Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sweet Bluesmaker

Ain’t it priceless to come home, look at your desk and find this…

Sweet little 7 years old made a B-day card for her Tatty… Little does she know of the world’s true nature…

And then I started wondering… there are people on this planet who would gladly take these sweet little angels and slit their throats… cut their eyeballs out as their parents watch… And then you have other people who call the first type of people “insurgents”… “kooks, nuts, crazies”. They claim that those monsters have legitimate grievances. The same people also call me a nut, a kook, a crazy… Just like those who blow up school buses. Why? Because I wear a hat and jacket to shul. Because I refuse to spit on rabbis who forbid sitting in a pizza parlor (only let home delivery). Same as the taliban, no? Same as executing a woman because she was raped by four of her uncles, no?

Such people prevented saving their Jewish brothers from the hellfires of Auschwitz. And now they want to instigate another brothers’ war, to prevent us from being prepared against terrorism (or other calamities).

Thanks for your brotherly love.

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