Sunday, December 31, 2006

No Prayer For The Dying

So he hung.

What’s the big deal, you may ask, since the situation didn’t really improve, and it seems as if Bush is determined to let our troops perish in Iraq instead of quartering that area and let the Arabs decide how to run their countries, while the US Armed forces can fulfill their actual purpose – to protect us and barricade our own borders?

The big deal is that there is a big lesson to learn here. Bleeding hearts are heard all over the media saying that a helpless man, as bad as he was, in captivity is no longer harmful, poses no threat, and therefore his execution is an act of barbarism.

But that is of course a vile propagandist fabrication. Humanity is obligated to eradicate evil from its midst, in many cases even after the physical threat is no longer present. Capital punishment is an essential element of maintaining a stable and spiritually healthy society, not only to deter would-be criminals, but also to teach a universal lesson that all man’s actions have consequences. All consequences are neither immediate nor drastic, but when one trespasses on domains forbidden by universal human pact, the very life with which he breached that pact shall be taken from him. Conversely, a society that rejects this notion by eliminating capital punishment, frees itself and the individual from personal responsibility and accountability.

This is true on a collective level as well. A society – be it a nation, a religion, city, sect or group, is responsible for its own global behavior. The Islamic peoples hold the West collectively responsible for its psychological degeneracy, yet most of us refuse to admit this fact. It is our duty to hold Islam collectively responsible for its actions, and be held to the same answerability as they have held their dictator. Our survival depends on it.

As Yidden, we are tenfold bound to such responsibility. We must not view each other as separate communities and factions, but as one single nation. We cannot dismiss problems in one sector as not ours. Yet the solution is definitely not finger-pointing or denigrating a specific segment. We are in this together, and whether the ship sinks or survives is in the hands of the entire nation.

So yesterday we have learnt this lesson.
A man of immense power, who, for three decades ruled with an iron fist, went down as a coward, and paid the ultimate price. This should be a reminder for other large-caliber criminals who are still free, that winds of change come unexpectedly, and that nothing is granted.

I would kindly ask the reader to please take the time and read this article. It is very important, and if you’re up to it watch the video as well – if this is what they do to each other, pause for a moment and think what they might do to you.

© Joseph Izrael 2006


Anonymous said...

I agree with your take. Let me know if you agree with mine.

Charlie Hall said...

Saddam Hussein was every bit as bad as his critics indicate. I shed no tears for his death.

However, to treat Islam as monolithic is a serious mistake. Consider the most popular Islamic leader in the world today (at least in terms of the number of followers):

Why does he not get the publicity he deserves? Because he lives in a poor country that doesn't have the megabucks to promote his tolerant ideology the way the Iranians and Saudis do. Remember that when you gas up your SUV.

The Anti-Semite said...


I have no time nor energy to check that site, but even if taking you r word for it, I think that reality simply contradicts your point. (Why that specific leader is not promoted, I don't know, but you can always ask CNN. Maybe they'd be happy to prove their thesis that Islam isn't a violent religion. On the other hand, maybe they want to hush Moslems who don't blame everything on the Zionists and the USA.)

First off, evidently not each and every Moslem person is to be held liable for what others do. But the Moslem world as a whole, absolutely.

Islam wasn't spread by the gospel, but by the sword. Terrorist attacks in India, Somalia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and are not committed by Irish Catholics, Satmar Hassidim, Hindu gursus or eskiomos. They're committed by Mulims. Carrying out those actions involves a lot of resources and planning. That is not provided by the Ponovizher Yeshiva or Franciscan Monasteries in the Alpes. It is provided by the Moslem Population. The isralei soldiers have to go door-to-door in residential neighborhoods searching for terrorits. They don't look for them in Teheran or Riyadh, nor in Hams or Fatah headquarters. The survival and thriving of the terrorists depends on the populations tactit and active support. But don't take my word for it. Read Solzhenitin's 'The Goulag Archipelago' and Thomas Mann's "Dr. Faustus". You can also open a chumash and see how all the nation was admonished for the sin of one (AChan, for example) because we're responsible for each other.

Thanks anyway for being a respectful and thoughtful liberal. Your blog is great, and I have nothing but sympathy and respect for you, even though we disagree probably on everything in the world. With enemies like Charlie, who needs friends? :-)