Thursday, June 28, 2007

Locomotive Breath

In the shuffling madness
Of the locomotive breath
Runs the all time loser
Headlong to his death
And the all time winner
Has got him…
Ol’ Charlie stole the handle
And the train it won’t stop goin’
No way it could slow down

- “Locomotive Breath”, Jethro Tull (Aqualung, 1971)

The first cloture vote reveals that there are around twenty Republican traitors in the house. Not that a Democrat who votes for barring debate on as vital a subject as border security, immigration and amnesty isn’t a traitor – but that’s not really news.

Regardless which side of the debate one is, it is hard not to wonder why the mad rush to vote already, and why eliminate any and all discussion on the subject? After all we live in a country where morons like Dee Snider and Blackie Lawless were called to testify before the senate. But a law which would allow 12 million (the official figure is about 40% short of the actual figure, but since the fanatic right-wing hatemongers have no empirical proof to support their claims, we must believe our dear President – whom, of course, on other things we don’t believe) strangers, belonging to a strange culture, as well as grave questions about homeland security, is being brought up for vote without debate? Why?

What about Homeleand security concerns? Well, the bill takes care of it – if the good little congressmen and congresswomen will nicely sign the bill, our loyal, reliable, non-treacherous President will promise to build a wire-mesh fence along 700 of our 3000 mile long border with Mexico! Ain’t it wonderful! Of course the bill’s patrons don’t want debate, and don’t want to shed light on it!

“מצא מין את מינו”, says the Medresh, similis simili gaudet, - Trent Lott is now in Dianne Feinstein’s arms – well, they just happen to accidentally agree on a thing or two. You see, the Democrats are honest people – just because Bush and his Lott are finally right on something, Dems won’t forgive them what they did, nor condone of what they’re doing, you see. That Republican senators have been all bought by the illegal alien lobby is clear as daylight. Oracle, Exxon Mobil, Halliburton, the farming mafia, the big hospitality and foodservice corporations have bought up all available senators. And as if by some mysterious fairy magic, all of a sudden Corporate America isn’t public enemy #1 anymore. It’s talk radio! Obviously, the four or five mega talk-show hosts are able to counter all of the unbiased, independent and egalitarian media outlets – the major papers, radio and TV station etc.

But why is Bush doing this? To many people it is an enigma. Back in 2004, when Debka Files and other similar websites reported a great convoy leaving Iraq for Syria, there were very serious indications that those were nuclear and bacterial weapons. At that point I was sure that Bush would victoriously come out and declare “here are the WMD’s!” but no. He remained even more silent that the mainstream media. At that point it occurred to me that he’s a mole, plain and simple. He’ll play along with the far-left’s blame-games, he’ll take all the heat, serve the house, the senate –as he actually did- and the presidency to the Democrats on a silver platter, and he’ll get a legendary retirement package. After all, he ascended his throne with the help of Texas Dems – couldn’t it be that he had to promise it back in return?

Fate is ironic though, - the unions got scared, as well as a many Democratic congressmen who understand that the bill would hurt their chances of being re-elected. And some Republicans are already threatening the president to abandon him on his Iraq position. Besides for the obvious nature of congressmen being a little less alienated from the voters, less experienced and therefore less sold out to external interests. And when it really hurts, the people in this country know how to get off the couch and away from the ballgame. The citizens of this country have started to build the fence – on their own land, at their own expense. The train pulled out of station. We just have to find out who’s driving…

…and who stole the handle.

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