Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Crest Of A Knave

It’s just plain amazing to me how low we have sunk. After the Monsey Hassidim and Mosdos hounds have successfully reelected the incumbent mini-emperor of corruption, Chris St Lawrence, who will authorize the most outrageous down-zonings, buildings so crowded and repulsive they make Harlem’s skid row look good, and exempt every other property from taxes, authorizing every single “school” with unfettered access to local, state and Federal funding & services, as well as looking away from all fire violations, we find out corruption has penetrated even the county Supreme Court!

The following articles appeared a month ago, then a follow-up came Monday, then yesterday. The Michael Goldstein in question is a local swindler. Many developers still bear his wounds, while the Wagschal mentioned in the article is simply a subhuman brute. I just hope these filthy scoundresl eat each other up before they can appear as guests of honor at the annual dinner of your son's yeshiva.

Sept 12, '07 - Rockland Journal News:
RAMAPO - Venera Held worries that she may have given away a house she owned.

"Fraud" was a word one of her attorneys used in court to describe events leading to Held's predicament.

"Breach of contract" was how an attorney for the buyer summed up what has become a protracted dispute involving courts from the town to the state appeals level....

Nov 12, '07 - Rockland Journal News:
RAMAPO - A protracted dispute over ownership of a house has been complicated by the surfacing of more potential buyers.

Real estate developers Jacob Wagschal and Jacob Weiss are suing Michael Goldstein, also a developer, for the return of their $120,000 down payment on a two-family house at 60 Decatur Ave.

Goldstein, meanwhile, is suing Venera Held to gain control of the house, and waiting for a state Supreme Court judge to decide how much he should pay.....

Nov 13, '07 - Rockland Journal News:
RAMAPO - A man suing a retired school bus driver to gain control of a house near Spring Valley, is himself being sued by other potential buyers of the house.

Jacob Wagschal and Jacob Weiss are suing Michael Goldstein over a $120,000 down payment they made on the house at 60 Decatur Ave.

Others are also named in the lawsuit, including Venera Held, the retiree from whom Goldstein had bought the two-family house. She has said in court that she never intended to sell the house. Also named is Chaim Brown, identified in court documents as having a financial interest in the house with Goldstein....

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