Monday, November 03, 2008

Blind Eye

Blider than the blind eye
This is man's desire

Blind Eye, Uriah Heep (The Magician's Birthday, 1972)

Some three thousand years ago, Ehud Ben Geira took his foot-long dagger, shaved the handguards, strapped it to his right thigh (as he was a lefty) and went to see Eglon, king of Moav. Then, Ehud had a special secret for Eglon in private, and plunged the dagger in his belly. Thus the Jews were freed of Moabite rule.

During the years leading up to the European destruction, Jews made every mistake possible. From burying their heads in the sand, to warring with one another and not even trying to defend themselves while it was still possible, it was all there. The aftermath was no better – blaming the holocaust on one another and quickly warming up to the Krauts as if nothing ever happened.
A very similar scenario is repeating itself nowadays in the heiliga State Of Israel, the surefire substitute for Torah and Yiddishkeit.

In 1973, a single American politician opposed all others, and while American Jews were preparing to refer to the State of Israel in the past tense, this politician – against all others’ will – shipped 75,000 M16s and parts for planes to Israel. The Syrians didn’t win the Yom Kippur war, but Nixon went down as the eternal villain who dared calling the chosen people “f***ing Jews”.

Like Haman, from nowhere rose a smooth-spoken despot, a little Hitler believing in redistribution of wealth via the courts – the very courts that fight for Arab Terrorists’ "human rights" while letting the perpetrators of the Waco Massacre off the hook.
If Janet Reno got away with blocking the FBI from probing Mohammed Atta and other 9/11 terrorists (make a search on ‘Able Danger’), what else do you think will happen under Barack Hitler Obama?

The man who since his birth has surrounded himself with extremist communists, his entire roster consists of shady characters, and routinely cavorts with Arab Muslim fanatics wants to be the president. He doesn’t even have to produce a birth certificate for it. I don’t know if the allegations against him are true, but since his entire past is sealed behind a thick blockade of silence and secrecy - nothing can be examined or verified. One thing is sure: one who has something to hide will hide it. And one who cannot be upfront with his past cannot be trusted with the future.

With an Obama judiciary, you can forget about blacks and Muslims being ever convicted –or even prosecuted- for crimes against whites. And when school buses start blowing up, don’t call the Skverer Rebbe. His pockets will be lined by then. Your best shot will be to skip country ASAP. And if Israel still exists, after Obama gives Ahmadinejad nukes as a gesture of good will, you may even survive. (Remember – he only wants to disarm the US and its citizenry – not the Persians)

But wait – this pathologic gun banner plans to have his own Brownshirt corps. Just as Hitler started by banning Jews from the firearm industry, then the trade, then the ownership of firearms – and then set up the SA corps, so too Obama first bans guns and then demands equal funding for his Nation Of Islam gangs.

This mess could have been easily avoided, had the “conservative” pundits rallied behind Romney, and instead of pretending that there’s no religious prejudice in America, they could have explained that as much as Protestants hate Mormons, a stealth Muslim is even worse.

After Charlie Chris stabbed the USA in the back by endorsing McCain, he could have been booed and cursed by the real right. Had the pundits threatened to endorse the Democrat nominee, the RNC might have backed down from Old John Silver. But they didn’t. For them it was politics as usual, and now that the First Amendment is poised to be but a distant memory, they soil their pants.
Too late, folks.
And to be fair, it’s not just the pundits’ fault.

While the people at Waco were being burnt alive, America watched a ballgame.

While Randy Weaver’s children were being murdered, America was barbecuing hot dogs.

While Serbia was being ruined, America played tennis.

While the Wichita Massacre’s perpetrators are getting high-roller treatment on death row until they’re pardoned by O’Bama – to serve in his SS corps -, just gulp down another Bud Lite.
Newsome and Christian’s murderers will probably follow.

But don’t worry – O’Bama will pull the plug on the USA just as they did on Terry Schiavo.

You get what you pay for, as the saying goes, or “reap what you sow” if you will.
Wal Mart has a special on comfy bedding – help the economy now by preparing yourself a cozy grave.

Unless there is an outright civil revolution or military coup, this country is finished forever.

© Joseph Izrael 2008