Saturday, November 11, 2006

Electional Dysfunction

The jubilations of the radical far-left, the “objective” and “non-partisan” mainstream media and their rabid cohorts over the outcome of last Tuesday’s mid-term elections may not be as good for them as they may think. You probably don’t need to listen to talk radio to understand that this vote wasn’t as much about putting hardcore Socialists Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed in power, than taking softcore liberal/socialists George Bush and his close circle of advisors and bureaucrats out of power. The American Nationalist or Conservative base just had enough of the out-of-control spending, the endless deaths of our soldiers in Iraq and the way the war was mishandled, the Mexican and Canadian borders abandoned and the people themselves ignored.

If anyone honestly thinks that the American people’s positions have shifted to the left due to Bush’s “far right” agenda, as the Communist media and their fork-tongued minions (unfortunately including some “Orthodox” Jews) would like you to believe, they need not look further than the State Ballot Initiatives, on which the vote was by and large very conservative. Different taxes, gay marriage, benefits for illegal immigrants and affirmative action were almost ubiquitously struck down. In Arizona, English was made the official language – that’s not exactly the Michael Moore/Pansy Nelosi kind of position. You can see the state-by-state results here, and decide for yourself.

In short, there is more than one way to look at the last election cycle. Whether the Republican party will succeed in purging the liberal apologists and return to real, Barry Goldwater conservatism – or better yet, a real conservative party will gain foothold in Congress and Senate, time will tell. But the Democrats staying in power definitely mean that we can forget about the white and the blue in our flag. So far, unfortunately, conservative leadership is about as concrete as Orthodox Jewish leadership.

The good news is, that it is more likely.


Anonymous said...

You rip UOJ yet you make nasty remarks about chassidim all the time such as:

please send your thank-you cards to His Royal Majesty ADMO"R David Twersky yemach shmo vezichro venimach zechuro milhazkiro of New Sewer, the evil Mordechai Hager of Vizhnits, the lousy skunks Ari and Zoli Teitelbaum YM"S and all their minions - the choshuva askonim betzorkei tzibbur be'emunah.

What is with you?

The Anti-Semite said...

Dear Sir,

Please do not compare me to the UOJ. I can't understand how you could even conceive such an idea. Just go to his blog and see how he relentlessly bashes, denigrates and besmirches gdolei Yisroel without discrimination.

I, on the other hand, pointed to the most corrupt and evil ones, without any foul language or leitzonus. Istick to the facts. Yes, unfortunately, in a situation when positions of powers are inherited instead of being earned, unworthy people abuse their power. Is it big news to you that David Twerski orchestrated a fraudulent college against votes for Hilary Clinton (Hilary = Homosexual marriage, Habeas Corpus for terrorists, amnesty for illegals, partial birth abortion, unleashed social services), forbids any and all kind of contraception yet prohibits to BRING HOME a disabled child from the hospital? Isn't this a kleine Hitler for you? I am sorry if as a Hossid you feel offended, but unfortunately a community that doesn't rise up against such repugnant rish'us is an accomplice and part of the crime. Ditto for the Teitelbaums who rushed their fathe to the grave, and R' M. Hager - check out the little signs in his beis-medresh prohibiting internet use and different guidelines for girls at the workplace, all the while being surrounded by the greatest crooks committing coersion, forcing people out of their homes, combines with corrupt politicians, (many pro-homosexuality politicans among them) to circumvent zoning laws and other regulations, and so on and so forth. I shouldn't even mention the two Sdomnikes Aharon and Zalmen YM"S who always brag about "meridah ba 'umos" yet their own hassidim attack the police, rape the treasury and are notorious for their fights with state troopers and among themselves.

Pardon me esteemed Sir, but covering up or appeasing such beahvior in any form is compilcity, and I refuse to be an accomplice to such behavior. Unfrotunately apoliogists and deniers of these facts just give more food to UOJ's and Ustashas like "DovBear", "Jewschool" and their likes to thrive on.

I agree though that "lousy skunks" is language I should not have used. I am going to change it to "evil power-mad warlordrs".

I don't remember other "nasty remakrs" about Hassidim, but I did criticise them - as well as litvakes and MO - for well known things they are doing.

Hoping for your understanding,


PS -

I have Hassidic friends and relatives, and I spoke to them about these subjects many times, using harsh expressions as well. Most agreed with me about Twersky and the Teitelbaums, i.e. when I used the term "YS"M" about them, but maintained that R' M. Hager doesn't know about his "askonim"/helpers' actions - I still maintain that it is a leader's responsibility to know what is going on in his own backyard.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

I don't buy it - you sound just like UOJ - perhaps not going after as many but the ones you go after you use perhaps worse language

The Anti-Semite said...

Zisseleh, nobody forces to buy anything. The facts are facts, and it is up to you to face them. Manhigim are to be held to thousandfold higher standards than ordinary people, yet many don't even live up to those standards.

Did you go after R' M. Hager when he spoke against the Kiryas Joel special-ed school? Do you remember the language he used? Were you mochai against that too? And if not why?

Zei gezunt.

Anonymous said...

Bubeleh, you have missed my point!

I for one think that UOJ did everyone a big favor by being the impetus for the removal of 4 Rabbayim/molesters from our system.

Unfortunately, I think that he is way out of line with his disparaging of true talmdei chachomim and old time "greats."

However, you come along and rip UOJ, then engage in the same behavior saying that the facts are the facts. Well UOJ says the same for everyone that he rips. You seem to take issue with the language and shouting that he engages in, yet you say things that even UOJ hasn't said.

So wht the double standard?

The Anti-Semite said...

Hmmmm...."being the impetus for the removal of 4 Rabbayim/molesters from our system"
I'm not so sure about it. To paraphrase someone, he was mostly 'like a rooster taking credit for the dawn'. There's no denying however that he did bring the issue to more prominence than it had before. Unfortunately, the hardcore people who need most to change their attitude -yourself included- of hiding their face in the sand and turning away from the obvious problems.

The big difference here is that UOJ was shooting from the hip in all directions and in the lewdest way possible. I, on the other hand, talk about well known things, of which the community is well aware yet does nothing. There are many more, subler issues as well. Read the older posts.

Now just for the record - what did you see in my posts that aren't well known "facts"?

Anonymous said...

UOJ obviously believes that he is talking about well-known facts. You believe that you are as well.

Your style is about the same - so I don't understand why you have an ax to grind with him.

By the way, Kolko was well known.

I am not for hiding our faces in the sand, but "Yemach Shemo, etc. may be worse than any of the "lewd" things that UOJ said.

The Anti-Semite said...

Teiere Tatt in Himmel!

I was never too good at soccer you know, so we'll leave it at that. Yon can believe or think whatever you want. You think I'm UOJ? Cool. Come beat me up in Beverly Hills. I just stole the name of an unsuspecting avreich in Monsey who doesn't use the 'net. Oh yeah, my style is exactly the same.

Yes there were rumors about Kolko for about 20 years - exactly my point - UOJ didn't expose him, but brought the problem and coverup to prominence in the commnity. Did it help? Time will tell. But by publishing the sewer (available on "Greg"'s blog - I don't know if he lent credibility to himself or the Kolko camp.

You still didn't answer what facts you dispute?

OK I must go now, G-d bless you and have the last word if you so wish.

Anonymous said...

You didn't answer me. You believe that UOJ publishes the sewer - regardless if his facts are accurate. THen you publish the sewer with your nasty comments (If Greg would know about you and if you were popular he would present the same type of blog about you) - such as I enumerated at the beginnig of this dialogue.

When I corner you about Kolko, you say that it is no big deal that UOJ brought it up because it was well known for years, yet you pat yourself on the back for discussing well-known things and saying that it needs to be spoken about. Same thing with Kolko - it was knowen but nobody spoke about it.

You can't have it both ways!

What is your real beef with UOJ?