Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sweet Home Jerusalem

Addendum 9/1/'08:
Here's a live version:

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This is the new song from Menachem Hermann Orchestra, in which my brother is the keyboard player.
The PDF file of the press release was unfortunately corrupted, so all I can give you is the email... will update when things change, IY"H.

What's New - News Flash

Hello everyone! It's been some time since we've updated you folks on what's happening with Menachem.
Time is precious for you, so we will keep it brief, & news worthy.

We've been busy, playing, traveling, playing & traveling some more. But in between we have been working tirelessly on our new album. You have been asking for it & we are thrilled to share it with you, the launch of our new single,

"Sweet Home Jerusalem"

From the soon to be released album, "Emuna Reigns" - September 2008.

"It's politically incorrect, & about time!"

Find the press launch release in your attachments, with the single.
Turn up your speakers... & groove...you deserve a break!

Sharing with us your comments is always appreciated.

What to Expect Next?

* MTV clip on "Sweet Home Jerusalem"!

* The new album "Emuna Reigns"!

* A completely New, Menachem Herman website - with loads of pictures, music & videos.

* Big Bash Concert - London in December - 08, launching the "Emuna Reigns" album - watch out for the date!

* Menachem Herman concert dates & tour dates are open for 2009!

* Interested to have Menachem perform in your city / community, contact us for details, we are here to help you every step of the way.

* What can Menachem do for your city / community?...you'll be amazed.

Blessings As Always,

Sarrah Herman
Director of Marketing
Menachem Herman Orchestras
reply emails to: MenachemHerman@gmail.com
website: www.menachemherman.com
Tel/fax: +972 2 991 8314
mobile: +972 52 470 4063

Note that the website is not overhauled yet - still good. And don't forget - the Best Orchestra in Jewish music is available for bookings the Wide World over!

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Thursday, August 07, 2008


The radical left wing, i.e. the agitators flaunting themselves as “out of the box” and “anti-establishment” champions of social justice under false monikers such as “liberal” and “progressive” are at it again.
This time they deplore the haredim’s lack of education on the holocaust - a favorite "topic" (read: invention) of the Israeli secular media. Oy vey. Little haredi kids won’t know that Hitler wanted to annihilate Zaide – because, as we all know well, no haredi was murdered in the holocaust, and it would be loshon hora to say these things over to the kids.

The holocaust is the sweetest and most comfortable excuse for a Jew to be a total goy and yet parade himself as a “proud Jew” and sleep well at night.

The Israeli Ministry Of Truth organizes regular visits from all schools to the Israeli version of Disneyland, better known as Yad Vashem. (We will not go now into the details as how absolutely incompetent directors who have zero experience in the field are appointed there, and how they rob the taxpayer blind – that’s another story for another day.) Trips of horny teenagers clad in minmal “clothing” to Auschwitz are organized every summer – often in “mutual appreciation groups” i.e goups comprising Israeli “Jews”, Palestinians™ and Polish Gentiles. There they can witness first hand how pure madness and fanaticism caused the brutal murder of six million humans, based solely on their DNA.

Thus, the young Israelis’ bissli and porn laden shriveled minds are programmed to know that
a) The biggest crime against Jews was committed on a racial basis, which means that “Jew” is defined by race.
b) Fanaticism is very dangerous, and leads to genocide. Fanaticism – as in: haredi, right-wing, settler, etc.
c) All previous pogroms in history are dwarfed by the holocaust and practically non-existent (by receiving practically zero attention in the curriculum). The Catholic Church’s 1000-year anti-Jewish propaganda and pope “Pious” XII tacit (and in two occasions implicit) approval of the Nazis are quasi non-existent.

Then of course there is the conspiracy of silence about communism. Over a hundred million people brutally murdered, torutured and starved to death recive virtually zero mention in academia and PS curricula. This is not surprising, as Israel’s founding falters and its ruling elite emerged from the NKVD and the Yevsektzia’s torture chambers. I don’t think anyone mentions that secular Jews gleefully joined the Soviet torture squads and committed the most horrible acts of torture and mutilations in order to convince their frum “brothers” that they’re mistaken in their old-fashioned beliefs.
In fact, all of the notoriously cruel and sadistic capos, those who volunteered to become capos, and most Nazi collaborators were all enlightened freia Juden. I wonder how many times that is mentioned in the “official” history books – those who have the exclusive copyrights on Truth and Accuracy™.

Truth is, what these crypto-commies really crave is to dig their tentacles in guise of the government’s educational branch, into the haredi consciousness. Unfortunately for them, the “haredim” will never deep-throat their raspberry-cherry flavored version of the holocaust.

Despite the un-academic and often shoddy way of historical education, the European Destruction will live on in the haredi consciousness in the same way the Kishinev pogroms, גזרות ת"ח ות"ט and other calamities live on in our minds.

PS – notice how the latest piece of vomit comes from a website that staunchly refuses to report on Israel’s growing problem of Nazi gangs from the FSU. I guess they have a ready solution: Convert ‘Em All. (No, it’s not an album by Metallica – it’s a socio-political program by Haim Druckman).

© Joseph Izrael 2008

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thank G-d for The Bomb

If that’s the only thing that’s stopping war
Then thank God for the bomb

“Thank God for the bomb”, Ozzy Osbourne (The Ultimate Sin, 1986)

A mushroom shaped cloud arose above Hiroshima on the 6th of August 1945, and that picture became engraved in my mind forever.
A picture of hope, valor, vigor, victory and survival.

A picture of determination, a picture of defiance and a will to demonstrate that there is a judge and judgment in the world.

A picture showing that pretentious, false righteousness and false compassion haven’t surpassed the true sense of wrong and right, truth and lie, life and death.

A picture symbolizing that when pushed to the wall, humanity still has in it the sense of defending itself from utter cruelty and barbarism.

What about the innocent civilians, men women and children who had nothing to do with the war? The babies who committed no crime, the mothers who didn’t know what their country was fighting for?
They were identical to the innocent of Berlin and Dresden: they did not rise up against their dictator. The babies of Dersden, Berlin, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not murdered by the allies’ wickedness, as the communist propaganda machine would like you to believe: they were murdered by their parents who tacitly or actively supported their government, and were raising their babies to become good Nazis and Shintoists.

Still, the incessant chest-beating, phony penance and endless apologetics and museums, documentaries and memorials show, that at a certain point, there is an iota of truth and sincerity in this abhorrence of homicide. This is the iota that’s completely missing in our enemies, the scintilla of regard for the other human being, this last remnant of humanity - of the image of G-d. They despise those who respect ‘life’ or ‘humanity’ in the way we do, especially those who worship “life” in its physical form only, and for whom the saint and the child-rapist and decapitator are the same, and have an equal “right” to life. They look down in utter spite and contempt on those who would spare their lives rather stan stand up and fight. And they now have the bomb.

So I still see the picture of mushroom-shaped cloud, but it’s no more the cloud of a glorious yet reluctant flash of deadly light.

For it hangs over Tel-Aviv.

© Joseph Izrael 2008