Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Ghost Of Cain

Because ideas have consequences” – Hillsdale College motto.

What constitutes a red line, not to be crossed at any cost? According to “anti-establishment” luminaries of free speech, such as Dov Bear, Shmarya Rosenberg, UOJ and Harry Maryles, it’s anything that anyone disagreeing with them says – especially Michael Savage, anyone who dares wear a hat and a jacket, and of course yours truly.

But a תלמיד מובהק (faithful disciple) of theirs, a graduate of Dov Bear’s brown shirt academy, has crossed a line I believe all of us must stand up against. Not that the aforementioned openly endorsed or encouraged what he said – they’re smarter than that. But their endless spewing of hate, sneer and denigration of great people has bore its bitter fruit.

So Mr. Secular Jew, as I mentioned, frequent commenter and darling at Shmarya and Dov Bear’s sites, a mere two days after Rav Shmuel Berenbaum’s passing compares him to a Nazi! That’s right: he said it plainly, overtly, proudly, - unlike his mentors’ cunning weasel words.

But first, let us deconstruct Mr. Secular “Jew” the fallacity of his disgustingly vicious claim:

Rav Berenbaum’s “ban” did not factually ban anything. Any living man on planet earth, regardless of race, creed, color or religious affiliation, could, at any moment, walk into any bookstore carrying the book and buy it. Now it is true that many “ultra orthodox” stores refused to carry the book, but the store next door did! Following his argument, we should indeed join MK Yair Tzaban (MAPA”M) in his statement – which he made publicly, from the Knesset’s podium, no less- that the Torah is comparable to Mein Kampf. (Actually, I’m pretty sure that Dov Bear and Secular Jew agree with Tzaban).

Interesting to note that Mr. S. Jew didn’t feel compelled to compare the Israeli government to the Nazis; the Israeli government that banned, from all bookstores, Ben Hecht’s book perfidy, which documents in great detail how the Mapai party and Jewish Agency betrayed the Jews of Romania and Hungary and not only refused to help in rescuing them, but boycotted and sabotaged any efforts of others in the salvation efforts.

Barry Chamish’s book “Who killed Yitzchak Rabin” was also taken off the shelves by the Israeli government. Mister Secular didn’t have an urge to compare them to Nazis for that.

When Jews were being dragged out of their homes by Israeli soldiers –who were all, without exception, given the option not to do so- at a time when Arab terrorist were (and still are) shooting mortar shells into Israel and Ukrainian Nazi gangs were roaming the streets of Haifa and Tel-Aviv and the media turned a blind eye to them, Secular Jew hasn’t found enough outrage in him to compare the actions of his secular government to the actions of the secular Nazis.

Perhaps Mr. Secular is really appalled by the fact that Charedi rabbis don’t want their students exposed to the Theory of Evolution, a sacred secular cow of the secular academic establishment. Maybe Mr. “Jew” is not aware of the fact that the very same academic establishment –and very probably not independently of their infatuation with Evolution- promotes moral relativism, a school of thought that equates the Nazis with their victims, the Israelis with Apartheid and Nazism, decry religion of in all forms (except Islamic Jihad) but condones, and in several instances even fiscally aided terrorist organizations, and covered up, aided and abetted terrorists in their midst.

But I think that the real reason for Secular “Jew”’s odious words is entirely different. I believe that Mr. Secular is trying to outscream his conscience. He is trying to outscream a conscience that reminds him, every time he sees, hears or reads about and observant Jew, that he is doing the wrong thing. The mere existence of the orthodox Jew, who lives his life as a Jew, is a reproach to someone who bases his ‘Jewishness’ on mere genetics. In other words – racism. For if not the Torah, what gives Mr. Secular the right to call himself a Jew, to abstain from marrying Gentiles and to live in the land of Hittites, Canaanites, Jebusites, Philistines and Palestinans?

Since Mr. Secular found an inspiration in the form of hateful blogs, he only took it a step further and said what others only dared to hint at.

So thank you Dov Bear.
Thank you Smarya.
Thank you UOJ.
Thank you rabbi Maryles.
Congatulations on the great faithful disciple you’ve produced!

© Joseph Izrael 2008


Garnel Ironheart said...

As someone who has argued at length with SJ, I can tell you that his problem is his lack of insight. In attempting to confront Orthodoxy, he becomes guilty of the very behaviour he condemns us of. And then he fails to admit it or see why it's wrong.
Take his comments with that in mind.

Yehue said...

That's true.

I was talking about his post I linked to. It's beyond outrageous. I don't care if someone attacks Orthodoxy - unfortunately we aren't the angels we'd like everyone else to think we are. But to compare a great Rav to Nazis because he signed a letter SJ didn't like? That's beyond reprehensible.

Garnel Ironheart said...

Agreed, but he's just looking for a little attention and since he's not getting it, he's going to greater extremes to achieve that end.

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