Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter

Every evening, after coming back from work, he would sit down at the piano and play the beautiful, uplifting sonatas of Beethoven. He was a hard working, ethical man, who did his best for the advancement of science and health research. He did his utmost best to be loyal to his country and advance its might and its goals. You’d have never guessed in what his work consisted, if you looked in the cruel yet handsome eyes of Dr. Josef Mengele.

And I bet you’d never guess what constitutes Dr. Norman Spack’s work, even if you look very deep in those cruel yet handsome eyes. This is no grim reaper but a soft-spoken professional who takes pride in a job well done. He specializes in sex change “therapy” for childrenlittle children as young as seven years old! (

We just spoke about what ideology can do. And there you are. Avrohom Mondrowitz and his enablers are really idiots. Instead of hiding, they should have just declared that Mondrowitz only offered “therapy” for children. But maybe that would have been too progressive at the time. Outrage anyone? You gotta be kidding – if there are parents willing to do this to their children, is there anything anymore to say? Of course the “Jewish” blogs are already all over Herr Speck, citing his Reform rabbi saying that tranvestites were created in the image of G-d. Yes darling, and Adolf Hitler was also created in G-d’s image. He wasn’t born a monster, mind you. He could have been an ordinary guy, whose name wouldn’t send shivers down peoples’ spines decades after his death. He could have maybe even done some good for mankind, inventing something useful. But he didn’t, dear “Jewish” and “liberal” bloggers. Like Lenin and Stalin, he chose the path of massacre and annihilation. And thus does Herr Dr. Norman Speck Kevorkian as well. You justify and praise him. But you have nothing but rage and hatred for all those who dare disagree with you – Romney, Bush, Savage, Limbaugh etc etc.

Turns out I was right to say the children of the LSD church were illegally abducted. (Actual verdict here.) Back then, everyone was shocked, horrified and appalled by the horrible child abuse that was going inside the church. Have you heard as much as one word in the media about this new Mengele truncating 10 years old children? Nothing, zero, zilch, nada. But it's no surprise, as the compassionate gay-lovers never told you about a 10-years old raped and murdered by homosexuals, who were saved by NAMBLA and the ACLU.

Teddy Kennedy who murdered Mary Jo Kopechne, ripped our borders open, favors homosexual marriage, opposes firearms ownership (so when the cops come to take your kids, or take you to a concentration camp you should be unable to defend yourself. Well, he has a good mentor to take example from) and advocates partial-birth abortion, is about to cross the river - all of a sudden he becomes a saint! Hey, dude, you loved death and murderers all your life, why aren't we allowed to criticize you?

What do you expect from people who advocated pulling the plug on Terry Schiavo but oppose the execution of Mumia Abu Jamal and Tookie Williams. People who love Arafat and hate Cahane? This is tolerance today. Tolerate or die.

Of course, don't expect any rabis to condemn this, chas vesolem. We're safe here in New Sewer, Borrow Park and Fakewood. We're closed and sheltered, aren't we? It's enough to ban Shmeltzer, why anger our dear liberal benefactors who give us foodstamps, sexion 8, welfare, kollel gelt, peanut butter, building permits against the townspeople's will and what not? We can't have it all, can we? So we compromise on a thing or two, vat do vee kare if some meshigana goyim vant to cut dere sons pikel? To ve it vill never happen, jost as six abuse and drogs never happin here. I guess it's a good thing the Muslims are about to take the country over. Only problem they cut everything, kinda closer to the throat. And they don't ask for parental consent.

So next time your kid starts crying, bring him up to a well-reputed Boston hospital for a little truncation therapy. Will sure make him happy.

So bring, bring your daughter to the slaughter. Let her go, let her go, let her go…

© Joseph Izrael 2008

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