Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Homo Sapiensual

The act of homosexuality is unequivocally prohibited by the Torah, and even carries capital punishment. Certain Orthodox apologists argue that the Torah underwent reform, and death penalty for an act of homosexuality should not be taken literally. A new school of thought, born out of the necessity to obtain government funding for an Orthodox University, argues that homosexuality per-se is not forbidden without carrying out the act itself. This is in fact true to most crimes, excluding only the few "crimes of the heart", i.e. crimes committed by believing heresy and similar ideas. Of course, immersing oneself in immoral thoughts and planning crimes are also classified as aveiros, ("hirhurim assurim"), yet are not punishable by human courts. So, in principle, the apologists who so loudly condemn the frum parasites who learn in kollel at taxpayers' expense, must surely approve of government funding to Moslem institutions that only believe that Jews and Westerners must be exterminated or converted to Islam - but don't carry out those actions.

The current consensus in modern western culture is that homosexuality is not only a natural, inherent – and therefore acceptable practice, but a noble "way of life", which we must honor and respect. Unfortunately, this ideology is not being shoved down our throats only by the mainstream media, but by so-called Orthodox Jews who, for a great number of reasons, (probably mental disorders and a burning desire to be seen as fair-minded and finding favor in the eyes of radical far-left activists such as Ted Turner, Michael Moore and their poodles in the political arena) are pushing the gay agenda and try forcing it on the Orthodox community. Such extremists unfortunately only justify and reinforce the Orthodox leadership’s (inasmuch as there is such leadership) stance on isolation, the internet ban, alienating the MO community and similar measures.

Let’s therefore be very clear and straightforward about it: homosexuality is a crime, it is wrong, and it is forbidden. The sole reason that the death penalty prescribed in the Torah is not carried out is that Batei-Din are prohibited from carrying out capital punishment after the Churban, period, end of story. The claim that it is a natural, inherent desire does not justify it. Although it is true that executions by Rabbinical Courts were very rare in the Temple’s times, we shall bear in mind that ‘not guilty’ in Jewish law doesn’t automatically mean innocent and set to run free, à-la O.J. Simpson & Ted Kennedy. If there was enough reliable evidence, criminals who weren’t executed were imprisoned for life – and not in Boca-Raton-golf-course-style prisons.

I am extremely curious to know if all the so-called Jewish supporters of the aborted Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem would support incest or bestiality parades as well. For if homosexuality is a “right” – or in any other way legitimate, may someone please explain to me what de-legitimizes pedophilia, incest, bestiality (consensual of course – hysterical animal rights agitators please calm down) or any other extreme sexual deviance? The aforementioned perversions are different from homosexuality on the sole basis of senseless contortions in interminable legal paragraphs. Age of consent and other restrictions on one’s “natural desires” are totally arbitrary if homosexuality is legitimized. If cohabitation between people of the same-sex is legitimate, why isn’t the same legitimacy granted with the same vehemence to relations with animals, children, immediate family or dead corpses? Furthermore, why the natural urges of hatred, anger, envy and free speech are so shunned by the hysterical ill-liberal crowds? After all, to Rosie O’Donnell Arab mass-murderers and child-dismemberers are “moms and dads” – then why can’t poor sexual deviants enjoy the same freedom?

The truth is that the legitimization of homosexuality on the basis of tolerance, rationalism or noetic, drags in its path the inevitable justification of the aforementioned deviances. Once homosexual marriage is universally accepted, the next step will be the justification of other vile perversions.

Interesting to note is that the paragons of tolerance and mutual respect were all shrieking at the top of their voice to shove the Gay Parade down the throats of the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Seemingly, the religious majority, as well the secular minority of Jerusalemites have no right to decide which parades should flow down their streets – the enraged gay mafia does. That’s what passes for tolerance and sensibility for the rabid far-left and their faithful minions. If this isn’t Orwell’s nightmare, I wonder what is.

Recently, several bloggers (most notoriously an ex-baal tshuva and a pseudo-Jewish George Soros and Michael Moore follower) started legitimizing the Gay parade by publicizing alleged sexual crimes and misconduct in several mikvaos (Albeit is important to note that the denial of such behavior not only prevents a solution to the problems but adds fuel to our enemies’ fires). It is interesting that the aforementioned holier-than-thou guardians of infallible objectivity rush to inculpate the entire frum world, for alleged actions of a few, while they steadfastly defend the innocence of terrorists and well known murderers who were acquitted or never convicted (O.J. Simpson, Teddy Kennedy, Adolf Hitler and Bill Clinton come to mind).

So, to all the well-intentioned Orthodox Jews who feel the need to apologize to, or appease, or to appear being educated, refined, well-rounded and open minded, please understand that riding two horses simultaneously is impossible. Homosexuality is forbidden by Divine law, and impossible to reject with pure human logic – exactly as the prohibition on shellfish, sha’atnez or flicking the switch on Shabbos. You can’t have it both ways, just as you can’t logically differentiate between homosexuality and other extreme deviances on the basis of tolerance, human rights, or any other argument. Without a base accepted as absolute truth, such as the Torah, there is no logical barrier between good and evil, wrong or right. Any such distinctions are purely arbitrary based on the prevalent social trend or an individual’s mood. So no, Iam not a descendant of the chimp, I am not open-minded and I do not apologize.
I am a bigot.
I am a xenophobe.
I am a homophobe.

And I am right.


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100 % agreed, beautifully written!

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Good points and very nicely written. Thanks for your comment on my blog (haven't a clue how you came across it).

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I think from Gil Stident's blog. BTW in a short while I'll tell you a funny story about something related to your post on hosting.