Friday, December 07, 2007

Hair Of The Dov

Breaking news: Dov Bear's mentor has been indicted on charges of posession of child pornography. Radical leftist radio host Bernie Ward -you'll only need to listen to him for 3 minutes to realize he's DB's main inspiration; same topics, same mindset, same perversion- has been put in the slammer for posessing kiddie porn. Seems he's a good The Who fan, or at least remembers well how Pete Townshend got out of it (not because he's rich and famous): he was researching the subject for writing a book! Hail to literacy! Rock musicians and radio hosts authoring books on children's sexuality! Ha ha ha, these guys have degrees in anthropology and sociology from Oxford! Isn't it kinda akin to bloggers explaining chazal and Torah?

ACLU boss who fought mandated internet filtering in public libraries arrested with kiddie porn. How many times did DB mention it to you?

Child rape, abuse and exploitation covered up by gov't-media complex. Where is the godfather of independent blogging? (Open link & scroll all the way down to 1st article on subject)

And of course, why would he ever bother telling you this?

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