Wednesday, July 04, 2007

British Steel

The great empire, home to some of the world’s best spirits, automobiles and rock bands, has been known to relentlessly stand up for its sovereignty, even at the cost of great sacrifice. From the expulsion of the Romans to the taming of the Normans and Saxons, they have also been known to ensure the continuity of their independence and domination. The Scots and Welsh sure would tell you a thing or two about it – had they not been exterminated in the process. Ireland too, has almost joined the fate of their Celtic cousins on the British Altar, if not for their terror tactics.

I guess the Brits either got a liking to terror attacks, or they have guilt pangs. It seems that penance has befallen them, and instead of the Irish, who stopped the terror attacks, they’ve admitted five million Muslims to their great empire. Of course, only a tiny fraction of these wonderful people are terrorists, and their vast majority does not subscribe to the point of view that the West must be subdued, converted or annihilated. But some do. And those some are dedicated and unwavering. They have no regard for human life, certainly not for those whom they rightly regard as cowardly weaklings. They despise the permissiveness and the pandering to their own ‘sensitivities’. They are determined to bring death to the very soul of every nation they come in contact with.

But the Great Britain should not be perceived as the weakling the Muslims deem it to be. The fact that they do not administer their Islamist guests the five hundred bards* treatment or inflict the Dresden & Berlin fate onto Mecca and Medinah is not a weakness. Au contraire, it is the power of restraint. It is just an astute war tactic. Do not for one moment believe that they do not stand up to their enemies: they sure do. For example, many –if not all- British schools suspended Holocaust studies. Of course, it isn’t a government-mandated motion. It’s just the wise prioritizing of historical events, spontaneous as the Kristallnacht – but not nearly as violent. Or as spontaneous as the decision to boycott all Jews in higher education institutions.

Therefore, the sinking of the Island, with its rich cultural heritage of Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Coleridge, the great music and the whisky doesn’t bother me all that much – I think we’re drunk enough without it. What really bothers me is that my Jewish brothers are just as blind and apathetic as my Jewish fathers were seventy years ago. Instead of throwing their money at “Red” Ken Livingstone who apologizes to the Terrorists, they’d rather face up with the sad reality that no good awaits them there.

* Semi legendary, semi historical account of five hundred Welsh bards slaughtered in one night for refusing to bow down to king Edward I.

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