Sunday, September 10, 2006

Monsey Morons

Or: Traif Chicken And Kosher Terrorists

Monsey is up in arms about the recent traif scandal. As far as I am concerned, whoever is willing to pay double the price for half the quality and eat the tasteless KJ/Vineland chicken (how reliable is chicken from Kiryas Joel, home of the most hideous acts of fraud, embezzlement, sexual misconduct and Chilul Hashem is quite questionable, but as long as nothing has been proven I guess they have chezkas kashrus) quite deserves to have eaten traif. Especially in light of the fact that Shop Rite, which doesn’t employ illegal immigrants, is a lot cheaper – and they whine about tuition. The majority of the Frum world has abandoned an established American enterprise, - a decent and respectable one, offering a superior quality product for a reasonable price. And while you were eating tarfus in the name of higher kashrus standards, many real professional and G-d fearing shochtim were laid off, and a great company had to shrink to a fifth of its original size.

But when a month ago six women were shot in Seattle, WA – one killed – you didn’t bulge. The treacherous Jewish Press barely mentioned the incident, and the two pseudo-frum rags almost totally ignored it. You didn’t call for action to close the borders; to pressure your politicians to enforce tougher immigration and screening procedures. You did not establish armed protection for your shuls. You refuse to admit that it’s Berlin of 1933 all over again. You are busy buying a new fancy car and building a new fancy house but you won’t spend three to five hundred dollars on a firearm. You won’t join the Minutemen or the militia. You won’t write your congressman or senator, and you won’t pressure your rabbi to protect you. You won’t demand the Agudah to pressure their politicians to protect you against terrorism. You’ve got better things to do.

Kol hameracheim al achzorim, sofo sheyisachzeir al rachmonim”, say Chaza”l “Those who have mercy upon the cruel are bound to be cruel upon the merciful”; the crooked butcher and his corrupt supplier (son of a convicted arsonist freshly sentenced to 15 years behind bars for setting his warehouse on fire), as well as “rabbi” Mordechai Tendler weren’t found thrown in a ditch, beaten unconscious. The phonies who conduct mass-giyurs, (or giyur-“masses”?), the menuvolim who refuse to give gittin and the even bigger fiends who allow the sarvonim to live with second wives aren’t excommunicated, yet people who write books about science and torah reconciliation (which is a great stupidity in my opinion – nevertheless it isn’t a crime) or use the internet are banned or barred from yeshivas. Notorious child molesters haven't been run over or lynched. You have put your own children in their hands to fulfill their evil desires, and watched idle. You are just as guilty as they are.

While you organize public dish kasherings, take some time to kasher your hearts and brains, lemmings.

Our leadership has forsaken and betrayed us – with our collaboration, because we haven’t held them responsible for their positions and accountable for their deeds.

The writing is on the wall, loud and clear. It is up to us to take action now. So if your son is shot by a terrorist and your daughter is raped by an illegal immigrant (or a venerable “rabbi”) while you eat bread baked on Shabbos with traif chicken, know that you’ll have only yourself to blame.


Anonymous said...

No six women were shot coming out of shul in Seattle.

They were shot in the Federation building.

Glad to see you are in such control of the facts.

orthodox Jew said...

I'm really loathe to respond to your anti-semitic ravings, but I will one time. Your calling names and making allegations, particularly against Chassidim, about theft, ignorance, cultish behavior, is sinas chinom at it's finest. That is the reason for the destruction of the second temple, that is the reason we are in golus. I hate to burst your bubble, but if your G-d is so small that you can defeat him with a $300 fire arm, how do you expect to him to save you when you need him?

If G-d forbid, Hashem decreed there should be another holocaust, do you honestly believe that by shouting "never again", buying a $300 fire arm, and taking karate lessons, you could thwart him? You would be on a cattle car first thing tomorrow morning, and have no idea how it happened. Hashem is much greater than you think he is. The way you currently think is k'firah.

The Anti-Semite said...

Orthodox Jew -

Sir, you're completely missing the point. UNfortunately, what I accuse the Hassidim of is by and large true. No, not about each and every individual Hossid, and not in each Hassidus. But as a group, or rather as separate groups (often warring with each other) this kind of behavior is all too common among Hassidim. Denying it is not only foolish but dishonest.

As per your second claim, unfortunately you again seem to be conditioned by Hassidic propaganda. Determinism is a tenet of Islam, not of Judaism. Following your argument one shouldn't go to work, because if Hashem has decreed that he should be rich, heck, he'll be rich anyway, and if Hashem has decreed that he should be poor he'll be poor anyway, so why bother. And you could go on with similar examples ad infinitum, beginning with why get up in the morning etc. The fact of the matter is that Achashveirosh gave the Jews permission to defend themselves. He did not recall his decree, and those who thaught they would prevail actually attacked the Jews. We in the USA have the civil right to own firearms, and IMHO it is an obligation to own one. You never know when the government of some other crazies decided to turn on you, as Hitler did after he was democratically elected. And his first law was to bar Jews from all firearm manufacturing and trading professions. Second was strippiong all Jews of their firearms. So in short we must do all we can do to protect ourselves. Yelling "Never again" is another story altogether. Unfortunately, the "never again" crowd are often those doing the most to "repeat again" with their actions (supporting far-left, pro Arab, liberal candidates, such as Hitlary Clinton, and such). But I'm glad you have Hashem figured out so well.
No I cannot thwart Hashem's decisions, but I can prepare myself best to any harm that may come, as commended "Venishmartem Lenafshotechem meod"


To anonymous - I apologize for this mistake. I'm really sorry for that and hope for your forgiveness.