Monday, October 22, 2007

The Devil Cried

Sad but true: rampant Neo-Nazism in Israel.

"Put down your gun
You might shoot yourself
Or is that what you're trying to do?
Pick up a fight
You believe to be right
And some day the sun will shine through
- "Wishing Well", Free (Heartbreaker, 1972)

This is unfortunately some incredible information, and even more unfortunately covered up by most bloggers. Enough to make the devil cry... Make sure to open the links after seeing the videos.

- Haaretz article.

Now it seems that this has been going on for over seven years, yet it was hushed by the police, the government and the media:

- Many new immigrants have found to their horror that they encounter here in Israel the same abuses and humiliation of anti-Semitic nature on the part of non-Jews who had come together with them from the former USSR, which they hoped to be protected from in Israel.

- "We're now getting about 250 calls a year about neo-Nazi activity, and a third or more of these complaints have to do with violence," he adds.

- Der Spiegel article.

- J-Post article.

Notice how the leftist MKs are those who oppose any serious action against this.

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