Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I did not lose sleep over Mel Gibson’s tirade of ten days ago. But others did. A true flurry of angry comments and indignation flooded the media – especially the Jewish media. From Jewish papers to websites to radio programs to blogs, you couldn’t hear anything but “Gibson Gibson Gibson Gibson” and Gibson again. Every pundit and commentator became an expert prosecutor/lawyer to prove why and how Gibson was/wasn’t guilty/innocent of anti-Semitism/Judeophilia.

A few days later came the counter-attacks, mainly against people who didn’t toe the line that they were supposed to toe according to their opponents. It is really heart warming to know that so many people care about anti-Semitism and justice. It is really wonderful to see how many people won’t let hateful and incendiary speech pass them by and sit idle. It is very important that they check under their beds for Nazis every night, for they remember what happened not so long ago, and they take every step to help prevent it from happening again. Or almost. I’m not so sure they have stocked up on firearms and ammo, learned well how to use them, and are well trained in survival and tactical skills. But if screaming is the best they can do, screaming isn’t bad either.

Quite baffling is the mainstream media’s reaction to the Gibson incident – they didn’t miss an opportunity to jump at his throat, all the while cheering at each rocket falling in Israel. Perhaps they are worried about infringement of their exclusive rights by Gibson. But that is another story.

I just don’t understand why the Jewish medias only scream when it’s a drunken celeb from Hollywood who spews hate diatribe. Where are the angry protesters when the New York Times openly supports the Hizb’Allah? When the NPR, CNN, NBC, FOX, ABC etc., all take the side of the murderous maniacs and pat the genocidal madmen while showing how the evil Israelis wreak havoc and misery upon the poor practitioners of the religion of peace? Why don’t the Steve Weisses of the world check for Paula Zahns and Dan Rathers under their beds? And where are the Rabbi Lapins who to explain to us why the LA Times is really not a subdivision of the Völkischer Observer, and that Bill Clinton’s Mein Life contains only the truth, and nothing but the truth, including the truth that he orchestrated the slaughter of innocent Serbians who fought on our side and saved many Jews (my grandfather included) from the Nazi Croatians and Bosniaks during WWII, as well as the truth about who engineered the Oslo accords arming the PA, costing hundreds of Jewish lives and the eventual weakening of Israel. But that of course hasn’t anything to do with anti-Semitism, does it?

Did anyone raise as much as an eyebrow after the Seattle shooting, when the police chief assigned equal protection to synagogues and mosques? This de-facto implementation of the NPR/UN dogma of equating victim with predator (except if the predator is a Jew of course) somehow failed to arouse the ire the Jewish media (unless the Savage Nation passes for Jewish media – and according to David Duke and Jesse Jackson it sure does). Where were the Jewish crusaders for media accuracy? Where was the honorable “Rabbi” Abe Foxman? Did he forget about his Jewish brothers between the lobster and the cheeseburger? Where were the protests in front of the Seattle PD? How many shuls have implemented reciting Theilim in light of the situation here in the USA? Or are we really so blind as not to understand that if this is the police’s response to a single shoot-out, the government’s reaction to a major-scale terrorist attack won’t be different?!

Apparently yes. Apparently the sand is really warm and comfortable, so while keeping our heads therein we can afford lambasting people who besmirch the Jews – or some of them. That’s why we won’t see editorials in the Jewish media about what is being preached in mosques and Moslem schools in the USA, but we can read about evil people who attack the rabbinical establishment and smear innocent tsaddikim with false accusations.

Which leads me to think that maybe the infamous “UOJ” is none other than Mel Gibson himself.

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