Thursday, July 12, 2007

Live And Dangerous

The holy [rock’n’]rollers at the Live Earth concert seem to know nothing about global warming. Several of them were interviewed, and the deep, blatant and shocking primitive stupidity spurting forth from their mouths would make your average Satmarer seem as a genius. Some didn’t even know what global warming is! I’m not sure they knew how much CO2 they produced by raising awareness to the problem, but who care, as long as they had a good time. Of course, Al Gore’s CO & CO2 emissions were offset by duly purchasing “carbon credits”. What are ‘carbon credits’? Well, just like in the good old days of the Inquisition, if you committed some sins, you could buy absolution for money. If you didn’t have money? Tough luck – “To the stake! Now!” Similarly, every manufacturing plant in the us is issued a ‘carbon limit’, i.e. how much CO2 they can use. But what if they need to exceed it? Well, they’ll go to a manufacturing plant which per its nature doesn’t emit CO2 – such as a dairy company, for example, and the CO2 emitting plant can buy up these “carbon credits” and further pollute the air. Classic Clintonism, no? So mega-billionnaires like Al Gore, who made his wealth on Occidental Petroleum, can now produce in a month twice as much CO2 emissions as an average citizen does in a year. No big news ainnit? Of course, these are the people accusing the right of being corrupt and out of touch. Wonderful! Reminds me of a thing or two in our community…

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