Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Script For A Jester's Tears

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

If the joke wouldn’t be on us, I’d be laughing.

Barack “I have no middle name” O’Bama has again reinstated his staunch support for Israel. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, even after the affirmative action candidate has abundantly thanked Hamas for their endorsement.
Politicians excreting from both sides of their mouths is nothing new. Every candidate sees it a sacred duty to pander to every single minority, ignoring core issues pertaining to the whole nation.

* *


The king of Judea goes to visit his mechutan, the king of Israel. “Will you come with me to war against Aram?” asks the Israelite monarch. “Absolutely! We be of one blood, ye and I. Thine war is mine war, mine troops are thine troops and mine horses are thine horses.”, agrees the Judean. What a sight! The two Jewish kings sitting side by side in perfect harmony, donning their royal garments, and all the prophets prophesizing before them! What a sight! Ahead steps the prophet Tsidkiyohu ben Cnaanah, with two iron horns in his hands: “with these shall you belt Aram until their demise!” he thunders. Who wouldn’t be inspired by this sight! What wouldn’t you give to see it as it happened! But along comes Michiyohu ben Yimlo, telling Achav he would die in the war.
Achav goes to war despite the true prophet’s warning, and is killed in battle. The dogs lick his blood and the prostitutes bathe in it, as G-d’s predicted by Eilyohu.
Michiyohu wasn’t loyal; he disobeyed the king and bade him evil. Tsidkiyohu was loyal to the king, the kingdom and the mission at hand. The righteous king Yehoshafat, for the sake of unity and the nation’s integrity, went along with Achav. Maybe he saw beyond the present moment, and wished to end the schism and reunite the Jewish nation under one kingdom. Seemingly, this was the wrong decision – there are, perhaps, certain principles that cannot be forfeited even for very lofty ideals.
Achav’s kingdom eventually vanished, its people exiled never to return. The Davidian dynasty lasted a few more centuries; but after returning from an exile earned by bloodshed, giluy arayos and idolatry, they were finally exiled for vain hatred.

* *


Ideologies were the plague of the twentieth century. Ideologies rose and fell, and in their names millions were starved, tortured and exterminated. Brother was pitted against brother, family against family, entire clans and nations were lost amid terrible suffering and bloodshed. “In my own time, governments have taken the place of people. They have also taken the place of God. Governments speak for people, dream for them, and determine, absurdly, their lives and deaths”, says Ben Hecht. Ideologies have replaced G-d and truth, and the loyalty to them has replaced one’s loyalty to truth, honesty and decency.
A short while before a pack of Russian brutes overthrew a tyrannical regime, every single enlightened Jewish intellectual would have sworn on his head that he’d never harm those black-cloaked bigots who believe in some medieval mumbo-jumbo. A few years later, these learned intellectuals were torturing their Jewish “brothers” in horrible dungeons, sending their families to gulags and reeducation camps.

Every German would have given his honest word that he’d never harm a Jew, under any circumstance. Along comes a vulgar subhuman ignoramus, and sweeps an entire nation after him - needless to mention the aftermath.

The benevolent ideology of two German “Jews” living in London caused over a hundred million horrible, brutal deaths. That ideology’s party is legal in Israel – Kach isn’t. In the name of an ideology, everything is permissible and acceptable – as long as it’s for the good of that ideology, - meaning, for the corrupt ideologues who live off of it.

And this is how rabbis, dayonim, judges – leaders of the people, people who are supposed, nay obligated, to be the most righteous, honest and veracious men, living examples of truth and justice – are corrupt beyond belief, put down one another, rule according to their ideology, putting truth and the good of the nation aside, and their affairs become public domain. That is how they abandon their flock and see only their agenda and themselves. Blind faithfulness to idealisms and a mad rush to put it above all else was the downfall of many a righteous leader – and their nations.

The prevalent ideology of loving depravity and “social justice” is but a mask for power grab and tyranny, as well as a magnet for Islam – the ideology of achieving the same end in the name of piety, purity and slaughter. The danger is real, and the danger is here. And while unprincipled, empty presidential candidates chase unprincipled empty voters, your holy leaders giggle in the shadows to see which liar will win and give them a bigger jar of peanut butter, or release one of their buddies from jail.

© Joseph Izrael 2008

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