Monday, July 14, 2008

Weak Brain And A Narrow Mind

Should I commit suicide? Boy, would Dov Bear and Shmarya throw a party!

I can’t help but feel despair, depression, rage and tears welling up when I see my fellow Jews fall below the level of animals.

I do not decry the outright evildoers, the Lenininst-Hitlerites like the two aforementioned monsters. I’m far more worried about the hollow men, the poor useful idiots who make up 97% of humanity and are willing to follow prevalent trends and attitudes to the deepest darkest bottoms of hell.

Some knucklehead authoring “Parshablog” writes that the Sodomite shame parade should be democratically defended – even by religious people! The poor brainwashed shallow man goes further on to decry the haredim’s barbaric and tyrannical coercion of modest dresses on some dancers at the inauguration of a bridge to nowhere in Jerusalem.

Let’s forget for a moment the blatant oxymoron here: the very democracy that, in his mangled opinion, allows sodomites to desecrate the Holy city, allows minorities to hold politicians by the throat. Apparently, what’s good for the gay geese is not good for the haredi ganders.

What the poor bloke seems unable to grasp is that Jerusalem is not bound by the momentary fads and whims of the publishers of Western celeb gossip magazines. Jerusalem was, is and forever will be G-d’s holy city, regardless whether it’s ruled by Turks, Ziono-Communists, British or Mameluks.

The Jew’s only right to Jerusalem comes from the very same Torah that declares homosexuality an abomination carrying the death penalty. Don’t like it? Move to LA and have a gay parade every day.

Democracy does not supersede the Torah, nor Jews’ (true Jews, Torah Jews) right to Israel and Jerusalem. This is just another indication that those who would you believe that Zionism and the Love of the Land are one and the same are but delusional fools.

Mr. Parshablog is probably incapable to understand that “tznius” goes a bit beyond bare skin. In an official ceremony of the “Jewish State”’s Capital, you don’t organize a euro-disco style dance, even if the dancers are all covered up. So the haredi politicians settled on way too big a compromise. Besides, if the “ugly”, “repulsive” hats and “backcloths” were not part of the show, how did they get there so fast? Did Chaim Miller keep them in his Tfilin bag just in case an immodest play pops up somewhere?
Oh, and where were the sensitive lefties protesting the papers comparing haredim to terrorists (a common theme on Neo-Nazi websites like DB and Alfred Rosenberg)? When a haredi does that they all go bananas and can’t stop spewing new articles about the incident for months on end.
I guess we’ll just have to ask the retired retard from the Windy City. He loves churning out a meaningless heap of nonsense every day. Some are so bad they even get into the Jewish Fress.

If you want free gay parades and porno magazines in Lashon Hakodesh go establish a “Jewish” state in Uganda, but leave Yerushalayim alone. You are the blind and the lame whom Dovid Hamelech hates.

Unfortunately, the idiot haredim are too stupid to organize true resistance, with roadside bombs and ambushes, relying instead on backdoor political tactics and burning trashcans in their own neighborhoods.

Mr. Parshablog, you’ve been watching too much TV. You have a weak brain and a narrow mind.

© Joseph Izrael 2008


joshwaxman said...

I take insult from you as a compliment. I am not going to bother to respond, other than to point out that a comparison to Taliban is not a comparison to terrorists. People are welcome to follow my link, read what I wrote, and see if it makes sense.

All the best,

J. "יהוא בן יהושפט בן נמשי" Izrael said...

The question is not whether it makes sense or not. Everything can be rationalized - in fact it was done unfortunately done many times over.

Justifying the shame parade is by far not the equivalent of asking for some "understanding" and "tolerating" platonic homosexuals who are "trapped" in their allegedly unchangeable situation (also a cheap cop-out, but still not as bad.)

The sodom parade is a vulgar. brutal and tyrannical display of spite, smut and in-your-face supremcay. Not only somehow justifying it, but to demand that reiligious people tolerate it is beyond indecent. It's plain and simple an appetite for destruction and annihilation, no matter how sweet words it's blanketed in.

Sure, comparison to the Taliban is not the same as comparison to terrorists. (Although that is a common theme on GestapoSchool, AdovHitBear, Alfred Rosenberg Jr., and other similar sites). So Yaacov Cohen should claim when he called DeHartoch Nazi he just meant like a minor nazi bureacrat who never killed anybody? Nice try, kiddo.

joshwaxman said...

I am not going to try to defend my position here, because it is clear to me that you do not understand what I am saying, nor is it likely that you ever will. It is not worth my time. Others are likely not reading your blog, but if they are, they can read my post and decide for themselves what I am saying, in context.

Comparison to the Taliban is specifically comparison to the previous rulers of Afghanistan, who imposed their own extremely strict interpretation of Islamic law on an unwilling populace. There is a difference between chareidim themselves practicing their own interpretation of Jewish law (which is likely different in certain respects from your own religious practice as well) on the one hand, and imposing it by force on others. This manifests in this protest about the dancers, it is manifest in the attempt to make certain buses "mehadrin", it is manifest in the threats against the pizza store in Ramat Bet Shemesh, and it is manifest when chareidim rioted on the El Al plane to Kiev (on the way to Uman) for showing a nature video.

It parallels how the Taliban denied women an education and teachers caught teaching women could be executed. It parallels how women were forced to wear the burqa in public. Read up on the Taliban. All this has nothing to do with terrorism. People think of Taliban-like actions as religious extremism, such as blowing up the ancient Buddha statues on the mountain. If people want to think of terrorists, they talk of Al Qaeda.

Read up on the Taliban to perhaps understand the comparison.

Alas, the likely result of my comment is not only that you not only will not agree with me, but that you will think that I am trying to be dishonest, and pull one over on you. (This is what you seem to say with your "Nice try, kiddo.") Thus, even this has likely been a waste of time.

All the best,

J. "יהוא בן יהושפט בן נמשי" Izrael said...

This argument is fallacious in numerous ways:

The Taliban seized power they had no right to. They forced themselves on the indigenous population, just like the Zionists imposed their pseudo-democracy on the indigenous Jews who lived there and opposed democracy.

The Taliban, as you mention, demolished 2000 year old statues belonging to another religion, another people, legitimately built. The haredim did no such things.

You compare the behaivior of several hooligans (although some were tacitly approved by some minor buffoon "rabbis") not an official government or religious authotity.

The J'lem haredi mayor didn't perform female circucision on those girls, didn't rob their sacred right to become porn stars, didn't shave their heads, force them in burkas FOR LIFE, didn't rape, lobotomize or honor-kill them. He made a simple demand/condidton: you perform in Jerusalem, you wear that garment. He's the mayor. You can stay home and dance naked on your balcony in Tel-Aviv.

As I said, Democracy doesn't, cannot, and will not supersed the Torah. The haredim's problem is they're too tolerant, not too intolerant. The Taliban kills and assasinates people in order to achieve its goals, like the early labour Zionists, and unlike the haredim.

Are the haredim beyond criticism? Of course not. They all too often act like morons, bigots and idiots. It still doesn't equate them with Taliban, nor does it justify the comparison.

joshwaxman said...

"This argument is fallacious"

what argument? I am describing what *people* are thinking of when they compare to the Taliban. And (as perhaps you are conceding somewhat) this has nothing to do with terrorism. That you happen to draw distinctions that make sense to you does not mean that this is not what people are thinking when they make such comparisons -- or that comparisons have to be 100% to be justified. (The chareidim are not Muslims either. Not every aspect has to match. And not everyone has to agree with you. Or me.) And the Taliban destroyed existing Avodah Zarah, just as several righteous kings of Israel did.

Forget the mayor. The chareidim used a threat of protest -- which would make the ceremony unpleasant, rather than a celebration -- to compel other people to conform to their specific standards of modesty. And they managed to get the government to enforce such standards. Separation of church and state is important not just for irreligious, but for religious people as well. Perhaps even more so. Otherwise, in an imagined scenario, the misnagdim seize power and outlaw chassidim. Rav Kaneivsky seizes power and outlaws heter mechira. Sefardim seize power and outlaw eating fish and cheese dishes. Ashkenazim seize power and forbid the public consumption of kitniyot on Pesach.

J. "יהוא בן יהושפט בן נמשי" Izrael said...

Taliban are active supproters of terrosrism, not merely statue-shmashing fanatics.
Comparisons need not be 100%, but have to be more than 1%.

Your comparioson of Malchei and Neviei Yisroel destroying idols are malevolent and ouright wicked. The idols exisiting prior to cibush haaretz belonged to people practicing human sacrifice and such things. the later idols were illicitly erected by Jews. Not the same as kitniyot on Pessach.

Why is it that for you the parade is OK, but not a haredi protest (part and parcel of democracy)? Israel separates not between church and state - that would be an oxymoron, since the whole state can't exist without the Tanach-based right to the land. You gotta relax a bit.