Monday, September 03, 2007

Rocka Rolla

Some unrelated current-event articles for you to 'enjoy':

Universal Healthcare fans – this is for you. Are you really for the poor getting adequate healthcare?

The great benefits of immigration to this wicked imperialist country…

The truth about “poverty line” and “charedi poverty” (note that the statistics are somewhat skewed as many people have houses written on relatives’ names, so to receive social services. Heck, I’m goin’ back to kollel!

Speakin’ of poverty – how dedicated are these leftie Dem fans!? Oh, yea, I see the real reasons behind “fighting poverty” – make ‘em donors even richer!

And of course, left-wing bias is a hoax of the vast right-wing conspiracy… Just ask the dogsmear.

What do Harry Maryles and Beijing have in common? Find out here. (Hint: the real problem is of course, the charedims’ anti-internet stance).

The Marines really carried out massacres… But don’t tell BD about it!

Another leftie pet-peeve… Anarchy = ultimate freedom, isn’t it? (Of course, breaking the Law is an extreme evil… as long as charedim do it!)

Never turn your back on a friend… Or even a competitor, for that matter. It may backfire.

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