Thursday, December 13, 2007

Danger Money

I just heard from a medicaid recipient, that when her child was born, she got a $15 gift card for Toys R Us. Now, in honor of her child's 1st birthday, she got another $45. Is my chanukah gelt tax deductible? Or forced charities are not deductible? Think about it: you have a co-pay. Your employer may not give you the best insurance. But every time an illegal immigrant, a hassid or slum resident poops a baby, you get to give it free nationalized healthcare, gift cards and free transportation to the doctor. All they need to do in return is cast that vote for the Dems.

Exposing the "Flying Imams":

On November 20, 2006, airline officials in Minneapolis removed six imams from U.S. Airways flight 300 to Phoenix after their behavior raised the suspicion of fellow travelers.[1] The imams decried the incident as racist and evidence of discrimination. On March 12, 2007, they filed suit against the airline, airport, and fellow passengers. Some of the imams' claims are exaggerated; many are false. In reality, the incident was a tactical move to support the imams' claim to leadership over the American Muslim community. Indeed, the "flying imams" case, Ahmed Shqeirat et al. vs. U.S. Airways,[2] appears to mark just the latest front in the war between Islamists and mainstream, pluralistic American Muslims. Read More

Phoenix AZ no more sanctuary for illegals.

CAIR leader concocts death threats and, like DB, refuses to condemn terrorists.

Stupid ignorant GOP-Juden invent stories to defame innocent terrorists.

Another right-wing lie. Saudis really fight terror tooth and nail. Such articles are pure inventions.

Save the planet: by taxing kids!

DB’s ideological twin, Rabbi George Soros, destroying yet another country. Oppsss… another right-wing nuttery-rhime… just ignore it.

Woman jailed for mohammed teddybear speaks of her treatment in jail for the first time. (according to some tedDy Bears, it never happened...)

DovBear personals (why he loves mass-murderers so much).

Mexican truckers allowed to roam the US freely.

A real estate company built a five-story building. Once it was completed, they discovered that somehow the builders forgot to install all toilets and plumbing. The board had an emergency meeting to discuss their options. It was decided that the building would be left as it is, and rented out for tenants who wouldn’t need bathrooms.
The first floor would be a nursery – they use diapers.
The second floor would be a kindergarten – they go on the potty.
The third floor would be a Catholic Church - their ....’s in Rome.
The fourth floor would be a Synagogue – the Jews make money from every….
The fifth floor would be the permanent home of the DNC - Democrats always smear all the ... on each other!

I bet you won't see this on DB TV - after all, if it's not a haredi or Republican who stole money, it's no news. Why would the "liberal bloggers who always objectively tell the truth" ever let you know about it?

D"I never said that!"B would give his/her life for this terrorist sympathizer who uses US freedoms to exonerate Terrorists.

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