Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Breaking The Law

…then Kerick said: ‘Let go!’ and then the men clubbed the seals on the head as fast as they could.
Ten minutes later little Kotick did not recognise his friends any more, for their skins were ripped off from the nose to the hind flippers—whipped off and thrown down on the ground in a pile.
“They’re killing
all the holluschickie [young seals] on all the beaches!” said Kotick.
The sea-lion turned his head inshore. “Nonsense!”, he said; “your friends are making as much noise as ever. You must have seen old Kerick polishing off a drove. He’s done that for thirty years.”
“It’s horrible,” said Kotick,
“I suppose it is rather awful from your way of looking at it; but if you seals will come here year after year, of course the men get to know of it, and unless you can find an island where no men ever come, you will always be driven.” said the sea-lion.

… he found that no one sympathised with him in his little attempts to discover a quiet place for the seals. They told him that men had always driven the holluschickie—it was part of the day’s work—and that if he did not like to see ugly things he should not have gone to the killing-grounds…

…Even gentle Matkah, his mother, said: “You will never be able to stop the killing. Go and play in the sea, Kotick.”

… But the holluschickie and Sea Catch, his father, and all the other seals, laughed at him when he told them what he had discovered…

From The White Seal, by Kipling. (In The Jungle Book.)

A flood of condemnations followed the proclamation of heroic rabbis that the treacherous government of Israel must be dealt with just as the oppressors of yore. Interestingly, the admirers of Cromwell, Rousseau, Marat, Robespierre and Castro couldn’t have enough screaming bloody murder.
Even the boldest right-wingers felt an irresistible urge to apologize and explain the statements away. The Israelis can be excused for living in constant phobia; police has the right to detain anyone, at any time for any reason (i.e. no reason given), with no writ or warrant, for a duration of 48 hours. Then they are released every 48 hours only to be immediately apprehended again. Several ‘dangerous’ Israelis live in jail this way on flimsy charges.

Yet in the U.S. of A., land of the free speech and home of the brave Muslims who invariably speak their minds at will, and the government/media never curtails their oral emissions, little Jewboy still feels compelled to play Mr. Moderate. Oooh hooh, how nasty to say such things! That a man who caused countless deaths, abandons his citizens on a regular basis, betrays his army – sends them to battle with inadequate arms and armor, insufficient provisions and no war plan, then when the BBC says that a poor Freedom Fighter (that’s British for ‘child-murderer’) got a boo-boo and the evil IDF didn’t give him a band-aid™ he runs home – that’s OK. Calling for his execution, oh la la, now that’s extremism! What about the kidnapped boys (who were abandoned in insecure positions to begin with)? Who cares? We went to war for them, no? And we bombed like, um, six houses with Terrorists all around them, no? OK, so now leave me alone, I have a government to run – sugar please – one teaspoon, yes, and milk too – so what were you saying Eli? You want a school? I’ll give you a highway.

Charles I, Louis XVI and Mussolini were executed for much less than that. But on the other hand, good rulers who took necessary precautions – Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao all escaped the noose. So did ten of Olmert’s predecessors – so why pick davke on him?

And whom do the “Jewish” rags and so-called rabbis and leaders condemn? Who is vilified by the pseudo-alternative media, i.e. the heiliga “blogs”? Those who say what everyone should say. The utter cowardice of these people is simply nauseating. And even more puke-inducing is the reason behind the masses’ silence: the sweet addiction to the coziness of good life. Don’t bother us with taking our fates in our hands – we’re busy makin’ a living. The comfort of the immediate overrules the dangers of the future. But deep down we all know what the truth is.

Oh, if we need to appease our consciences, there sure is a teiretz for every minute of the day – hey, “we” killed the Freedom Fighter who’s slain eight Jewboyz in Mercaz, so whacha screamin’ ‘bout?! Oh, we release 90% of other “insurgents”? We let them perpetrate their “insurgency” and then do a show-reprisal to appease you idiots? Heck, by the next soccer match you’ll forget it all, and if it’s your son blowing up on a bus, heck, he’ll be just another hero in a bag.

There is a great deal of screaming against all real or imaginary evils in the world: child molestation, habeas corpus for terrorists, national healthcare, Lipa Schmeltzer, global warming, tsnius-rioters in Bet Shemes and what not. People roll up their sleeves and step in action to repair all the world’s evils, often with very practical solutions, and lead smear campaign against their favorite villains. Yet when it comes to stand up for Jewish lives – nothing. Zero, zilch, nada. The very people who denigrate those exterminated in death camps – putting them down for not resisting and rebelling, are those who scream bloody murder at today’s true opposition and rebellion. Oh my Gosh, to even suggest the people take their fate in their hands - why, that is a serious crime! Oh, then, back then, it was all different. But today, we have a big government with a big army who will protect us against all harm.

Seems like you can take the Jew out of the death camp, but you can’t get the death camp out of the Jew. The law of the jungle is so hard to break…

…but it’s time for breaking the law!

© Joseph Izrael 2008


Yehue said...

not just "breaking the law"... LOL

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