Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rock Hard, Ride Free

The spoken word has a certain elegance and finesse the spoken word is missing. In addition, the ‘tone’ of a word being read can be subjective and misleading. But the spoken word is more immediate, intimate. Technology also plays a role in this game, as I hinted earlier. So I’m now officially going audio, and if it’s good it’ll stay that way. I’d appreciate your comments and thoughts on the matter and any suggestions are welcome. Happy reading hearing.

From the Paper Clips Project & ride to remember: ... Kornbluth said 11 million paper clips of the 30 million that had been collected were placed inside the rail car to remember all of the people who died in the Holocaust, not only the Jewish victims. A children's Holocaust monument was built and 11 million paper clips were placed inside that location. The children of Whitwell decided that they wanted to give the remaining eight million paper clips they had collected to other children who wanted to study the Holocaust or related topics. As a result of the project, Holocaust survivors came to speak with the students. In 2004 the film "Paper Clips" was released which chronicled the story of the Whitwell project. The project was also the inspiration for the 2006 Paper Clips Ride to Remember, a fundraiser for the Whitwell Middle School, Kornbluth said. Read whole article.

Jewish bikers

The Paper Clips Project

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