Friday, February 20, 2009

Animal (Fress Like A Beast)

Conservatism Is A Mental Disorder, Pt I

Bees do it, birds do it is not the same as f**k like a beast”, thundered former 2nd lady, St. Ripper Gore from the podium.
No, this is not a joke. Tipper Gore actually founded the PMRC - parents concerned about violent and sexual content in music, no kidding. After thirty years of rock’n’roll, sex, and drugs, Tipper the stripper has the nerve to get on the podium in front of congress and scold rock bands for using graphic language and stage antics! I could never understand why the Tsarina of a party funded by Larry Flint, George Soros and Viacom would make such a statement.
I later came to realize that there was indeed something very deep in Tipper & Co’s attack on idiotic pop stars.
“Bees do it, birds do it” in fact legitimizes and internalizes permissiveness, which is of course addictive. Overly sexual and brutal songs, however, rather ridicule, or at least lift the seal of sanctity from sexual freedom, and push it in the category of teenage rebellion. And that bothers Tipper & Co. They don’t want depravity to be a passing teenage fad. They don’t want hedonism to be the anti-establishment – they want it to be the establishment. But they can’t do so openly. So they have to honey-coat it in “love” and Rousseau-esque “bees do it, birds do it”…

The right-wing morons, of course, joined in the chorus, thinking that the leftists have any regard to decency, “and have their limits too”. They watched from the sidelines how Marxists and pornographers were taking over the educational system, the media and the entire establishment.
The right surrendered to the lefto-Nazis in the very same way the West now surrenders to Islam. Honoring a set of freedom-based rules and principles is a clear disadvantage when facing those who do not abide by them. The enemy, of course, is usurping and exploiting those freedoms at will.
Thus quasi-porno mags are sold at supermarket check outs, but the capitalist moron feels it would be “oppressive” to take them off the shelf. The promise of an extra dollar, of course, is also a tenet in the Capitalist Bible, and since we abide by the separation of church and business, you won’t find a decent mag that may actually teach our youth something other than aspiring to become a slut on Sunset Boulevard.

Take for example Ruth Brownshirt-Gincburg, who, on one hand opines that the constitution is “not carved in stone” (therefore we should ape European law), yet believes that enemy combatants must be fully protected by the constitution.

And while the schutzstaffel were slowly but surely infiltrating every institution in the USA, the conservative moron was playing golf, running a business, and sending his children to drink Big Brother’s venom.

The American left came up with the world’s most brilliant strategy of dictatorship: let the people enslave themselves. One of the lies propagated in the USSR was that “the USA pays high salaries to its people in order to blind them to their misery”. They probably never imagined they weren’t all that far off the mark. In contrast to Communists, Nazis, and previous dictatorships who appealed to nationalism, force and pride, liberalism courted that which is equal in all flesh. By talking to the little “liberal” in us all, by legitimizing it, by absolving mankind from “אדם לעמל יולד”, the animal in us all rules supreme.
Now go fight it – but on what basis?

© Joseph Izrael 2008


Archie Bunker said...

I would like to state for the record that Shmarya (ben Alfred) Rosenberg of Failed Messiah is a coward and a fraud.

He says he will not delete posts from anyone including the IslamoFascist anti-Semite Joachim Martillo from Boston yet he has deleted my posts and blocked me from commenting without warning today after I uncovered a registered charity that he is running. When I and another reader questioned whether his shnorring from the public was associated with this IRS exempt entity, he did not take very well to it. I even found the 990s online showing all the declared finances which must have further unnerved him. The irony in all this is that he is or was accepting vehicle donations as well when he has railed endlessly against Oorah in that area.

Shmarya's shnorring appeal carries the unrefined headline of: "Give Money, Help Me, Get Free Gifts"

Why doesn't the 50 year old bochur put on a suit and get some job interviews instead of constantly shnorring from the public so he can continue to blog in his pajamas from his mother's basement? It's one thing if he just exposes corruption but he uses it as a cynical tool to convince people to leave frumkeit and most of his rants are complete stretches or outright lies.

J. "יהוא בן יהושפט בן נמשי" Izrael said...

Pull it all together in detail, including links and any other evidence you have. Drop me an email and it goes up here.

You may also try Alfred's boyfriend UOJ, just remember to go online 2 days before you want to leave a comment to allow the site to load.
Also try Adov Hitbear, Whorethomom and Baal-A-Prusta In Tight Jeans, they're all notorious 1st amendment supporters. I'm sure tehy will lend you unrestrained help to uncover the fraud. They'll go after ol' boy Scottie 'till the deepest darkest depths of Barney Frank's bedsheets.

PS -
If the retired retard from the windy city still ives, drop him an email too. The poor guy has to stay up all night to think what stupid article he could write the next day. He may actually be interested in Alfred Rosenberg Jr.'s fraudulent charities. And he has more readers than me.

Archie Bunker said...

Hey Shmarya, you coward & fraud.

You are still blocking my comments.

Another reader made the point I wanted to this morning, that Shmarya is trying to mock Rabbi J. Immanuel Schochet by lying by omission about his resume and mischaracterizing the polytechnical institute with tens of thousands of students he teaches at as a "small vocational school".

You can always count on Shmarya to at least lie by omission if not outright lie.

Since Shmarya deleted my posts I need time to look up all the information again about his registered charity "Shaarei Dayah Foundation". SOme of what he did through there was to raise money for an Ethiopian's kidney transplant and his retarded "open source halacha" meshugass. I would just like to get to the bottom of whether he runs the "donations" from his shnorrer appeals through there too.

As far as "open source halacha" I believe this is an attempt by him to "prove" that rabbonim have been "distorting" halacha since Sinai. Until he shnorrs more funding, the only piece on the dedicated website is the teshuva that Mordechai Tendler supposedly got for him from R' Moishe about Falashas that he used to attack the Lubavitcher Rebbe.