Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Night Boat To Cairo

CAIR, or the Council on American-Islamic Relations, is a “civil rights” group and the left’s darling. Rabid Jew-haters like D.B. just love them. But their name is more than just a cute acronym sounding like ‘care’. “Cair”, or rather Cahir, is Arabic for Cairo. What’s the connection? Well, Cairo is home to the Al Azhar University, the chief propagator of Islamic hatred and ideology of genocidal mania. Although they are experts in concealing their real intentions, by bogus lip-service condemnations of terror attacks and such, they are the instigators and engineers of Islamic fanaticism. Remember where DB darling Yassir Arafat came from? Same for the Islamic Brotherhood terroris organization. In any event, CAIR were a hair from being indicted as co-conspirators in terrorist and terror-funding groups. They were saved by the skin of their teeth by pressure groups such as Hillary Clinton’s Media Matters (although both deny any link to the other – financial tracks say otherwise).

Now these freedom of speech lovers are being sued by Michael Savage. They already withdrew a lawsuit against Andrew Whitehead, as going ahead with the process would have forced them to reveal their financial records, which in turn would have shown their true connections (to Hamas, Hizb’Allah and Hill'Ary).

Savage Lawsuit 1 Savage Lawsuit 2

Truth about CAIR and CAIR terrorist ties in great detail.

Whitehead lawsuit

Indonesia, according to my good friend Charlie Hall, is the world’s largest Moslem country and extremely tolerant. Doesn’t sound tolerant at all to me… 20 years for 9 lbs of pot, 14 years for murder…

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