Sunday, January 16, 2011


The empties did not yet reach the ground, but ink was already drooling by the barrel from Göbbels' disciples pens onto the pages of the New York Times and various news agencies and websites.

Virtually every article about the shooting in Tucson focused on the Tea Party movement. Oh no, they didn't lie, never would do such a thing. See, not one of them outright accused the The Party of the shooting. They simply stated the facts in a few lines, then raved and ranted five or six paragraphs about the horrible Tea Party, Talk Radio and how we must immediately enact tough "gun control" laws. No, nobody wants to take away your guns, only a few regulations here and there, just like Messrs. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot and Mugabe did in their respective countries. I mean, any reasonable person understands that since a gun can kill, a civilian must not own guns, because only good policemen – who are totally loyal to their government – should have guns. Of course, the journalists – strictly abiding to strict journalist ethics - forgot a few details; such as the murderer's anger at the Congresswoman because she wasn't leftist enough for his taste. And he smoked pot. And LSD. And read Mein Kampf, The Communist Manifesto and Dov Bear (commenting as Cousin Oliver). And loved left-wing cookery such as the abolishment of currency, free drugs etc. And said the USA was racist.

Of course, the journalists themselves, cooking up and inventing the stories are not screaming fire in a crowded, theater, no, they'd never do such a thing. I mean, do you really believe that the Stürmer and Völkischer Beobachter caused any kind of incitement against Jews? Of course not! It was plain and simple spontaneous anger against that evil Greenspan who murdered von Rath because of the lack of gun control! This is exactly the same type of spontaneous anger that we here at the New York Times and Yahoo! News are trying to create against the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh. Hey, didn't we put Obama in office in the same way?!

After all, we all know that gun control works. Take Japan for example. In Japan, you can't have a handgun, period. You can have a hunting rifle or a historical sword, and these must be registered by the police. You can also own a business, be a politician or bureaucrat, and a large chunk of your income will go to the Yakuza, and if you resist, well, you may end up a little broken up, or maybe buried. But you won't enter Japan's crime statistics, as corruption, extortion, and police involvement with the mafia/Yakuza officially don't exist. You can also live in a wonderful country like South Africa, where racism was abolished, but murder, mayhem and brutality are commonplace – thankfully, guns are banned. And look across mean, nasty, xenophobic and "racistical*" USA: murder and violence everywhere. Dare mentioning that violent crime is negatively correlated to gun ownership and positively correlated with certain ethnic groups, and you're a cook, racist, Teabagger and public danger for life. Thus is truth, left-wing media style.

Just one more word to my good gun control freak friends (among them Binyomin Rose of Mishpacha Magazine and Chuck Schumer, who owns two shotguns worth more than my yearly salary and semi-auto rifles of the kind he wants to ban):

I recently discovered a shocking statistic. Shocking, not so much in itself, but because of the strikingly similar rates worldwide – I mean the same percentage in every country, district, locality, continent – you wouldn't believe it: everywhere in the entire world, between 98.3% and 99.6% of all rapes is committed with the very same "weapon"… Shocking, really! And yet even the most fanatical gun banners (Obama, Bloomberg, Mugabe, Soros etc.) do not suggest banning that weapon, or at least mandate a permit to carry concealed…

* I heard this term from a leftist girl. She said it with a straight face and meant it seriously. She claimed the NRA and anti-immigration groups are "so racistical", I kid you not. Oh, and she studied at NYU. All hail literacy!!!

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