and its chihuahuas on the internet need to blame all the Jews’ (including the anti religious ones) docility on the Belzer. Now that’s what I call stellar honesty!

But let’s look at a few more facts:

Fact: Kasztner was possibly the only one who knew exactly what was going on and how. He knew of the gas chambers, the crematoria and where and how the transports were going. He was the only Jew in Hungary to have a private telephone line and an automobile. Yet not only he warns no one – he tells them that they are being relocated to Kenyérmező – literally meaning “Breadfield”, a non-existing 'transition camp'. The Klausenburger Ghetto (also known as Cluj or Kolozsvár), was guarded but by twenty arrow-cross guards, and is three miles from the Rumanian border. In short, Kasztner was a Holocaust denier[3], and still historians and medias are whitewashing him and his handlers.

Fact: The day before deportations begin, Eichmann sends Joel Brand to Palestine to negotiate a deal with the British to free Hungary’s Jews against trucks, coffee, tea and sugar. Is Eichmann serious? Would the British –now hell bent on ending the war- give it even a consideration? Probably not. But one thing is sure: Horthy caved in to allied pressure and stopped the deportations on June 8th. The heads of the Jewish Agency (Ben Gurion, Sharet, Kollek[4], et al) knowingly and purposely delivered Brand to the British’s hands. Brand was arrested and prevented from returning to Hungary. Had they concentrated all their efforts on rescue, the Allied could have possibly pressured Hungary to stop the deportations. They didn’t.

Fact: Scores of people testified in the Gruenwald case, accusing Kasztner of different degrees of collaboration with the Nazis and neglected his efforts to help Jews. Anna Szenes’s mother charged he gave her the cold shoulder when she begged him to intervene on behalf of her daughter. He refused to do as much as let her get a package to her daughter.

Fact: Even the Supreme kangaroo court, which was split on whether Gruenwald was guilty of libel, unanimously agreed Kasztner knowingly exonerated Kurt Becher and Hermann Krumey, saving them from the noose. (Note: the two Supreme Court Judges who reversed all of the district court’s other findings have sons now serving as supreme court justices. Mere coincidence, no question. Note: Becher later owned a grain company and traded with Israel. He died a rich man. Many Israelis accused Kasznter of splitting a suitcase full of gold -from teeth pulled out in death camps- with Becher.)

Fact: Joel Brand was ostracized, vilified and denied employment during the rest of his life.

Fact: Moshe Sharett refused to testify about the Brand affair during his entire life. Instead, he staged an idiotic memorial ceremony that ended in tragedy.

Fact: The Yishuv, the Jewish Agency and their media knew well what was going on in Europe (In fact, Chaim Weitzmann explicitly declared that the Jews of Europe must be abandoned to their fate[5]) yet refused to participate in any and all ways of rescue and raising awareness. In fact, in several instances they actively prevented rescue efforts[6].

Fact: At the onset of the war, Ben-Gurion declared that there was nothing they could do for European Jewry, hence there was no point wasting efforts and resources on them. Whatever subsequently happens to the Jews should be treated as “natural disasters”. The war should end by giving [the Jews] their own state. That should be the “political compass” to guide the Zionist movement during the war. [7]

All of these facts are unknown to the average Israeli, for they are not taught in schools and colleges, and the books dealing with the affair from an undesirable angle are all blacklisted from academia and bookstores. This, however, shouldn’t surprise anyone, as Israelis are largely ignorant of their own heritage (Tana”ch, Gmora) and history, for similar reasons. And these people and their political descendents have the gall to blame others for not resisting or not encouraging Aliyah prior to the war!

When you hear the siren wail, know that you hear the sound of murder, coverup, coercion and vilification. When you hear the wail, know that it is meant to suppress the wail of the gassed martyrs who have been used by the Labour for their own game.

So next time you hear the siren wail, don’t just stand there like an Isra-zombie. Walk, head held high, and defy the lie, defy the coverup, defy the betrayal.

Endnote: ‘Raining Blood’ is a stage classic of American thrash metal band ‘Slayer’. The band has been accused of Nazism, due to their image, logo and lyrical themes. They half-heartedly denied the accusation, stating that they are merely “interested” in the subject of Nazism and the holocaust ודי למבין.

© Joseph Izrael 2008