Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Eyes Of The World

Do you think the J-blogosphere’s einsatscommander will ever publish this story about the lawyer who got people to invent injuries and then sue the beeeeeeeg eeeeeeeval KKKorporations for bullion? Yep. Unlike Ken Lay, whose blood is on the left’s hands (not that they care) this filthy pig will probably buy his way out of prison and live his life off on the billions he reaped/raped.
Oh yes – I forgot to mention he was a major Democratic donor. Incredible isn’t it?
Nah, probably Bush made the whole thing up.

Marines finally starting to see the light. Hopefully Tim McGirk and John Murtha (one of the biggest profiteers of the war) will end like Nifong (in Bung Beetle's arms).

Another one to the Marines.

Another bogus case of "torture" starts to see the daylight...

Terror cops? In Britain? Can't be! The peaceful country that bans Shoah studies and boycotts Jews, sure wouldn't employ a terrorist as a cop!

Democrat party's biggest supporter wants to unveil political sex scandals. In the other party only, of course. (Ain't those non-national socialists very similar? Behaves just like DB. And the unbiased media, and non-lying leftists bloggers.)

Thank you, Mr. Traitor W. Bush, for continuing Clinton's legacy. And giving his beloved wife the presidency oon a silver platter, as you promised your democratic buddies in retur for propping you up in the GOP.
And at least learn the good things from your Chinese buddies to whom you have sold usa out. Import their legal system - can't be worse than ours...

No bad lefties exists... Oh there are nuts in every political orientation? So why is the media covering up the real motives...?

Gays nicest people in the world - making it so much safer and healthier...

More on Cheshani's trial.

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Steve said...

Just wanted to let you know that the scumbag from TIME magazine has his own blog.

Let him know how you feel about him.

Here is an interview he did.

Here is another article about him.

And here is his very own blog with current articles posted by him.

I called him a low life.

I am sure others can think of more creative terms for him.