Saturday, December 08, 2007

Reptile Dysfunction

Now they bite each other. I got an email from someone calling himself “Cousin Oliver”, from DB’s team of invertebrates, offering me to harm his master behind his back - talk about ouroboros! He claims he got angry with DB over the new member “The Fray Of Bundie” (why do these blattodeans always watch the Loony Tunes?), and wants to expose his identity as revenge – but demands $500 for it. Nice little friends you got there, DB. They’re willing to stab you in the back for 500 bucks… I guess it’s a bit more than a lentil stew…
On one hand the idea is tempting. On the other, why get my hands dirty with these slimy creatures?

Here’s one DB would never ever tell you about… We know hate crimes are a one-way street, in minds of the DB-litated radical left.

Neither would he bother telling you how his dem buddies prop up bogus claims of anti-muzzie “hate-crimes”. Or that his darling CAIR human rights advocates use terrorist stooges to coerce presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle to cater to muzzies.

Or that his favorite website is sued for promoting neo-Nazism.

But the worst is yet to come. Since I heard about DB’s guru being busted on charges of child pornography, I’ve been looking into this subject… It’s darker than hell, let me tell you. And the scope of this atrocity is larger than anyone could imagine… And how twisted this web is – more than anyone would admit. (Gory details to follow, one of these days) Suffice to say that Larry Flynt, among the largest donors to the party for which DB constantly roots, is deeply involved, as well as many high-ranking democrats and leftist rulers around the globe. Here's a million dollar quote: "..."Dirty Pool," [a feature in DB's favorite publication, Hustler Magazine] which in January 1983 depicted a woman being gang-raped on a pool table. A few months after those pictures were published, a woman was gang-raped on a pool table in New Bedford, Mass. Mr. Flynt's response to the crime was to publish a postcard of another nude woman on a pool table, this time with the inscription, "Greetings from New Bedford, Mass. The Portuguese Gang-Rape Capital of America."" This is the darling of the Democratic Party. I don't know why the Republican candidates never mention this in ads or debates. I bet Pat Buchanan would. But DB detests molesters, doesn’t he?

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