Wednesday, July 04, 2007

In Dependence

It was then, this is now. The ideas and ideals of independence were the philosophy of a few, not the lot of every commoner. Certainly no one would have risked his life for those ideals. But the injustice and tyranny the settlers have fled, they understood all too well. Maybe their thoughts and consciousness weren’t as articulate and sophisticated as ours – but their addiction to well-being, comfort and complacence were sure nowhere near ours. Otherwise they would not have risked their lives for a 2 cent tax. They probably understood that the British were not only unfair, but that one concession would lead to another. And that sooner or later they would not only lose the religious freedoms they couldn’t have at home, but become an oppressed second-class and free source of income to His Majesty The King. But they’d have none of that. Their goals were clear, they were determined and the enemy was clearly identified; they took to the battlefields and marched on an aggressor thrice as big as they were. They risked their lives for their beliefs.

In the former Soviet bloc, an oft-repeated anti-American snippet was that “the Capitalists poke their people’s eyes out with high salaries”. In those countries the common joke was “I’d like my eyes to be poked out with a high salary”. It seems that here we’ve got what we wished for – and then some. The very freedoms so much cherished have permitted for a culture of laziness and addiction to leisure and recreation to bloom into a rapacious plant. The Golem created with the purpose of serving the people has now turned into a thirsty ogre that seizes our money and uses it to betray us. The media and government refuse to identify the enemy or do the slightest thing against it. Yet the solution is far less complicated than one may think. Harry Truman didn’t have to use as much as a slingshot, never mind the new weapon, in order to get the Russians out of Iran in ’57. He only had to mention it.

We have lost our will specifically because we lost sight of the real objectives. We have turned the freedoms and abundance, which are only tools to achieve our goals, into the objective itself. We take this unprecedented richness, abundance and well being for granted, and are now addicted to them. We became slaves to the grind.

On the fourth of July people warred and died for what they believed in. On the fourth of July people went to war to avoid becoming slaves to a greedy and oppressive government, one that wouldn’t even fulfill its bare and most fundamental duty to protect its citizens. The Fourth of July is not a party day for barbeques, baseball and idiotic movies. The Fourth of July is a day to commemorate that whenever your freedom is threatened you shall grab your musket and go fight the enemy.

This July Fourth please remember border patrol agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos unjustly imprisoned with the aid of our treacherous “President” who commuted Scooter Libby’s sentence, but refuses to pardon innocent border patrol agents convicted on the sole testimony of a drug dealer who was offered asylum and immunity in our country.

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