Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dancing Fool

The Conservative morons are already dancing their idiotic victory dance. They've got the House back, the Dem's "supermajority" is over, and from now on the sky's the limit. Yeah right.

The great savants of the conservative movement, who can't put their petty competition behind them or pull a cohesive propaganda tool together, can tell you exactly what these elections mean. It means Obama's mandate has been revoked by the people; it means the people reject Obama's "great medical experiment" and so on and so forth.

Of course barely anyone dares questioning the fact that SEIU 1199 writes the scripts (programs) for the voting computers. No one dares contest Harry Reid's patently and obviously fraudulent reelection. Not that it would help with Erich Himmler running the DOJ (Just ask Randy Weaver and the families of Waco – after all they were weirdoes, no?). But the sad fact is that we have the same old stale, complacent, fat, self-indulgent and condescending GOP that we kick out in 2006.

Even more sad is that it's not really their fault. We keep voting them in time and time again, just because the Bolshevocrats so much worse. And the "fool circle" keeps repeating itself, like a broken record.

Only when the public at large takes a strong and decisive stand will the political scene change. The repulsive pukes on TV must be are fired from our living rooms and dens. The American people who so vocally denounce abortion must stop murdering their own children by delivering them to the vampire known as the public school system. Only when the populace's brains free of 'entertainment' addiction and control their own offspring's education will they be able to control their own "elected representatives".

Until then, the cruel charade of the murderous Demagouguecrats and the corrupt Republidiots throwing our reins from one to the other will continue.

The only thing the last elections prove is that the American public at large is still fast asleep, and that leftists refuse to abandon their blinking steamroller come what may.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stone Dead Forever

Conservatism Is A Mental Disorder, ptII

The conservative morons are drunk with victory, before the battle even began. Blind faith is good for Hassidism, Islam and Jehovah's Witnesses, but in the real world it doesn't work. Have you idiots already forgotten how Hitler Jr. was elected? What in the world makes you think that we still have free elections in this country? Have you forgotten what was Hitler Jr.'s first move in office? That's right, the Anschluss of the census bureau. With Alfred Axelrosenberg behind him and Robert Göbbels before him, there's absolutely no way of knowing what goes behind the scenes of "the world's most transparent administration". These people haven't the slightest regard for freedom or democracy, while the moronic right giggles like a retarded four years old.


It seems that stupidity and denial are simply endemic to right-wingers and right wing ideology. While the left doesn't hesitate to employ the most virulent, hateful and dirty tactics, the right-wing idiots bend over backward to play by the "rules" of "fairness". The left has no problem lying, fabricating stories and smearing all who oppose or threaten them. Everyone disagreeing with them is immediately an extremist, fanatic, racist, Nazi, bigot, hatemonger and "X-ophobe". The right, on the other hand, won't go further than calling Obama's satanic Gestapo leaders "radicals" – it isn't even pejorative, you morons!


As the left rouses the rabble to eat the rich, the Conservative buffoons refuse to incite the masses against the true corrupt rich – multi billionaire left wingers (Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Clintons, Obamas, Kennedys, Rangel, Frank – and the list goes on) who made their fortunes ransacking the American worker, the taxpayer. Not one Conservative talk show host ever demanded Nürnberg-style trials for these monsters. The right-wing idiots still insist that Obama "attacks Capitalism", is a "statist", "wages war on the middle class", "wants to raise taxes" etc., etc. It's all well and true, but unfortunately carries no weight. The common American moron couldn't care less about Capitalism, freedom and "Statism".


The average Joe just wants his house, cars, baseball games, movies, crackerjacks and kids' college tuition. Joe Sixpack has no idea what it means to be tortured to death in a gulag, to be gassed in a death camp, being bludgeoned to death in killing fields, or stoned or gang raped to death in a tolerant, peace-loving Muslim country. And Joe Sixpack doesn't care either. All he knows is he can't pay his mortgage, can't afford five big cars anymore, and can't BS his way to a new cushy job anymore. And day after day all his TV shows, Oprah, Keith Eichmann, Jon Leibowitz, CNN, NBC, the NYT, the HogWash Post etc all tell him that it's because Bush, because republicans, and because we aren't nice enough to Muslim fanatics and other endangered minorities.


But even if 90% of all Americans were aware of what is going on, it wouldn't matter. Barack Hitler Jr., Alfred Axelrosenberg and Rommel Emmanuel have already arranged the polls. Backdoor manipulations, extortion, arm-twisting and voter fraud have already decided the elections' outcome. You can bet your paycheck that every single computerized voting station is already 100% in Hitler Jr.'s pocket. Attorney General Erich Himmler has made clear that racist intimidation at polling booth is OK – as long as the intimidation is directed against the counterrevolutionaries. The Coleman/Franken race has made it amply clear that justice, truth and the Constitution do not count anymore – Hitler Jr. has his minions in place everywhere, and voting is an exercise in futility.


All the while the right can't have enough licking their chops, reveling in irrelevant polls and statistics. If instead of riding alone, they'd all unite to form strong media outlets, such as a national newspaper and TV channel, maybe they'd be able to counter the Bolshevik onslaught of the NYT & Co. But of course, their Heavenly Highnessess Savage, Beck, Limbaugh, Levine, Horowitz, Sowell, Hannity, Brimelow et al will not, G-d forbid, collaborate with one another. That would be below their dignity. So while they await the big November Bloodbath, the Nazi beasts are laughing their backsides off.

I fear on Nov. 3rd we'll all wake up to Obama's savage screams of "Danzig Ist Deutsch!" as his hideous monsters roll into town, taking over even the rest of the House and Senate.


Then we can all finally kiss all our freedoms goodbye.

PS - as always, if you do not understand something, refer to the "Index and Archives Page". Thank you.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dragons Are Real

Dragons are real, folks, miracles happen, and there is a God in heaven – or so it seems. The evil charlatan rabbi was finally driven out of town and defrocked.
True, for twenty years he was allowed to drag his frocked belly and fedora all over the globe, lecturing everyone about piety and charity, all the while embezzling millions and proudly declaring “frock you!” to all the world – laughing all the way to the Swiss bank.

You have to understand, we are a tolerant folk. His rabbinical highness, maran hagaon hakadosh, rosh Yeshivas Kol Yaakov of Monsey, Reb Yehuda Leib Tropper Shlit”a was not some sort of hardened criminal. All in all, he only transgressed the requirement of “pirko noeh”. It’s not like he played a wild guitar solo a-la Jimmy Page, or that he had internet in his home, chas veshalom. Kol sheken vekal vachomer he didn’t preach any type of kfirah such as evolution. Those crimes usually grant an instant cherem, having your kids thrown out of school and being driven out of town immediately. Such crimes are clearly a danger to Klal Yisorel and the future of Torah-True Judaism, as well as True-Torah Judaism. Such severe aieiros are labeled shikutz, toei’vah, miuss.

But a lack of “Pirko no’eh” is nisht so geferlach. It’s not as bad as, let’s say, converting people on a conveyor belt, for example. Or defrauding millions from naïve philanthropists – and a charity fund or two as well. In fact, I want to inform people like Avi Weiss, Slifkin, Lipa Shmeltzer, that they are really stupid. If you want the pashkevilim, Yated editors and others off your backs, just steal a couple million dollars, do some uh, umm, huh huh, uh scoring, and huh huh, you’ll be okay.

By the way – breaking news – the Sages of Chelm came out with a new Paskevil. I know you won’t believe me, but I’m tellin’ ya, dragons are real. They came out with a pashkevil that actually makes sense: no drinking and driving on purim! Mamma mia, now that’s a chidush! How they came up with this unfathomable discovery, I don’t know, and I’m sure dazzled that the DOJ is even more machmir, since they asser drinking & driving all year long, not just on Purim.

Dragons are real, I’m tellin’ ya!

© Joseph Izrael 2010