Sunday, April 12, 2009

Black Dog

He bows to the Saudi king, spits on the heroes of Normandy, says Palestinian mothers and Israeli mothers want the same thing, denies pan-Arab support for terrorism, kowtows to Iran, appoints cheats, frauds, criminals and America haters to key posts, does everything to destroy the economy, undermine the USA’s sovereignty, crush the citizenry and empower his cronies…

At some point even his handlers, namely the America hating media, were at a loss – is the guy a total moron? How can he present the British PM with a bundle of 25 cheap DVDs and the queen with an iPod?

Adolf Obama is no fool. He knows exactly what he is doing – this was no glitch, flub or mistake. The iPod and the DVD’s have very specific meanings. The Affirmative Action President tells the Brits change has come, and it’s here to stay. Gone are the days of formalities and respect to tradition – we are generation X. We are punks, voted in by punks – People Magazine, The Village Voice, Hustler, Vanity Fair – that’s who we are. We do not appreciate the words of some old farts scribbled on an old piece of parchment – we appreciate iPods, Britney Spears and “Fiddy Sens” – and if you don’t like it, we’ll shove it down your throat; “I won!”

But why does he hate the USA so much? Why does he want to destroy his benefactors, who gave Adolf Jr. his whole life practically for free?
Specifically for that reason. Because he knows all too well – he feels with every bone, he senses with every nerve, that the USA is his antithesis and that he is the USA’s antithesis.
The USA is built on the nuclear family – Hussein never had one. The USA runs on achievement – and this clown never achieved anything. In the USA, the old, outdated notion of honor still counts – and this hyena has not one iota of honor.

But the hate-filled worm lay in wait, and witnessed the emergence of a new USA – the USA that grew up on skim milk and Walt Disney. It than morphed into Playboy magazine’s USA, which threw out its production-based economy in favor of a market based economy. This is the USA that voted him in – and now the mad dog waits to take America like a drunken rocker takes a stoned groupie.

For this end he has surrounded himself with the most vicious henchemen, the lowliest scoundrels who are fit for the job – Robert Göbbels, Rommel Emmanuel, Eric Himmler, Nancy Mussolini and Hitlary Clinton. But how will it all end?

© Joseph Izrael 2008


Gandalin said...

You are quite right about the psychopathology of "Barry Soetoro." Because his grandparents taught him that his authentic identity was found in his blackness, he is unable to hate the actual, real father who abandoned him. Therefore, he has transferred that hatred to the patria, the fatherland. By destroying America he will be avenging himself on his father, and at the same time realizing Barack Hussein Obama, Senior's anti-colonialist dreams of humiliating the white west.

Dan - Israeli Uncensored News said...

Nice attitude toward Obama, I like your approach

ilona@israel said...

it seems usa is getting ill with this disgasting illness-antisemitism. obama is using israel as his weapon against muslims and at the same time press us ... btw every ear in usa dies 1300 jews-all those murderes based on rasism...