Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Eternal Jewish Fraud

With the “Eternal Jewish Family Convention” in full swing, the war of words between the internationally accredited giyur experts is also in full swing. Somehow, -and I do not, by any stretch of the word, imply any dishonesty from anyone’s side- in a strange twist of reality, all MO experts are of the opinion that it is a terrible injustice to centralize giyur, and that every neighborhood grocer must have the authority to be megayer any Gentile candidate, while all charedi experts have no doubt that any and all giyur must pass via a bais-din “entrusted” by Rav Elyashiv (Read: the thug Yossi Efrati – by any means not an איש אפרתי). In the halachic aspect of the matter too, all seasoned experts surprisingly followed their own party line.

What they did not realize was that their cherished rabbis, regardless of creed, color or religious persuasion, were hi-fiveing each other behind the scenes. The accursed convention is not about giyur but about money. The whole EJF thing is a fraud. Some people who are inept at creative and honest businesses found ways to make money on giyurim. There are many ways to obtain money for giyurim; secular people reluctant to marry Gentiles (because granny said so) are willing to pay a hefty price to convert their bride/groom. Many Gentiles from the former Soviet bloc find it convenient to get a free pass to Israel (including the ‘New Oleh’ package), and people who have difficulties finding a spouse for various reasons, can have now a convert from Russia. And there is a plethora of other reasons. There is also a secular, extreme leftist man named Thomas Kaplan, married to a Gentile woman (whose name is proudly displayed on the EJF site as patron), enamoured with George Soros’ obsession with “open society”. That person is unfortunately extremely wealthy, and he is the funding source behind EJF and its main perpetrators. This whole giyur scam will have a devastating effect on Jewish life and society. 1st, now that we were given Giyur Made Easy™, it will break down the last barrier that frei Jews had: intermarriage. Of course, the EJF do-gooders (no sarcasm implied: they really do good… for themselves) will scream that they only target (Target? Wot? Since when are Jews proselising?) already assimilated couples… Yeah right! And that will not send a message that intermarriage isn’t a one-way ticket anymore?

EJF is the brainchild of Yehudah Leib Tropper of Monsey, Rosh Yeshiva of Kol Yaakov - a yeshiva for baalei tshuva. This “rabbi” is not new to controversy. My hunch is that he got into the giyur business via his sister-in-law, also a baalas tshuva, who adopted a gentile boy. In any event, he cashes in big time on giyurim, the only innovation to his trick is to mainstreamize and legitimize his crime against Judaism by claiming he goes to “save” intermarried families. In other words, he invents an antidote for any possible scandals in the future. For giyur scams are not new, and from time to time a rabbi is caught red handed. Tropper just guarantees himself against a flagrant delicto and also ensures his rights to the business. The EJF site proudly proclaims that Reb Moishe ZTS”L ruled that intermarried families have to be reached out to. This is an absolute lie. What Reb Moishe said (nowhere in writing) is that if a Gentile married to a Jew/esse wants to convert, it is possible to forego the obligation to reject him several times before proceeding with giyyur. Tropper also usurped Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel – I was present at a phone conversation with him and he denied any endorsement or agreement to the EJF, yet his photo is still on EJF’s site.

I post here Rav Yossef Bloch’s speech about the EJF. Unfortunately even he is not fully aware of the real scope of this horrible calamity. He doesn’t know what goes on is Israel. I’ll leave those details for another time. Suffice to say that there is a major giyur business both in Israel and abroad. The nubers are in the tens of thousands, not only thousands as R’ Y. Bloch says. And some of the most glittery rabbis are involved.

Click here for Rav Yosef Bloch’s full lecture.

See also: Killing Machine, Assassimilation.

I just realized that the link didn't bring up the lecture's other parts. I gave a different link now, where you will be able to find all parts of the speech as they are numbered.

There's also a letter from Rav Moishe Sternbuch online on the subject. For the Hebrew version click here.

The speech was removed as per R' Bloch's request. See "The Pressure Will Blow" article above. 11/15/'07


NCO Chassid said...

Several clearly false statements in this post.

Shmarya said...

Many false statements, including many in Rabbi Bloch's talk.

Anyone even remotely familiar with geirut in America knows Rav Moshe did encourage intermarried couples to convert.

Whenever rabbis encountered these people, they tried to get them interested, to mekarev them, and this long predates EJF. No kiruv organization walked away from intermarried people.

Also note Rabbi Bloch's pejorative use of language. If anyone is a "shkotz," it is Rabbi Bloch himself.

Still, EJF itself is a fraud and Tropper is dishonest. I've documented that here:

People like Rabbi Bloch may be well-meaning. But Rabbi Bloch is not only wrong, he is misleading. I'm sure that comes from living a life closed up in the darkness of his self-imposed ghetto rather than living with Jews outside the confines of haredi-land.

Yes, Tropper is a bad guy.

Rabbi Bloch, however, is not much better.

Shmarya said...

I should add that kiruv rabbis often tried to break up intermarriages. But if the non-Jewish spouse showed interest in Judaism, they switched to kiruv mode.

This is what the norm was long before EJF.

What changed over time?

It's much harder to break up an intermarriage now because there is little stigma attached to intermarriage.

Also, other "streams" of Judaism started outreach to intermarrieds.

Of course, Rabbi Bloch is not honest enough (or perhaps not bright enough) to mention any of this, and neither is Joe.

Lastly, you have pesak dinim from leading Sefardi rabbis encouraging conversion for intermarrieds.

I'm sure neither Rabbi Bloch or Joe know much of anything about that. Knowing it would mean one needs to learn outside one's immediate tiny circle.

Yehu said...

NCO Chassid -

Please point them out to me, if possible sustain your claims. I'll be more than happy to correct any and all mistakes/inaccuracies. Keep in mind that I went soft on Tropper & Co., as well as didn't reveal all names & businesses involved.

Shmarya, darling, having a bad day? Or is it just too much coke and alcohol again?

Since when was R' Moishe a proselyzing Mormon? "Encourage"? Care to bring up anything more tangible than "everyone knows"? AFAIK everyone knows just the opposite. Anything in writng, or eyewitnesses? To the best of my knowledge even his sons don't outright say he "encouraged".

"No kiruv organization walked away from intermarried people." Really? Examples maybe, of some Aish/Ohr Sameach Jehova's Witnesses?

He said shkotzim about those who intermarry. I see no wrong with that.

"Rabbi Bloch, however, is not much better." Typical Goebbels drivel. You don't even know him. He never harmed anyone, never converted nor bamboozled anyone to join his yeshiva etc. Oh yes, he has a big nose because air is free. I'm sure you'd love to throw a little cyclon-B at him, as you'd love to all haredim.
I understand your deep hatred of all those who dare disagree with Your Majesty and live as they chose. I am fully aware that grandpa Alfred had a great influence on you, as you are manipulative as he was. You admit: "I should add that kiruv rabbis often tried to break up intermarriages." When? did they go to dig in their private lives or was it the intermarried Jew who came to them? Convenient to ignore circumstances, isn't it. Why? There was no EJF, Tropper or SHmarya around? "But if the non-Jewish spouse showed interest in Judaism, they switched to kiruv mode." Ahhhh, in other words, once a Jew WANTED to get closer to observance thay had the option not to break up the marriage, if the spouse WANTED. No "kiruv" BS nor proselizing.

"Also, other "streams" of Judaism started outreach to intermarrieds." Sure - Conservative, Reform, Bundist and bolsheviks like yourself.

"leading Sefardi rabbis encouraging conversion for intermarrieds." Leading? Leading whom? Mr. Shmarya ben Alfred Rosenberg? You gotta be kidding me. Are you talking about those being more leninent with Marranos?
Actually, the sepharadic congreagations of Latin America and Syria have and old ban on conversions - total ban, my friend.

But I'm sure our seasoned intellectual friend who lives his life in front of a computer screen and Larry Flynt's outlets knows a great deal more than anyone else in the world. It is very easy to dig up unique cases with special circumstances and waving them as "the universally accepted norm" - exactly what Tropper does - and then trying to mainstreamize them.

Why don't you find yourself a nasty gentile woman like yourself and build a family? You could adopt one of Rubashkin's sick cows and raise her to be a good enlightened girl.

Anonymous said...

Not enough has been done to expose Tropper's ties to the lowlife Leib Pinter. Lo lechinom holech hazarzir etzel .... . They are supposed to be good friends from way back and recently collaborated on destroying Slifkin. I do not know enough to pass judgement on Slifkin but anything that Pinter engineers is suspect which is why one rosh yeshiva I know would not sign against Slifkin. The rosh yeshiva also mentioned that a "mafia" surrounds Rav Elyashev and it is difficult to know what he really holds.

Leib Pinter has been aptly described as the "Energizer Ganev".

He was behind super-frauds in the 1970s that landed him in prison. He collected grants for a "yeshiva" bigger than Lakewood that never existed. He bribed a corrupt Senator who was also jailed and as reported by the NY Times and former Congresswoman Holtzmann, sold (kosher-labeled) treif meat & cheese sandwiches to Jewish school children which clearly makes him a chotay umachtee es horabim who we should be mevazeh in public.

Leib Pinter was later involved in a suspicious "heist" of gold & jewelry. Investigators could not prove it was staged to bring criminal charges but his claim was dismissed by the insurance company.

Pinter is under a Federal court order that he not own any camps which is why his Camp Horim is under someone else's name.

Leib Pinter & his brother Shmelka are currently on trial for a Ponzi scheme that led to Federal agents raiding & shuttering Pinter's Olympia Mortgage. Besides looting in excess of $100 million the court is hearing evidence that they assisted Ron (Yaron) Hershco's scam to target gullible minorities. The Pinters & Hershco ran a classic mortgage fraud of sucking away people's life savings before foreclosing on their house under fraudulent circumstances.

Leib Pinter lives around the corner from Mirrer yeshiva yet he almost never stepped foot in there for decades. One day, he just started hanging around and raising money for them. This was conveniently right before he wanted to make his son Moishe the 9th grade rebbe. Moishe Pinter's shver, Rabbi Herzl Kranz is another scam artist with a history. Moishe himself is an officer of Olympia Mortgage.

Leib Pinter is published by Artscroll as a "scholar of note". Pinter has a number of relatives with cozy jobs at Artscroll.

Yudel Shain said...


Anonymous said...

Geress on the web
There's a Yahoo group feeding people to EJF and other bad characters.