Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dancing Fool

The Conservative morons are already dancing their idiotic victory dance. They've got the House back, the Dem's "supermajority" is over, and from now on the sky's the limit. Yeah right.

The great savants of the conservative movement, who can't put their petty competition behind them or pull a cohesive propaganda tool together, can tell you exactly what these elections mean. It means Obama's mandate has been revoked by the people; it means the people reject Obama's "great medical experiment" and so on and so forth.

Of course barely anyone dares questioning the fact that SEIU 1199 writes the scripts (programs) for the voting computers. No one dares contest Harry Reid's patently and obviously fraudulent reelection. Not that it would help with Erich Himmler running the DOJ (Just ask Randy Weaver and the families of Waco – after all they were weirdoes, no?). But the sad fact is that we have the same old stale, complacent, fat, self-indulgent and condescending GOP that we kick out in 2006.

Even more sad is that it's not really their fault. We keep voting them in time and time again, just because the Bolshevocrats so much worse. And the "fool circle" keeps repeating itself, like a broken record.

Only when the public at large takes a strong and decisive stand will the political scene change. The repulsive pukes on TV must be are fired from our living rooms and dens. The American people who so vocally denounce abortion must stop murdering their own children by delivering them to the vampire known as the public school system. Only when the populace's brains free of 'entertainment' addiction and control their own offspring's education will they be able to control their own "elected representatives".

Until then, the cruel charade of the murderous Demagouguecrats and the corrupt Republidiots throwing our reins from one to the other will continue.

The only thing the last elections prove is that the American public at large is still fast asleep, and that leftists refuse to abandon their blinking steamroller come what may.

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