Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Heil Hitlary!

The Hassidic manipulators have done us again a great favor by mass-voting for their darling little Barbie-Doll, Rebbetzin Hitlary Rotten Clinton.

The NYS senator who wants to further tie the hands of FBI and counter-terrorism interrogators, while it seems a nuclear weapon has already been smuggled into the USA via the Mexican border. Congratulations.

All Hassidic convicted felons in need of pardon, as well as parasites who drop babies into this world for the sole purpose of populating dictatorial Rebbe's Tischen and are in need of more welfare checks and other governmental programs at taxpayers' expense, please send your thank-you cards to His Royal Majesty ADMO"R David Twersky of New Sewer, Mordechai Hager of Vizhnits, the evil power-mad warlordrs Aaron and Zalmen Teitelbaum and all their minions - the choshuva askonim betzorkei tzibbur be'emunah.

After the next terrorist attack recite kapitels 121, 130 and 83. And remember - your vote for Hitlary has absolutely nothing to do with it. The Oybershter runs the world, and you just have to do a biss'le hishtadluss for your parnossah. Just strectch out your hand - and cast that vote for the Devil.


Anonymous said...

You are mamesh one of the sickest creatures I have ever seen. You are mamesh a sonei yisroel. Echad b'peh v'echad b'lev. You are mister achdus yisroel at the same time that you slander half the religious Jews in America. Well, you'll get yours because as the Chofetz Chayim says, you can't get kaparah for saying lashon harah about a rabim. Look yourself in the mirror before you dare put another word about achdus on this site. Hashem should help you do teshuva.

The Anti-Semite said...

Actually, my shrink just confirmed what you say.

Thanks for the kind comments and the deep understanding, as well as the infaillably correct demographics, math and halachic definitions.