Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Highway 6

Every hour somebody's drivin' down the Hhighway 6
I'm talkin' 'bout the road that'll lead you to the River Styx

A man down there says he's gonna take away your pain
I tell ya he's a liar and you'll never see your friends again

Highway 6 - Doesn't take you home
Highway 6 - Deadly fix

We all remember the terrible tragedy of Nachshon Wachsman, the kinapped Israeli soldier who was murdered by Arab animals in Bir NabAllah, during a botched rescue operation. I knew the kid well, as his older brother was aclassmate and good friend of mine.

We all remeber Mrs. Waxman’s unforgettable request for all women to light candles in her son’s merit, the tension, the prayers, the first rumors of the operation, the media coverage, the levayah, the shiva… it was all over.

But there is a dark and nasty side to the story most people are unaware of. Long before any media leaks, rumors were going on strong. They did it again. A nasty dispute between the YMM (or Yamam) and Sayeret Matcal’s armchair generals has delayed the rescue operation. The YMM is an elite unit, something of a cross breed between a SWAT team and a commando. Their big grievance is that administratively they belong to the border patrol, which belongs to the police. So there’s no fame, halo and limelight in belonging there. The Sayeret Matcal, on the other hand, is legendary and gets all the accolades. And while this little cherub was in the worst subhumans’ hands, as soon as intelligence pins his whereabouts, the armchairs are having a little family feud about whom would get the job - and accompanying fame & fortune. No big deal, Nachshon sure doesn’t mind staying an extra 72 hours just so his generals sort it all out.

A.C. was a good friend, but love of country came first. We noticed the change almost immediately after he joined the coveted commando. Slowly but surely he became withdrawn, secretive, cold and estranged from friends and even family. Good means of brainwash and lobotomy they sure have, that I must concede. But a few good friends, especially when quite angry about this “betrayal”, we knew we couldn’t give in this time. Obviously, he himself didn’t take part in the operation – such things are not for rookies. But he knew who did. And they’re humans too.
After a few drinks were forced on the otherwise teetotal bloke, he broke down. Amid tears he said that those who carried out the operation were taken to shrinks for lengthy treatment. These were no suburban girly kids – they all seen combat before. But the situation they found Nachshon in was too much for them too. Most of his skin was badly charred, his teeth knocked out with a hammer, and I’m not willing to go into any more details. But this is how Jewish prisoners are treated by the world media’s darlings, the Arab “insurgents” and “freedom fighters”. And while this was going on, the armchair generals fought about who would get the glamour. They knew full and well what was going on.

Today, the Ziono-Bolshevik government of maggots released an Arab who, for the sake of his people’s freedom, splashed the skull of a four years old girl at a rock with his rifle’s buttplate. In return they got the decaying corpses of two human tools used by that government to protect themselves. To add insult to injury, the government will further desecrate their memories by providing them an official IDF burial.

What piety! Real frummers! Releasing a murderer –who’s already vowed to continue killing Jews- to do a proper burial! The government of Sodomite parades, human trafficking, assassinations and trampling every aspect of Judaism is now very petty about proper halachic burial!

Today, the Jews watch with inaction, staring that typical Jewish stare, the empty stare of a cow lost in a great field. Today many Jews will read and write angry articles, while our Arab friends laugh themselves silly, shining their sabers, rifles and buttplates. And you won’t read one hand-wringing article by pacifist Arabs condemning the murderer. But our lefties will be quick to point out the senseless rage of fanatic wingnuts.

For unlike the Arabs, we do not deal with traitors the way we should.
That is why such “exchanges” are possible.

© Joseph Izrael 2008

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