Friday, February 01, 2008

Fool For Your Loving (No More)

I was angered and frustrated to see Harry Maryles1 endorse John McCain for president. What’s the big fuss, you may ask, who cares about a retired, self-aggrandizing busybody pompously “endorsing” this or that candidate? Why even notice him?

There are several reasons. One being the fact that Rabbi Maryles reflects the apathy, ignorance, stupidity, emptiness, but more than anything the burning desire to be “moderate”, “mainstream”, and “reasonable”, prevalent not only in Hollywood, Greenwich Village, but unfortunately in the world of Orthodox Judaism as well. And no, don’t start pointing fingers at only YU and the carbon-conscious RCA: Mishpacha magazine just published an article about the primaries – the word “immigration” wasn’t mentioned even once, and not one interviewee spoke of either Romney or Alan Keyes. What are the Jewish leaders concerned about? The “war” in Iraq, the heilige economy, and most importantly, how much freebies they can squeeze out of each candidate. It seems that Jewish “leadership” still operates by the model of “I am in the West, but my heart is in the East” – and your brains are on Jupiter, your honesty and integrity, it seems, ceased to exist altogether. Only the immediate benefit matters, the jar of peanut butter, one more buck, one more seat at the next Seudas Achashverosh, all coated with false concerns about what’s going on 3000 miles away.

Really now, are you concerned about the war? So please, tell me dear Community Leaders, Rabbonim, Shtadlonim and Askonim, what have you done to end the war sooner, to make our troops safer, to save the Marines falsely accused of murder? Have you protested the appointment of fat bureaucrats as strategists and wartime decision makers? Have you protested politicians and journalists teaming up to falsely accusing and staging Dreyfus trials for Marines? Because when Rabbis were falsely accused of child molestation you were pretty quick to react, right Mr. Shafran2 ?

As for domestic security – what steps were taken to protect schools from terrorism? Are there armed guards in our schools? Is there any emergency plan in place? Alarm system? Or have the "shtadlonim"- the selfless community volunteers lined their pockets again with our children’s safety?

Oh, but McCain is tough on national security! So tough he proposed a bill to –well, not amnestize, - but to turn 20 million “illegal immigrants” (read: the rabble that is unwanted even in Mexico, who all come here only to work hard, at jobs Americans won’t do) into honorable citizens, and to leave our borders wide open. For we know, of course, that Arab Terrorists are too stupid to enter the country via Mexico or Canada. Besides the fact that our staunch allies, the governments of the aforementioned countries, wouldn’t allow terrorists on their soil. Besides, terrorists trying to infiltrate the country is a conspiracy theory invented by extremist right-wingers. That’s why we need strong national security for, and will achieve it by to kissing John’s mark of Cain.

The other reason is, that Maryles presents himself as opposing “the establishment”. There can be no greater dishonesty than a self-proclaimed challenger of the establishment endorsing an establishment darling like Cain. Cain is being cajoled by the Republican party’s ultra-liberal “old girls network”, as Michael Savage calls them, in the same exact way Gerry Ford was propped up at Barry Goldwater’s detriment, Nixon and Bob Dole against Reagan. Mr. Maryles, since you’re so hell bent on winning the war on Iraq, can you please teach us who, in your opinion, is better disposed to do this job? In case you don’t know, Dr. Maryles, there are now more contractors than troops in Iraq, our troops are bound by irrational rules of engagement and have to fear for their lives from terrorists as well as politicians and journalists trumping up false charges against them. Is John Cain, part and parcel of the Republican Aristocracy with an extremely leftist vote record, more likely to challenge the Iraqi status quo than Romney, an outsider to the oligarchy?
Who, in your opinion, Rabbi Maryles, is a better candidate to put a halt to the endemic welfare abuse and corruption ubiquitous practically everywhere? Rubber-cheeked Cain, knight of the Re-Pub-Li-Clan or Romney, who built his fortune with his own hands (as opposed to the war-hero adulterer who inherited his fortune from his wife?) Why, Rabbi Maryles, I thought you were against parasites bending over their gmoras and living on government handouts! Who, according to your estimates, would better fight terrorism – a man who opposes the horrible torture of waterboarding (almost like the Gas chambers) even terrorists, or Romney, whose greatest crime is being a Mormon?

Rabbi Maryles, Agudath Israel, RCA, UJA, JCC; is there anything, anything, in the world – your honesty, decency, integrity and good judgment - you wouldn’t sacrifice on the altar of Centrism and moderation? Or are you just trying to endorse the most likely candidate and then gloat “I told you so!”?

Let’s daven our Gentile neighbors aren’t as stupid as us Jews, and despite their Brittney Spears3 canonizing media will elect the only candidate in whom we at least can have a faint hope to pull this country together again.

1. Author of the sterile but popular blog “Emes VeEmunah”.
2. Official spokesmouth for Agudath Israel. Agudath Israel – a once great organization established to help Klal Yisroel, today a country-club of factotums whose mission is to get rich on the backs of stupid Jews who believe them.
3. A famous American prostitute, to whom American youth –largely ignorant of Ernest Hemingway and Herman Melville- look up as their role model. She is endorsed by the New York Times, which also endorses John (Mc)Cain.

© Joseph Izrael 2008

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