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The Kook Lox Klan

Dov Bear wished this appear on every Jewish blog. Wish granted. That these acts must be eradicated from our midst, and that we don’t do nearly enough to this end and to end this is unfortunately more than true. Now let us ask a few simple questions:

- How come you didn’t bother to even mention the Neo-Nazi eruption in Israel? (See further links at end of article as well as previous [audio] post.) Is that no news for you? Is that not relevant? Or don’t you care about it?
- Since you’re so careful making sure to clarify, in the rare instances you mention Islamic Jihadists, that they are bad only “from our POV”, how come you don’t do a little fact-checking when you report this article? (See further for more details on the shoddy and biased reporting).
- Since you generally portray the Reform and Conservative communities as the most enlightened and tolerant people on Earth, how come this passed under your radar?*

This of course goes to all of you honest and decent Jewish bloggers who expressed so much righteous indignation on the matter.

But first things first. The consensus among most Jewish bloggers and their readers, comprised mostly of Modern Orthodox, secular, Reform or Conservative people, is that “Charedi society” is a dark, backward, hostile, violent and ignorant society – in which, unfortunately, there is a good measure of truth. This, however, does not justify the incessant outpour of hatred and derision on Charedim indiscriminately. To begin with, the term itself is misleading, throwing largely various communities in a single basket, omitting the deep differences between them – Eidah Charedis, Agudah, Hassidim, Litvakes, Yerushalmim, unaffiliated non-MO observant Jews, Sepharadim, etc. Among the main claims among those groups are their refusal to serve in the IDF, learning in Kollel at taxpayers’ expense, opposing education, oppressing women, being overprotective and covering up their faults and crimes, and some others.

While pointing fingers at accusers screaming “but your face is smeared with chocolate too!” is no defense at all, it does however compel the accuser to clean up his own act before smearing others. It is very simple to slander an easily identifiable group while those cannot point a finger back at the accuser. Yet this will not be the case for now, as you’ll see.

The hatemongers very easily forget the ruthless struggle endured by faithful Jews at the hands of Labour Zionists, which included murder, denial of visas out of Europe during WWII, denying medical services to religious Jews in Palestine, as well as the organized stripping of Oreiental Jews from their heritage, not to mention the sinking of the Patria in Haifa. Of course, among the haters, all this is dismissed as conspiracy theories and being ignored and denied. Even in the rare cases when the Charedi-haters admit some of this, they claim it irrelevant, and of course the importance of Neo-Nazi violence in Israel shrinks in comparison to Charedi violence against women, homosexuals and trash cans.
But all this aside, how do you expect Charedim to serve in the army of a state which they ideologically oppose in and on itself? (besides the point that the army, including the Nachal “Charedi” are unfit to the Charedi ideology and halachic standards. Before you start screaming keep in mind that I wasted three dear years of my lives in that caricature of an army.)

As for the Charedim relying too much on Gov’t funds it is unfortunately largely true. Admittedly, on this issue I side with the Eidah Charedis and believe that all Orthodox Jews should be united in one separatist front against the Labour Zionist’s state. Unfortunately this is not the case. Yet, however unfair and shoddy this argument is, unlike the Indians –whose extermination and most expulsions were perpetrated by Cortez’s army and other Spanish and Portuguese generals before the establishment of the USA- Charedim in Israel have no special right and tax exemptions. All of the funding to their institutions is equal or lower –despite media propaganda to the contrary- to their Secular counterparts. Charedi funds are the lowest received by any other group – kibbutzim that have practically zero productivity, the IDF which wastes billions unnecessarily as well as all of the corrupt government agencies and authorities – Universities, Yad Vashem etc.

As for learning – the problem lies not there. The problem is that all too many learners unfortunately see it is a self-evident right to live on par with affluent citizens while learning full time. Despite this, the anger is directed towards the mindset of learning – because the critics hate the Torah. Those who idolize the Mizrachnik in jeans who learns Daf Yomi conveniently forget that until about 35 years ago the average Orthodox Jew –including Hassidim- barely knew what a blatt gmora looked like. The widespread Torah learning and knowledge is to be credited solely to the devout Yeshivish people and their then-leaders. Would they really hate corruption and deceit they’d first turn against the Israeli establishment first. Interestingly none of these self-righteous bloggers or their followers ever protest the colossal Israeli corruption ubiquitous at all levels of government.

In short, the claims against the Charedim are but a thin veil for their rabid anger and hatred directed against the Torah and Charedi leaders.

As for group-think and cultish behavior, I think it is plainly evident that these people just follow their media and leaders like parrots. How come none of the blog followers ever challenge their masters? How come that murder, yes murder, in Reform communities, as part of covering up adultery –and those who tried to reveal it were physically assaulted and injured!- was never denounced on these blogs? Where were Hairless Mary, Dog Smear and their fans when old women, prostitutes, Charedim, homeless people and homosexuals were badly beaten by these Neo-Nazis? Why didn’t they slander the entire Russian immigrant community, or all chilonim, or the Isreali Education ministry? Why were they silent about Zeev Kopolevich, rosh Yeshiva of Netiv Meir who was convicted of rape, statutory rape, sexual assault and sexual misconduct? According to police investigators Chaim Druckman and Avrahm Shapira covered up for him. He worked out a plea bargain and after serving his 3-year sentence (I hope this wasn’t too harsh of a punishment) he was brought back to the yeshiva! Yet you haven’t read a word of it on any blog, nor was any blogger challenged for his silence on the subject – and you still claim that smearing the entire community for the Kolko cover up is out of sincere concern for the children. Well tell me then how many kids were protected or offered therapy by this bloggers and their leaders?

And how come nobody bothered to ask why the latest article is so shoddy; notice that the article contains minimal information and no police quotes. Five people viciously beat up a woman and a soldier, slash police car tires yet “there were no injuries and no damage”. Generally when events are reported, despite the fact that most media nowadays are largely synchronized and synthesized, there still are some differences and different information is offered in several papers. Yet this time there are only two original sources: haaretz and the Jerusalem Post. All others are copies or links to this article. Why isn’t this article on any Israeli paper? Why did the bloggers forget to tell you that a Charedi man was beaten by chiloni youth and had to go to the hospital? Why no one bothered telling you that the five assailants were chased away by the other charedi passengers? Need I give you the answer?

Need I tell anyone why DB is silent on Nazi vandalism in a Dimona shul on Rosh Hashana?
Need I tell anyone why DB is silent on Nazi brutality against a 70-years old woman?
Need I tell anyone why DB is silent on Nazi vandalism in Tsfas?
Need I tell anyone why DB is silent on Nazi burning a sukkah in Haifa?
The real danger is of course Charedim thinking that the world is only 6000 years old. Heck, what are a few swastikas and a few beaten whores, fags and frummies as long as you know that Evolution is true to the tee exactly as the MSM wants you to know it?

*This link should not be construed as my consent or endorsing of anything on that site. I urge you to read the whole article and open the links provided therein.

PS – A word about UOJ

Over a month ago I noticed that UOJ has posted this on his website (and has done so a few more times since). I sent him an email explaining that though I was the author of that ‘rant’ I did not send it to him, it was intended to be a stab or parody of Maryles’ blog. Despite the aggressive and derisory tone all the information contained therein is accurate and verified. See for yourself. I made clear to UOJ that I want him either to remove the excerpts or post the whole article clarifying the intient and my position. He of course didn’t comply nor did he answer me. (Later I noticed that prior to the ‘rant’s appearance on UOJ, my site, from where I originally linked to the ‘rant’ -and later removed it- got a visit from Rancho Cucamonga where UOJ’s fraudulent credit-card business resides.)

For links to Israeli Neo-Nazi violence articles see "The Devil Cried" post. But especially check out this website. It is the most thorough and compelling on the subject. You can also watch the following videos – really sick, but you have to see it to believe it. And never forget that you didn’t see it on DB or Maryles.

I wanted to include theJerusalem Post article about the Haredim beating a woman - but it was taken down for some reason. Probably armed haredim stormed the J-Post offices threatening to kill everyone if they don't take the article down.

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